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Friday, May 11, 2007

my etsy friday

I hadn't planned on a post today, but a jaunt to the post office earlier this week (thanks again!!) reminded me that the USPS is raising postal rates again. For most it means 2¢ more for a letter... but for others who do business thru the mail, its a lot more complicated with shape and weight based pricing going into effect Monday. Packages like mine (bubble mailers less than 3/4" thick) are going up over 50%, and true packages are going up more than 100% over the current postal rate. (Helpful breakdown on rates here... USPS' site is truly awful).

Anyhow, today & tomorrow are the days to get in under the gun before postal rate changes... (I'm not raising my shop's postal rates yet, but it may be necessary in the future.) What better way to race under the wire than find some new etsy vendors? :)



I'm on a batt frenzy. Really though... can you blame me for these? Merino, cashmere and silk noil, 7+ oz of the thickest, most delicious wonderfulness since tuesday. or wednesday? whatever. These are from String Theory Fiber Art (love the name)... she listed 2 batts and said she could card more, so of COURSE I took her up on it. I'm thinking a worsted single, low twist for a decadent Clapotis? For now I'm just squeezing it-- its as squishy and soft as it looks.

My etsy posts couldn't be complete w/out paper frenzy...

clockwise from top left:
i drink beer (russian) card from
knot of frogs from
journey to the center of the earth cover (reproduction) from
shortcut to mushrooms from
squids (set) from

I've bought a grip of cards from Smack of Jellyfish-- I think she's brilliant! She has a series of 26 cards for each letter in the alphabet; from her etsy store: "Collective nouns for animals are called "terms of venery." I found animals for each letter of the alphabet, and collective nouns for each of those animals. " She has other great ones too, and packages each with *black* envelopes, something that makes me weak in the knees.

I've also become a sucker for repurposed book papers... the shortcut to mushrooms cardfront is a page from The Fellowship of the Ring with tiny 3d mushrooms attached in the corner. This one totally floats my geek boat-- in one of my former lives I was a serious mycophile and I regularly check etsy for mushroom stuff. :) The Jules Verne is a reproduction of the "Center of the Earth" cover, but its a really good one on heavy cardstock.

More cards/paper...

clockwise from top left:
shoji screen, washi paper card from
popup card from
"the black ice score" repurposed book cover journal from
cooool flipbook from
sharky's machine repurposed book cover journal from

I can't do justice to the popup card from Tracy Chong. Just amazing... I bought another the day I received the one above, its just thrilling to me. The journals are both made from repurposed book covers, superfun (shipped from Japan but with US/APO rates). And the flipbook is just way awesome... if you're squeamish/prudish (it's okay!) don't click the link, but if not you really should. Makes me want to be a boy, for the second time this week (and 8 millionth in my lifetime)! :)

l to r: quietude, nightshade, poison (colorways)

Well, this is sock pr0n, yall :) CASHMERE/superwash merino/nylon sock yarn from I think she's a color genius, and I like her colors more than Koigu. (Dude, what did she just say?!) Really though, there's a reason Krista's shop is regularly empty... and now she's stocking cashmere sock yarn at an insanely good price. Machine washers, this stuff is for you (no complaining about previous handwashing jabs!)

Gratutious is what I do best:

(Krista's pics of her yarn are better than mine though.)

edit, Krista says in the comments: "Unfortunately, my supplier just notified me she's out of stock of this cashmere sock yarn for a month and a half! Arggh! I might be able to get some still, though. we'll see."

And for April, shocked that you can buy food on etsy:

Stoneware mini bread baker (with jiffy mix inside!) from
Artisan loose leaf tea from (in glass tea mug/personal infuser with Delonghi water kettle)

The bread baker is f*ing genius. 1 box of jiffy mix (did you know this stuff is like, 35 cents?!) + egg and milk = awesome, AWESOME cornbread. I'm a huge fan of teanoir too (my favorites are her Cashmere & Marteani... I bought several of her sampler packs*. Check her sold items since she doesn't always list all of her blends...)-- I usually stick to genmaicha (toasted brown rice in green tea), since its what we'd have at my grandparents house and I'm all about nostalgia in my old age, but these are... wow.

Finally, before my kid yanks them away...


Toddler silkscreen tshirts from I have several shirts from supa in my size, but I'm all about starting them young and getting them hooked-- my kid is no doubt going to be a tshirt addict like me. I just checked too, as of right now she's running a huuuge sale on most of her silkscreened shirts.

Have a good weekend, miss you!

...and go check out my stitch markers for sale over at Yarn4Socks!!!

taken... * do you like black and red looseleaf tea? i bought 5 -- 1 oz samples from teanoir that aren't my thing. i'm a green tea girl but bought some blacks and some rooibos... they were okay, but not something i truly enjoy. (i don't like adding anything to tea, and like it hot, maybe they'd be better prepared another way). i have 1 oz (minus a teaspoon from each) in lady in red, juicy, heart of darkness, blue dahlia, and mojito-- all sealed in ziplocs as they were received. send me an EMAIL (not a comment, please-- addy's @ the bottom of the page) that you want these & i'll send them to you... i hate seeing them go to waste. int'ls fine, too. be quick, i'm thinking tea + knitting go hand in hand :)

they are looseleaf, so you'll need an infuser!


Krista McCurdy said...

Awww, thanks! I'm blushing! Seriously, though, what a compliment you paid me. Unfortunately, my supplier just notified me she's out of stock of this cashmere sock yarn for a month and a half! Arggh!
I might be able to get some still, though. we'll see.

Alyson said...

Uh, yeah, about you and your Etsy nonsense....during a weak moment at work (abject boredom sets in on a fairly regular basis) I pulled up your favorite items and just started digging around to see what inspiration I could get - and I ended up buying enough to perhaps be considered a threat level. I'm going all Single White Etsy on you. ;-)

Reesa said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you like the squishies as much as I do.

The postal rate thing is making my head spin. Why couldn't we go up based on weight? Augh!

lexa said...

You find the coolest stuff, and I thank you for sharing it with us! :) That new yarn is too gorgeous. I'll be keeping an eye on her shop.

That sucks about the postal rates. Never fails here in Canada -- every January 1st stamps go up a cent, and package rates go up, too. I used to sell a lot on eBay, and it was cheaper for me to send the exact same thing to the US than to ship within Canada. Crazy!

Have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the shirts!! I had to get a jellyfish for my little guy :)

Leah said...

I love all your etsy posts!

That yarn looks amazing! Not that I need *anymore* sock yarn right now! ;)

karrie said...

Glad to hear an endorsement for the bread bakers. I ran across them myself and wondered if they worked...I hadn;t realized how serious the rate hike is. Ugh.

oh... mushroomy goodness on my blog today!

sgeddes said...

I love your etsy Friday! This postal rate hike could really suck!

Genmaicha is one of my favorite teas too. I've always called it popcorn tea.

Chris said...

You're dangerous! Does etsy have you on commission? ;)

Sherry W said...

Just bought a sampler tea pack! You are such an etsy enabler. I'd love to see more of your fave etsy t-shirt shops! I like:

April said...

I can't even begin to describe how delicious the Dark Chocolate Orange fugde was that I bought on Etsy. Oh. my. God.

Anonymous said...

Gah, rate hikes. But thanks for the stoneware baker recommendation - it's lovely. I also love smackofjellyfish . I bought one set of twenty-six (for me! all for me!) and another will come soon.

Stacey said...

you always have such great esty links!!!! no need for me to browse, you do the finding for me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such amazing etsy finds! That pottery is beautiful, and the yarn, well, gotta have some.

Congrats on your stitch marker success too!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your entry on my cards! A very belated thank you, and love all your etsy posts

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