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Friday, November 09, 2007

etsy friday

late start today! :)


Alyson's to blame for this one. She's the one who pointed out the awesomeness that is this bag, which somehow escaped my attentions but not for long :) Really though, the brown handle, the brown zipper, orange flowers... a non-knitter even commented on its super radness, and as a Girl Who Is Not Into Bags, I was way impressed with that.

Piddleloop Small Project bag, from

Like I went on (and on, and on) about before, I love my piddleloop bag. (If you haven't heard about pid bags before, check out my older review, much more thorough than today.) I may even love this one more than my loteria bag (shh!), but maybe that's just the negative connotation I have for the neverending blanket inside.

Reminder: If you have a piddleloop, stuff it to its gills and join us in the "how much (and what?!) can you stuff in your piddleloop contest" in the Friends of P forum at Ravelry by Nov 12th (Monday!) I'm donating a set of stacked pearl stitch markers (my latest favorites), and there's also other great stuff to be had for admitting how much you can abuse these things.

My new one isn't overly stuffed this time...


My knitspot cable rib scarf, hanging out next to the new knit and destroy button Jen slipped inside. It rocks, but not nearly as much as *her* new button sets here and here, I have a serious weak in the knees feeling for *yo!!!

More weak in the knees stuff...

4x6 prints by

I said a while back that I was in love with SwirlingThoughts' shop, and I meant it. I love her photography; fascinating and somewhat disturbing and confusing... just like love, eh? :) She doesn't sell cards (which is what I usually buy), but I'm going to take these and mount them as postcards to mail and share the love. So awesome.

So are the felt pincushions from What Lola Wants...

handfelted pincushion by

I found What Lola Wants' shop thru the etsyFAST trunk show sale, so not only did she take 15% off of the price, she sent it in the lovely gift box for free! (You can find links to all of the participating etsyFAST members' shops holding their sales til Nov 15th here.) I think this will make an awesome gift this holiday season.

And one early present for me...


My zero stitch marker shop was on the front page this morning!! Yay! :)

Have a good one, miss you!


errs said...

I can't believe I didn't see your shop today! I even did a little etsy therapy this afternoon.

Chris said...

Congrats on being featured!

Terip said...

Congratulations on hitting the front page! I saw it and was very excited for you.

The front page exposure is a terrific boost for your shop. A Treasury list I put together last week was on the front page for two hours, and during that time five items sold!

Tiffany said...

Congrats on being on the front page!

I'm so glad you like your pincushion and thank you so much for sharing with your readers that you do!

The Gadabout Knitter said...

I love your bag! (I have one too and love it as well, but the fabric of yours is awesome!)

Congrats on being featured as well!

lexa said...

That felted pincushion is pretty neat. Reminds me of hard candy.

Unknown said...

I've been fighting off the piddleloop bags... I totally blame you for all the money I spent on etsy this week, thanks!

Larjmarj said...

I have a piddleloop bag and love it! Congrats on being featured!

Stacey said...

congrats!! that is pretty cool!!!! i so almost bought that bag - good thing you snatched it up!!

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