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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

post and run

...letters and sodas...

Handspun merino/tussah silk (70/30), 4 oz
worsted to bulky weight, 10-11wpi
Roving from ashland bay, "pewter" (i think! bought from

I've found myself in a my-fault timecrunch, but really pictures as words, etc... :)


Spun inching/short draw, semi-worsted so it wasn't fuzzy but quite smooth like the roving itself; not a lot of twist in the singles to keep the loft of the fiber and unabashedly soft with a sheen from the silk. I wish there was more for a super simple garter stitch scarf. (Would you wear a scarf?) Maybe there is. Is 4 oz of fiber enough for anything besides a hat?


I'm pretty sure the roving is commercially available from ashland bay & repackaged later; I purchased this 4 oz while at stitches west this year, more attention being paid to the crowd and companion than anything. There's a depth to the color; the silk is either not totally dyed or not dyed at all so there are beautiful flashes of white throughout. The merino also isn't a flat grey but has hints of purples and blue as well, ending up with a yarn suitably compared to the ice of deadliest catch.


I pulled this off of the bobbins this morning, having finished it the past weekend and never getting around to setting the twist. I think the majority of the handspun on hand now is like that-- rushing to empty bobbins with the need to fill them with something else. (yes, story of my life, thanks for asking :))

Finally, a new twist on the old favorite...




Briana E. said...


Grace said...

I love it! Drop-stitch garter scarf perhaps?

Meghann said...

Lovely! I love the color!!!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I have some of the very same roving, spun half of it from the fold and need to do the other half. I got 8 oz. to be absolutely sure I'd have enough for a scarf. I think if you went kinda narrow and stayed away from garter (yardage eater), you could do it. Maybe a contrasting yarn for fringe to create the illusion of more length?

Courtney said...

I love it!!!!! Very pretty blue

Sabrina said...

That looks incredibly soft. Beautiful! :) And perhaps enough for Argosy on Knitty?

Stacey said...

very pretty - not really purple, not really silver, not really blue. That would make a GREAT scarf!!!! Very cozy and comfy for cold winters like we have!

hillary said...

sldSimply beautiful!

Sarah said...

pretty pretty pretty handspun!

mmm a scarf sounds so snuggly with that, get more fiber!

Kirsten said...

Oh that yarn is glorious!!! (trying madly to resist the urge to click those links, must be good, must be good!)

Opal said...

that is some truly gorgeous yarn. wow.

lexa said...

Very nice! Great color.

Sally Comes Unraveled said...

Personally, Mobiuses are what I'm making when I need something besides the skinny scarf or hat with a small amount of yarn.

Anonymous said...

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