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Friday, August 17, 2007

etsy friday

it's been near on a week, and the withdrawal pangs haven't subsided.

superwash merino sock yarn from
"harvest" colorway

I keep telling myself I'm not buying any more sock yarn, that I have almost enough to make somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 60 pairs of socks and I should just really stop looking... then Pigeonroof Studios puts up her etsy updates like a thief in the night and I get to seeing pink and can't help it. (I know! I should unsubscribe from her shop's rss feed. I know.) Orange is still one of my favorite colors in sock yarn, and I just love the way her yarn feels knitting up. (No progress on Twisted Flower-cum-Mona yet, I'm considering frogging again for a colorwork sock. No laughing.)

Anyways. I said before that I like Krista's colorways better than koigu (yes, really) and it's still true. They're just really fresh and bright, even the darker leaning ones. (And you can special order any colorway from her sold items list by convo'ing her and not feel like it's the holy grail or something you're reaching for-- it's still just yarn yall, not the love of your life :))

Not the love of my life either, but still nice...


I know, what could it be?

12 pocket circular needle holder by

A circular needle holder by Granny's Closet, with 12 pockets and this awesome orangey red bird on a ball fabric. I've been kinda sorta in the market for a circular needle holder for a while, really liking what's out there but a lot of it far too hip for mah "little life" here (other beautiful circ. needle holders are made by and this one is just right for me :)

12 pockets actually, technically, isn't enough, but I've consolidated the US 1/1.5 and US 2/2.5 needles together, and all of the leftover oddly large I have no idea why I own these treetrunk needles in the last upper pocket. I've also been slipping my susan bates knit-chek needle guide into a bottom pocket, easy way to spotcheck I have the right needle since the pockets are (thankfully) not marked-- I think it'd be a little distracting if they were.

In any case, it's a *huge* upgrade from my previous circular needle filing system...


A hard sided metal photo album, with openings in the top for 20 horizontal 4x6 photos. Cost: $1 at the local thrift store. Not bad really, but since the "spine" edge was hard set, the case with all of the needles inside tended to fan upwards and take a lot of space, and needles would often fall out and/or uncurl. The Granny's Closet organizer has super deep pockets as well as a little folding inner lip of fabric at the very top to keep those upper needles from wiggling out of their bonds.

Now if you're looking for a fancy Knitpicks Option organizer, you know you can hook one up from Zonda's talented little hands, right? (She may even make "regular" cases for those of us stuck in the circular dark ages with our Addis ;)... maybe?) There is a waiting list, but if her cases are as well made as the sockfish bag she made for me is (and I'm sure they are)... it'd be worth it.

Stitched and tatted cards purchased from etsy, l to r:
stitched tulip and you are my sunshine stitched cards from
tatted flowers card from

More cards of course, even though as it is with sock yarn I don't think I can possibly use them all. I still try, and that's what's important, eh? :)

I keep saying it, but I really like stitching on cards-- something is so sexy about thread and paper that I have to have and share. And really, you *are* my sunshine. :) The cards from Mine Creations use stitching and fabric together, which I really like since I can be a bit of a sewing voyeur/groupie (so fascinating! i love being intimidated). She also makes her own envelopes using machine stitching for the edges:



I have no idea what tatting is (wikipedia does), but broadly know it's a form of lacemaking. I actually read about it on the choka-on-it site a LONG while back... but how neat is this? April's Flowers makes delicate hand tatted flowers and attaches them to handdrawn "vines" on cards. I think it's so special, a perfect card for someone who appreciates handcraft and would immediately recognize the work that went into this.

Up close:


Nice way to head into the weekend. Not the best way (hard to beat!) but still :)

Have a good one, miss you.


Lothlorian said...

loving the yarn! very pretty, I have a grannyscloset set...I will let you guess whats on it :P shes a sweety isnt she, that was my birthday pressy last year! another great top picks SP :)

Anonymous said...

oh those cards are so cute!

April said...

I miss you too, aija!

What? You weren't talking to me?

Oh, OK. Carry on. :)

Anonymous said...

I think its funny that I am beating myself up over having enough sock yarn to make 8 pairs of socks! Of course I have to keep my stash down because I am moving into a smaller place. But I would love to have your stash! Ravelry has helped me to stop buying yarn and focus in on what I have but man o man I would just love to buy a lot of sock and lace yarn!!

Zonda said...

Oh, very nice circular bag! I love seeing how many different ways to make knitting/crochet needle holders. I love that fabric too!

Oh (blushing) thanks for the shout out too! Etsy for me very soon! :)
I love your Etsy Friday's....

Elemmaciltur said...

Wow! That needle case is super fab! And even though I'm no fan of yellow, I really like the yarns, too.

Krista McCurdy said...

What a fabulous compliment, Aija!

lexa said...

I totally love that Harvest colorway! The sewn cards are very unique, too. Neat stuff yet again!

Stacey said...

more goodies!!! :) I'm impressed with your circular system! I have mine all in their original packages stacked in a basket. Not too pretty.

Kim said...

I learned to tat at the UC Davis craft center. It's also really fun, even more portable than knitting! But pretty hard to undo, since it really is half-hitch knots. You could wander into Lacis in Berkeley sometime if you want to get hooked. They have the most wonderful antique tatting shuttles.....

Anonymous said...

I tat! I shuttle tat. :)

Acornbud said...

The fabric on the circular needle bag is really great. I keep looking for the perfect bag to store them in.

AprilDawn said...

Hey! Thanks for showcasing my cards!!

Hope you enjoy!

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