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Friday, June 15, 2007

etsy friday

Caveat for today! Etsy's been up & down like ...well you know... for the past few days or so. Slow servers, timing out, items listed not appearing in categories (but in the individual shops that have listed them). I've dragged my feet on listing new items in my shop this week hoping for the servers to catch up. Its totally possible you may run into a timeout or another error, but its just growing pains... we've all been there :)

On with the show!

Mini bread baker from

Yes, I do see an Echo :) I bought another stoneware bread baker after giving my red one away to my mom. I'm hooked on warm boxed 35 cent cornbread, even though it contains "one or more of the following: lard, hydrogenated lard, partially hydrogenated lard..." Oy. You could use these breadbakers for (frozen) bread dough as well.

Don't tell mom or she may want to switch, but I like this glaze better than the red. Atypical me!

Handmade artisan perfumes from

One of my first purchases from etsy was a sample set of perfumes from PrairieLuxe. They were inexpensive, included free shipping (everything I've recieved from her has been packed *really* well, shipped in boxes)... and to my surprise were really enjoyable. I never wear scents, don't know what came over me that day when I ordered the first sample set, but I'm glad it did.

I've since found my favorite, "nicotia"... I also like her choice of fractionated coconut oil as a base, I find it really wears well and reliably for a longer period of time as opposed to traditional alcohol based perfumes. Plus, they come in rollerball containers, no messy fingers. Not always a good thing.

2 1/4" pocket mirrors made from vintage fabrics & stamps, by

I feel silly when I keep protesting that I'm a boy in girl's clothing, and show you mirrors and perfumes and purses. :) C'mon though... tentacles and mushrooms?! Way awesome. I have a thing for upcycled stamps lately too, but really its the mycophile, tentaphile coming out in me.

Quilled duck family from

I was searching for cards on etsy (par for the course) and stumbled across this adorable duck family. I planned on affixing them to a leftover mount card from my grandma's lizard ridge afghan gift, but they've been just hanging out on my desk, making me smile instead :)

I admit, I had no idea what quilling was when I bought them. The seller was kind enough to share with me a little bit: "Quilling is an old art, it involves rolling thin strips of paper to produce the equivalent effect of metal filigree, except in paper. Medieval nuns used to do it with the offcuts from manuscripts edges to make religious pictures, and roll the paper around a quill on a feather, hence the name. Then the Victorians thought it was a 'nice' pastime for a genteel lady, and they decorated tea caddies and other 'useful' items with it...and then I took it up, and started making fun stuff!"


Jennie has quilled sheep, shepherdess and sheep sets, and other fun quilled items for sale in her shop. They came from across the pond, but well packaged in a hard sided container-- not held down or bent out of shape on arrival at all.

Pound of handmade artisan soap from

A few months back, my household went thru a vegan phase and I found Frost Fish when buying vegan soaps on etsy. They are a cold-process soap company, taking 6-8 weeks to cure their superfatted products (depending on the soaps, they use butters like avocado, shea, cocoa; along with oils, lanolin, clays and other luxe ingredients-- no glycerin). They smell great... nothing like permeating someone's life thru all their senses. Not all their soaps are vegan, but ingredient lists for all soaps are easily found thru their shop.

My most recent purchase includes zucchero, wholesome blend, pomegranate, yuzu, and basil lime (along w/ a sample of their supernatural lotion in vanilla mint... a delicious whipped shea butter base that is so soft and light!)


Left: copper, aluminum, dichroic glass, argentinum rivets, handmade & hammered pendant from
Right: orange frit glass pendant from

They're so different but I love them both. The copper piece has so much metal handwork in it... the rivets were handmade and hammered to hold the copper frame together, while stabilizing the aluminum mesh "cage" pinning the dichroic glass bead down. Its going to be even more awesome when the copper patinas over!

The orange glass frit disk pendant is a big hit with me too... my kid sums it up when he climbs into my lap and points at my neck, "candy!" I'm weak in the knees for orange, and pollyfusia's description of how frit was applied to the hot glass is just so cool to me (even though I know nothing about glass, except that I like its weight on me and how it looks.) Serendipitous information is so good.

Mad props to Karrie for introducing me to pollyfusia's store; we were chatting after one of her etsy posts and she directed to me to pollyfusia. Yay for word of mouth :)

Have a good one!


lexa said...

Lovely stuff! Those ducks are just too cute. I'd like to get some of those soaps. (And lots of other things, too!) Your mailman must just love you. :) (At least you get light stuff.)

Anonymous said...

I followed your example and purchased a little sampler set of fragrances from PrairieLuxe. What a nice treat.

Anonymous said...

Re quilling - my sister and I made dozens of Christmas ornaments like that when we were in grade school. I had no idea that was the name for it.

Allegra said...

I really like that you do Etsy Friday!!! I have to hide my wallet when I read your posts, but I like bookmarking the shops. Those quilled ducks are just WAY TOO CUTE!!!!

Allegra said...

ok, I broke down and bought the quilled ducks AND the quilled sheep!!! I think I will fram the ducks and put them in the baby's room.....You've succeeded as an enabler today!

Micki said...

I've got to stop reading your Friday etsy posts. My bank account doth protest!

I went through a quilling phase a few years ago. Somewhere I've still got a big box of paper strips.

Anonymous said...

Great shopping - you found some lovely stuff!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... this can be an expensive blog to read. the bread baker is killing me. i have visions of myself just eating the cornbread with a spoon.

mmm.... cornbread....

Anonymous said...

I love the copper, riveted necklace and the duck family, too! The baby-lover in you will probably like this laughing baby video:


Deb for Fearless Fibers said...

Great finds! I've been eyeing those mini bread bakers myself and I think you just convinced me that I have to have one ... or maybe two :)

Love the quilling also. New to me also and very interesting!

Unknown said...

Once again great stuff! I especially love the bread baker - it is wonderful! I took some quilling lessons once although I have never found the time to really get into it.

Etsy Fridays rock!

Stacey said...

More great links!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are such an enabler! I just bought a bread baker and a butter crock, the workmanship is superb. I had a very enjoyable breakfast with a jiffy blue berry muffin mix and fresh butter, yum!

Thanks for the link!

soapy said...

ahhhh YES butters in soaps are GREAT for your skin! I've been making and using them for many years!

and WOW~ Quilling! Haven't seen that in years.. Looks great!

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