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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

almost knitting

just barely!

Pomatomus in handspun 3-ply superwash bfl
roving dyed by Pigeonroof Studios, "nightshade"
Started: June 16, 2007
US 2/2.75mm dpns, 4

Still my favorite pattern, and I do love the yarn. Summer's here though and the heat just makes me want to spin instead of finish up wool socks :) I really do like this pattern in handspun-- mine's never as even as commercial yarn and in patterned socks it just jumps out, the thick/thin (even if its not apparent, I'm just supercritical about it.) In Pomatomus though, the twisted stitches and the patterning don't really show the thinner/thicker spots in the yarn-- and its just a delight to see the detail of yarn stand out in the twisted stitches.


The color's fun too-- this single sock reminds me of an iceberg for some reason. At the heel, the yarn turned much darker and I can't wait to see how the other one shapes up colorwise.

Better detail of the darker colors on the sole in stst...


I've also put in almost all the time I need for this sock:

Handspun superwash merino sock, based on PGR's "Simple Socks"
roving dyed by, "the color"
Started: late May? 2007
US 0/2.0mm dpns, 4

I'm not feeling it, though the color is fun. Knitting these on US 0 has just taken the wind from my sails-- its just a consistent reminder my handspun singles were too thin to begin with. The ugh is mitigated by the fact I knit a good chunk of these by the light of "Deadliest Catch" while waiting up expectantly, so it keeps me sailing on :)


Back to my wheel :)

(i've recently switched to uploading pics full size to flickr and using their "medium" resized photo for blog posts-- its smaller than the quarter sized one i used to use. any input-- is it too small? i feel like it is and i can't see details i want to highlight, but can't really tell if i'm just being too picky. i would love your input if you had any!)


lexa said...

Love the new Poms! That is one of my all-time fave patterns, too.

I noticed your pics are smaller than normal. I find them fine to me. I did like how you posted before, too, as you always have such great pics! (Not much help, am I?)

Manda said...

Your handspun socks are beautiful! Love the purpleness.

I've recently gotten DSL (I know, I know.. last person in the world to do so) so I feel no pain now, but back when I was on dial-up I had to set aside special time to visit yours and other graphics-intensive blogs that I loved. I'd set pages loading and then go have a cup of tea. I think the Medium size is a good compromise for blogging. Plus, you can always click on the image to see a larger size at Flickr.

Stacey said...

Love the handspun poms - the color is nice and cool for this time of year!

As for the pics - I think they look great on the blog - if I want to see more detail I can click on over to flickr. It's a great idea and one I may start doing as well. I usually re-size before I upload.

E to the M said...

I like the bigger pics.
The socks look great!

femke said...

The pomatomus are awesome. They showcase the yarn beautifully.

Anonymous said...

the purple socks are amaaaazing! (i'm a little biased toward the purple end of the spectrum)
like others have said, clicking on the pics to see all the details at flickr works well. no complaints from me!

jessica said...

What beautiful socks, and handspun!

Christy said...

Yummy handspun goodness. It inspires me to try to learn to use that Turkish spindled I bought at a fiber fest last week. Not that I will spin fingering....but still.

I love the Pomatomus in those shades fo grey.

Anonymous said...

So much here!

I think the iceberg socks are super-cool! You know, I watched a marathon session of that fishing show several weekends ago and they kept promising to show the big ice, but never did. Soooo disappointing.

I was wearing a pair of varigateds in the same pattern just yesterday and loved 'em to pieces.

Purple, of course, is never wrong.

As far as pic sizes go, if I'm on a desktop, I like the full-on pr0n-y money shots :).

HOWEVER, I usually look at your site with a handheld device and the small pix are way way better for it. (In fact, they look really good on there.) Otherwise I have to wait forever while my device loads 'em down.

So my vote would be to do what you did here. Have the small ones on your site, put the big 'uns back on flickr.

Your work is always so beautiful. I believe handcrafts of all type are a labor of love ... If that's true, just how much love DO you have in that heart, anyway? Sheesh.

Unknown said...

Medium is good. I use small (because of my middle column width) and tell people to click for a larger image and for the benefit of any notes on the photo or comments left on Flickr.

Bogie said...

Nice socks! I'm really impressed by socks made out of handspun. And isn't the Deadliest Catch great? Sheesh, the things people do to put food on our tables, it's really incredible.

About the photos, I prefer the smaller, medium size. I can always view the larger size in Flickr if I want more detail.

Opal said...

love those glacier pomatomus socks! that's one of my favorite patterns too.

i also like the new picture size. i can't really see much of a difference between these and the older pictures, but then i'm on a new monitor so everything looks a little strange to me.

Chris said...

Now, see, I love knitting on 0s and that purple yarn looks absolutely perfect to me.

adrienne said...

I Love the Pomatomus! It's just amazing.
The purple sock is lovely too, but the Pomatomus! it's just wow.

Romi said...

Oooooh! *Love* the Pomatomus!

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