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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

big rock candy mountain

that's what ran thru my head seeing this pic in my camera, anyway :)

Handspun 2-ply superwash *blue *faced *leicester
approx 110gm and about 265 yd, dk weight
roving dyed by artichoke colorway
singles spun long draw

I think I've found the sweet spot (again) in spinning-- I like sock weight, but too thin for me loses that bounceback when you squeeze a skein... my handspun true sock weight doesn't give me that same joy in squishing like the heavier dk does.


I'm still learning a lot, and it may seem obvious to most but learning that I can manipulate the weight (from worsted to dk, same singles) by just changing how I ply is just a revelation. My singles are soft and loosely spun, more even than not-- the variation in my handspun lately has been in the ply more than the singles. Plying more loosely results in a thicker yarn when I've been mainly aiming for a tighter ply and look, so being consistent makes me giddy happy.


I think plying is my favorite part :)

I think also that I'm not used to yarns that have that drape quality you want for certain items... anne told me once about spinning laceweight with a looser ply so it'll drape nicely in the finished object. For me, I keep seeing my handspun yarns ending up in something sturdier (socks!)-- but it's not really up to me where this yarn'll end up...


...since I've sent it away to the Stash and Burn ladies as a prize for their Socktoberfest contest :) You can listen and see how to win something celebrating socktober... as for me, I swear I'm not even knitting on socks this month! I want to, but it just hasn't happened (isn't that always the way?) :)

One last favorite shot, since there hasn't been one in too long...



I do have spinning on the brain, I know. I'm lucky that my wheel (ashford joy) is so portable-- I take it with me outside as my son plays, and can move it around from room to room here so easily that I can't excuse not spinning. It certainly isn't for lack of fiber, evinced by more roving dyed this weekend and kept for myself:

Superwash wool/bamboo, "glass cleopatra"
(same colorway as sw merino in my shop)

Superwash corriedale, "glass mercutio"
(same colorway + extra black as sw merino in my shop)

Superwash merino, "glass fool"

big pile of superwash merino in dark purple & black (7 oz+)

I think I may need a storage system like my cabinets for the spinning fiber, now. I'm trying to take pics of all of my fiber for my ravelry notebook and titling them with "ZZ" in the front to get them to the bottom of the page (you can see what I mean in my stash notebook)-- Casey has said that if(?)/when he creates a fiber stash notebook, we'll be able to export things from our stash book to a fiber stash one. As with my regular notebook, it does help seeing all of this lovely stuff I have squirreled around the house... even though I do tend to forget and keep buying more :)


Kirsten said...

Gorgeous!! I hadn't seen Pigeonroof Studio's Artichoke colorway. It is really beautiful. You seem to be really progressing in your spinning. You bring up points that I hadn't even thought about. Thank you for your informative posts.

Micki said...

Your discussion about plying blew my did your yummy yarn.

Beth said...

I saw the ZZs before your fiber in your Ravelry additions - what a good idea. Not sure if I'm up to really inventorying all my spinning stuff - I couldn't bear it with the yarn, why should this be any different? ;)

Kristine said...

Gorgeous! Your plying looks great!

adrienne said...

I LOVE that yarn! Now I wish I'd bought some artichoke colourway roving... I love it.

Anonymous said...

"I'm trying to take pics of all of my fiber for my ravelry notebook and titling them with "ZZ" in the front to get them to the bottom of the page (you can see what I mean in my stash notebook)"

Hey, that ZZ thing is totally what I do on Ravelry too! Except, for now it is in "catch all" fiber stash entries. At some point, I'll probably give each one its own entry, when it's raining and i can't go out to play and I am compelled to organize something.

jenfromRI said...

That yarn is so pretty, I really love the color. I can't wait until my wheel gets here and I can start spinning! Not that I expect it to look like that anytime soon, though. :)

Elemmaciltur said...

ooooh! That yarn is gorgeous!

And what a great idea of putting the fibre stash in as ZZ on Ravelry. I'll start doing that, too!

Stacey said...

oooh - all the pretty colors!!!!! you will have lots of great socks!!!

lexa said...

Beautiful! One of my fellows knitters from my town works for the rec department at our Region office. She's trying to organize spinning classes after Christmas. I've decided I'm going! We'll be learning on a drop spindle. My friend has since bought a second-hand wheel but still needs a part for it before she can use it. (I think I'd better start looking for a storage place for roving!)

Joan said...

I seriously said omg out loud when the first picture loaded onto my screen. I love it! It looks so luscious. All the colors you've chosen are gorgeous. I wish I could do this: it must be so fun to knit up, too.

Josette said...


Josiane said...

Lovely yarn! I really like the colorway, it has an extremely nice subtlety to it, and your spinning (and plying!) looks great! I wouldn't have been able to let it go...

Josiane (kimianak)

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