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Friday, November 02, 2007

etsy friday

Vintage Japan stamp pendants from

I remembered that I forgot to write about these when putting on my goldfish pendant and heading out the door on Thatday... I shouldn't have, because they're awesome and so is Ling Glass :) After I had purchased the crane pendant from a previous etsy friday (and a sakura one that I lost even before I could take pics!) I convo'd Chu Ling to ask if she had any more vintage Japanese stamp pendants in the pipeline (having a soft spot for all things Japanese being a thing Japanese myself). She emailed me she'd check and surprised me by sending scans of all of the vintage Japanese stamps she had on hand from her years of collecting! Needless, it was a tough choice but I narrowed it down to these two that she custom made for me and I couldn't have been happier.

Ling Glass is located in Singapore, so shipping takes a little longer than stateside parcels but it's totally worth it. Her soldering is amazingly precise and good looking as a piece of jewelry, and I love her more traditional stained glass pieces, as well. She sends everything registered mail (with an option for non as well), so I never doubt that I will receive a well packed package from Ling Glass when I order one.

I also never doubt that I will receive a package lightening fast from Rachel when I order, either...

Superwash Blue Faced Leicester from "Themyscira" colorway

Can you say, wow? My camera fails me too often-- I can't capture the jaw dropping intensity of the colors that Dyeabolical Yarns uses. (Her original photo is close, but still not the gasp of air close I made when opening her package :))

I meant it when I said that I went to her shop and, well... went shopping after I finished up this set of handspun skeins from her superwash BFL-- I still love them, and it's rare for me to still love something the same after some time has passed. (A few things even more!) Since I was there and since I've been infected with a secondhand love of purple, I picked this braid up as well...

Superwash Blue Faced Leicester from "my favorite" colorway

Gorgeous too, eh? I'm pretty sure both will be sock yarns eventually, but til then they're just waiting and glowing for me. Or me for them...

Miss you, have a good weekend!

And be sure to check out the etsyFAST team sale celebrating the teams' trunk show on November 16th in NYC! Several shops are offering 15% or more now til the 15th-- links to all participating shops can be found here. Happy shopping (I already had some! ;))


lexa said...

I totally love the Japanese stamp pendants! Gorgeous roving, too, as usual!

hillary said...

Thos pendants are really neat and I love, love, love the superwash BFL. The purple one especially speaks to me.

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