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Monday, October 29, 2007

beginning of the end

I think that talking about holiday knitting jinxes me (could it be that I waited so long to start? maybe... :)) But again I have these high hopes to finish projects for my loved ones for the holidays, starting with the things I set down a year ago!

Cable and Rib Scarf by
Patons Classic Merino, "grey mix"

It's the scarf that never ends! It looks really nice though (Dave knit this pattern up last year, more cushy in Cashmerino!), about halfway thru? I read somewhere that a scarf should be as long as the recipient is tall... my uncle towers over me at over six feet so I hope this isn't true :)

I also wanted to knit the Hemlock Ring blanket for my grandma, and started an Elizabeth Zimmerman Mystery Blanket for my son as practice...

Mystery Blanket from Knitter's Almanac (April)
Malabrigo/Handpainted Yarn worsted, "pollen" colorway
US 10, 60" Knit Picks Harmony circular needle

..and realize how little I enjoy knitting on an ever-growing circular blanket. Even at 60", my needle is too short for the project and I still have over half a ball of malabrigo to go til its done. So, I'm thinking about using the yarn (Interlacements Merino Worsted) to make Totally Autumn instead... thoughts? The 2 hanks are slightly different, so I'll alternate every pattern repeat for a slightly striped look.

Next year will be the big blanket project and I'll start early-- Knitter's Great American Aran blanket! Excited, but need to find a good wool first.

Still though, this will be a sweet holiday blankie for my son-- handwashable as it is :) (The above picture is actually my entry for the "How much can you stuff in your Piddleloop bag?" contest running at Ravelry-- contest ends Nov 12th... check out my hott grommet action!)

And, just between you and me-- the sock mojo came roaring back Tuesday afternoon and I had this sock done before sleep that night!

Handspun sock, based on Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' method
Handspun BFL yarn, "blackthorn" colorway-- roving from
Started 23 October 2007
US 3 dpns-- 4

Something dirty to be said for inspiration striking, but again-- I'm worried for the jinx too much :)

Til then...


the Lady said...

I have to agree about the scarf length. It's odd, but it just doesn't seem to wrap right if it's shorter than the person is tall. I made my first garter stitch scarf for my bf. He is 6'3":-)

lexa said...

I really need to set aside everything and concentrate on my Christmas knitting before it's too late. Usually Christmas Eve hits, and it's almost midnight, and I'm still knitting!

Chris said...

Wow, the Knitters' Aran?! That's a big project! Love that sock.

WandaWoman said...

Well, I do agree that the scarf, if you're gifting, should be a long as the person is tall, with the proviso that you should find out how long they like to wear a scarf. I'm 5'4", so technically a scarf should be 64 inches, but I prefer a scarf to be 54-56". I don't double wrap scarves around my neck, so this is my perfect length.

I also just made a scarf for my boyfriend's brother and he's about 5'11", but he asked this scarf not be super long, so I stopped at 58". My bf also doesn't like long scarves, so all of that to say, ymmv.

knitspot anne said...

oh i think a 54-60" scarf is plenty for most men! it really depends on whether they like to wrap it all around or just cross it over the chest or shoulder.

errs said...

I'm thinking of doing the Great American Aran Afghan. I have the booklets for three of the four "Great" afghans. Then again, I also want to make the fish afghan and a ton of other things.

Unknown said...

For the ever-growing circular blanket, you could get a second 60" circular and half of the stitches on each circ. But I agree, in general, it's much less fun to knit something that is growing larger than it is to knit something that is getting smaller.

Sarah said...

Love the handspun BFL sock! Want.

I'm also doing handmade for the holidays, but not from Etsy as much as from the local craft fairs and artisans. :) Handmade rules!

Stacey said...

I love super long scarves - I'm only 5'4" but I make mine at least 6'! :)

those handspun socks are great - so cozy looking!

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