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Friday, October 12, 2007

etsy friday

a to z shiny 1.5" magnets by

We're really, really big on letters and numbers lately here... it's a fun game, and I've been looking for the perfect magnets on Etsy since my son started spelling every word he sees. This is an awesome set... shiny (for me!) and all 26 letters on 1.5" buttons with superduty magnets (for him!)

These are the same buttons you'd find say on a pinback button, but the 1.5" size is great since it's just an ootch bigger than the 1" size and good for little hands (and big meaty ones, too!) Catchphrase is a great new etsy seller-- I love bring someone's first sale, moreso when they are super nice and have really great communication about their product and their shipping. I know it was hard selling this set, but I promised to give it a good home and meant it :)

Merino/silk/tencel spinning batts from

I really love batts. There is no drumcarder in my near future with the shoebox lifestyle I lead, but there always is room for more batts :) *Especially* batts made with tencel. I don't know why, but I love the slipslide of tencel running thru my hands... feels like you are on the cusp of losing control, but holding it feels so good you pay close attention and really lose yourself in process and product. Aspen Moon Arts' shop is just filled with beauties like these-- batts, handpainted roving, handdyed yarn *and* handspun yarn... just too filled :)

Handpainted plum blossom card from

Yes, this is an original brush painting mounted onto a greeting card. You know me by now-- I *love* this card. The more work, handwork, you can jam into a card... the more my toes curl. I was lucky to find Honey and Bliss after seeing the shop featured on EtsyGreetings-- one of my favorite places to discover new cards on etsy.


...and in non-etsy but shopping news, I just stumbled upon a great deal on these shoes at amazon...
Tsubo Vosa, 24.95 for selected sizes and colors

Zappos has them for $84 (amazon's "other" price of $64 is still less if the super sale isn't in your size or preferred color), and I think the little cutout at the heel and the maryjane strap will be awesome for showing off handknit socks :) Reviews say they run wide, good for me and wanting warm feet! (And the fact I'm built like a caveman across select parts of my body...) Something else to stalk the mailman for...

Have a good one! Miss you.


catmum said...

oh do be cautious about super magnets and small children. There have been terrible consequences with children ingesting/inserting magnets. sorry.

Meghann said...

LOVE the shoes. Just what I need more shoes!

Chris said...

Those magnets are really, really cool.

lexa said...

Cool, New Etsy finds as usual! Love those shoes. They'd be good for me -- I have wide feet.

Nicole said...

Your so kind.

Glad you love the magnets, give your son a squeeze for me!

@Catchphrase Crafts

Knittypants said...

Those are very nice magnets, and a great way to learn letters. My 2 middle children are quite fascinated by letters and numbers right now, too. It's fun watching how their brains just soak information up.

Stacey said...

love the shoes - they look super comfy!!!

Stacey said...

PS - how do the shoes fit? True to size?

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