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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

purples and red

I'd been wanting to knit a string bag for a while, and was going to knit this one pointed out to me by Chris... loved the solid bottom and that it was knit in the round. Then Amy let loose the sheep of summer with the surprises, and I'm nothing if not a knittyhead-- so cast on for the everlasting bagstopper pretty much right away.

Everlasting Bagstopper
surprise from knitty summer 2007
Louet Euroflax Linen "eggplant," 1 skein
US 4 (2.75mm) Addi and US 11 (8.0mm) Susan Bates, 24"
Started: 24 July 2007
Finished knitting: 27 July 2007
Finished with strap: 1 August 2007

It is super great-- flat solid bottom, picking up sts and knit in the round with a super simple stitch pattern (no need to even worry about memorizing). It worked up very quickly-- I used US 11's for the body of the bag (patt calls for US 10.5), just because I had them on hand. The stitch pattern is even more open with my choice of needles, but not a big deal.


I chose a dupioni silk ribbon picked up from Article Pract, don't think it is a really great choice ribbon wise but love the color with the deep purple of the bag. I was worried the ribbon wouldn't be strong enough to support the bag, so I first stitched a doubled bit on the inside of the bag where the handle would go, then stitched the actual doubled ribbon handle (hopefully for even more support) over that.

(no laughing. i am so not a seamstress.)

Since the inside of the bag, including the stitched part, can be seen when the bag is worn, I secured the ribbon with about 2" spare of ribbon hanging below, and then folded it up and secured that with a single stitch.


Again, not perfect but better than seeing my crazy stitching job :)

I also managed to accidentally crisscross the handle... I got a little flustered sewing this thing on and didn't really care enough to fix it, it's still functional.


It is a functional bag, will work well for treks to my local farmer's market. My bag is slightly longer than the original (at about 11" deep before the top border) since, well you know when you have enough yarn you just want to keep knitting? If I knit this again, I'd not let it get so deep-- it stretches like mad and there's no need for a 2' deep bag :) I knit the entire bag from one skein of Euroflax Linen, with a golf ball sized bit left over. I had hoped to see if "linen softens in the wash" was true, but the choice of silk dupioni for the handle won't have me throwing this in the wash anytime soon.

For things I can throw in the wash?

Zen Yarn Garden, "bodhi" colorway
100% merino superwash, 420 yd

It looks so happy next to my new bag-- all smug and soft :) I won a contest @ Roxanne's blog, the dyemaven behind Zen Yarn Garden's yarns, and in addition to getting to name her new spinning wheel (Bodhi) she dyed me a custom colorway. I asked for a purplish, burgundy semisolid, and it is just spot on to what I wanted :) Thanks again Roxanne-- (she has both an etsy shop and her own storefront, I don't think this base yarn is currently listed in either but you may be able to ask her for it).

Yay for favorite colors!

ps... happy rounding up day! many coliseums to you.


Chris said...

Pretty! Hee hee - every string bag I've knit has turned out too long... even with stretching it as I knit.

Oh, that Zen Garden is lovely, lovley stuff.

Anonymous said...

oh i like your string bag. But i think i need to knit a shorter one, like erin's. For my produce!

love the pretty purplely yarn!

also congrats on taking the ribbon on your prior post...i'm a post behind!

Lisa said...

Nice bag and gorgeous yarn! YUMM!

lexa said...

Love the bag! Perfect color. You sew like I do. (Home Ec was not my strong point in school, well, not the sewing part anyways.)

Love the custom color of Zen, too. I love purples!

HPNY KNITS said...

cool bag! I am also into the "green" bags. all of a sudden I discover so many possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Lovely bag. How could you possibly resist that ribbon with it? I imagine the linen will soften with use. Beat it up a bit at the Farmers Market! Whack people who foolishly stand between you and the perfect lettuce! (I'm being a little silly.)

Anonymous said...


my family is already planning an etsy intervention and then you have to post a link to something like zen yarn garden?!?!?!?!

handpainted cashmere? handpainted cashmere.

isn't it so telling that even when i'm not working-- i'll cut back on groceries but buy handpainted cashmere?

AEBL said...

You can wash silk dupioni, it just won't be as stiff after you wash it, there will be a little shrinkage, and it will wrinkle lots, but the wrinkles can be taken care of with an iron set on steam setting. I have 2 different shirts that I have made with silk dupioni (washed the fabric before I cut and sewed with it), and I toss them both in the washer on delicate. They come out fine, just very wrinkly. (And the color bleeds tons.)
If you have a scrap of the ribbon, you could toss it in the wash and see if you like the result or not, before you commit and wash the whole bag.
Excellent bag and Beautiful yarn!

Tara said...

You're bag came out great. I just picked up the yarn to make mine last night, and I can't wait to get started. I've promised myself that I'll start my sister's birthday present before I cast on, but hopefully I'll make enough progress that I'll be able to work on the bag Sunday.

WandaWoman said...

That is a great bag pattern. I like both of them and can't decide which one I will make first.

I like your colorway too, very nice!

I can't sew at all, so I feel your pain.

Abigail said...

Your bag looks great! I have one skein of Euroflax in my stash that needs a project. I think this might be it.

Stacey said...

great bag - have to knit me one of those soon!!!!!!! lovely purple yarn - she does some amazing dying!

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