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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

close to surfacing

Thank you all for your kind words about Hanami-- I was glad you guys liked it as much as I do, unwieldy and "chinese" as it is :) Took those photos during a break spinning this over the weekend...

Handspun single, spun from a batt made by
75/10/10/5 merino-silk-tencel-silk noil, 4 oz
"evening shade" colorway

I think this is the first single I've spun for a singles yarn since my very first time spinning useable yarn. I wanted to keep the shaded color bands separate (there are no obvious bands, but parts of the batts were dominantly green, purple, teal...) as well as the areas with lots of silk noil from those without, so plying wasn't ideal and a navajo ply would have left me with a nice yarn but not enough yardage for a non-hat or non-accent project. So here you go :)

Not plying has left me with a yarn that's still springy, but doesn't have that bounceback of 2- and 3-plied yarn. I'm not quite sure if I like that, but it is kinda fun just taking what you want and being done with it when you are. I admit I prefer the pairing in the longterm, though.

I think these'll work into something nice, like the hexagon spiral scarf from knitting nature...

(this color's the most true)

...or Argosy from knitty. The color's good for someone, but there's a lot of shine not showing up in my early-morning light pics from the tencel and the silk (tencel is like that fun you have in your hands that you can't keep still or there), so even though the colors are dark overall and the noil looks tweedy I think has more of a femme bent.


I wasn't sure what to "do" with the noils, so I just left them alone for texture. This is the first batt I've been pretty much happy with my spinning from; it's not the batts' fault, just my tendency to spin too fine means all that great blending and texture and fun of batts gets whittled down to a tiny fine line that's just no fun for anyone. I'm working on that fun though, really want it but not sure if it wants me.

Does there always have to be a last one?

...a force when we're together


Stacey said...

Love the idea of that turning into Argosy.....perfect!

Lothlorian said...

oh thats so so pretty!

Anonymous said...

That's really nice, I love the colors and the noils add the right amount of texture.

lexa said...

Very nice!

Josiane said...

It is perfectly understandable that you're happy with your spinning of this batt: you turned it into a lovely yarn!

Courtney said...

Love the yarn :-) soooo pretty

soapy said...

Oh my gosh! Your spinning has come a very LONG way in such a short time!! Beautiful!! navajo ply absolutely! I do for everything I spin.. just about I do anyway..;o))

Adriana said...

That yarn would look amazing as Argosy or the hexagon spiral scarf (Sorry I'm no help). There is something about tencel that I find mysterious and beautiful.

I forgot to comment on your last post to tell you that Hanami is just stunning!

Spinningin360 said...

I love those colors. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Bridget said...

I'm so impressed by anyone learning to spin and I've seen you go from square one which is really cool. Gives me the idea that I might do it some day. I vote for Argosy!

Reesa said...

Wow, I -love- how that turned out. If you ever want more of the batts, let me know! I'm about to go on a carding blaze.

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