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Friday, November 16, 2007

etsy friday

Today's the day of the etsyFAST trunk show in NYC (you can join the fun in the etsy virtual labs starting at 6pm est today here), and this was my last purchase from the etsyFAST sale...

Brass and glass shawl pin from

I love this pin, and at 25% off...!! (Even though the etsyFAST sale ran thru Nov 15th, texturedturtle still has her sale prices valid in her listings today!) I bought this to compliment my mom's holiday gift, but it's a bit heavy for lightweight lace-- I'm toying with the idea of keeping it for Imogen and picking up a lighter beauty from Romi or rubyvegas. We'll see, I'm burying my head in the sand for this holiday thing the past few days-- just indulging in... myself instead :)

While MaryLou from time2cre8 always indulges me...

Business card envelopes from recycled books by

Time2cre8 is one of my favorite shops on etsy-- I've bought my recycled business card envelopes from the beginning from MaryLou, and lately she's been picking up books for envies for me and I've been buying them sight unseen since I know they'll be rad... and they are! These are from children's dictionaries and are just really fun. I'm sure the buyers from my shop will enjoy receiving these stuffed with my "specially treated" business cards :)

I'm also hoping they'll dig these...

Custom monogrammed gifttags from

When I dye roving for sale for the shop (I think I'll do it this weekend again... i've got some new color combinations inspired from characters from my reread of Love in the Time of Cholera), I use a simple hangtag to mark the fiber and weight like these. Time2cre8 sells custom hangtags with any letter you choose, and you get 25 different fonts on the 25 tags! I opted for just one, boring bee that I am, but they're still cool :)

Seriously though, if you're in need of tags or print or paper media (custom or not), not just etsy sellers but for anything (holidays?!), time2cre8 is a great place to start. I know a few etsy sellers use her services for yarn bands, and I've never been disappointed with anything I've bought here.

Have a good one, miss you :) Enjoy these three cool things til then--

1) This honorable mention photo for the knitty calendar contest, a space invaders baby sweater and tiny bmp socks (like april sez, makes mah ovaries cramp!)

2) Lime and Violet's Daily Chum were too kind choosing my shop for their etsy site of the day today :)

3) 10,000 sheep drawn by online workers

I can only think of one better way to kick off my weekend...


Mo said...

Woot! Congrats on ESOTD! :D

Zonda said...

That is a lovely shawl pin! I do love your little envelopes. Congrats on L & V site of the day too! :)

lexa said...

I totally LOVE that shawl pin! It's so gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

love the ZERO tags!!

Charles said...

Hi Aija~~~

This Charles from "Charle lifestyle and knitting"
Iam planning to open my NEW esty shop first week of next month..I love to send you some sample from item Iam going sell! Iam selling my hand-made cards, dyeing yarn and paper goodies!

Can you email me your that i can send your sample? Iam trying to promote my new shop coming next month! ( Post pic for me!)

Emailing back at


Jesse said...

Hey! Love the shawl pin!
Remember that red-wire-and-seed-pearl bracelet you made a while back? Well, I'd like to knit something like that, and I was just wondering what size needles and what gauge wire you used. Even if you forgot, an estimation would be really helpful!

Anonymous said...

the japanese half of you will appreciate this (i already know what you're going to say before you've ever seen it, "that's so rad!"):

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