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Thursday, April 26, 2007

spinning is like doritos. and a side of etsy.

(almost as good of a non sequitur as poker is like quilting, but i digress.)

There have to be other people like me out there... you totally have other commitments, are rational people who know what they are and how they should be done-- but you get that princess pea nagging about something and have to do it til you're absolutely sick of it. Every few years (cyclical, I can't decide if it comes with El Niño or not)-- I get absolutely obsessed with Doritos. Like, a bag a day... and not the new fancy ones, plain ole fake orange cheese in the corner of your mouth is all that's left of today's bag Doritos. Its gross, I know! Goes on for like 10 days (two weeks, I lie!), and then I just wilt and can't eat *any* Doritos til the tide rolls in again.

I'm the same way with Taco Bell, but let's not talk about that.

Spinning's becoming the same for me, taking up all of my free time...


...but can you blame me?

It really is obsessive-- I started this "glass ocean" roving (pictured here, dyed for my shop but kept since I was curious) on Friday and had the last of it plied on Tuesday, 4 oz. I'm not a production spinner, nor am I fast-- but I really wanted to have it done in a good way. Partly I wanted another handspun to knit with... when someone tells you your last socks were the best feeling ever (and you've knit a lot of socks!), its a bit of an incentive.


Halfway thru the roving, I seriously thought I was going to sell this yarn though. Its not a color I'm drawn to or like to knit with (blue and green lovers, don't hate me!)... after it was plied I was almost positive of that. Washing it and watching it plump up though-- I don't know.


One skein is more purple, and also looks to be thinner gauge overall... a beauty factor in handspun yarns I think. I plied this really tightly, and again am so happy that Teyani posted about tightly plying yarn (that it's okay!)... before, all the books I'd read told me that the yarn needed to be balanced going onto the bobbins when plying to be "good". My evenly balanced (sock) yarns looked nothing like my favorites: Socks that Rock, Koigu, Louet Gems... I also know now why my favorites have a tendency to twist back on themselves when knitting even though they hang straight in the skein-- I'm pretty sure its because they employ the same tight twist I aimed for.


I'm not an expert and shouldn't be giving advice (Andrea asked for tips on spinning-- want to share some in my comments? She makes the *cutest* stitch markers on etsy (updated link!!), too), but I'm happy :)

Another happiness?


Singles being plied... superwash merino in "The Color" (again from my last post). Looks like the ice cream you drive way out of your way to share with your loved one. Candy candy the plied stuff looks like, but we'll save that til its done.

I don't think I'm going to be doing anything but spinning for few more zips, so I'll share more etsy stuff to tide yall over. (I haven't knit a stitch in a week. Spank me.)

top: ... natural colored llama/merino
bottom:, unknown wool in "dalek 2.0"

I've not been buying yarn lately (lies!! wait til next week!), but I've been obsessed with batts for spinning. Somehow I have it in my head that I'll be able to spin a thicker yarn from a batt than from the combed superwash merino top I use... we'll see. The llama/merino is so soft and evenly carded... I was thinking natural socks? Not sure, but floofy and I dig "natural" fibers along with crazy dyed ones. Dalek just looks crazy... I want FAT yarn for a FAT hat for my... unusually proportioned head.

tshirt from
ceramic and paper coasters from
cherry spree pendant from
octopus pendant from

Etsy has an actual, physical place in NY where you can go to create whatever (metal, art, sewing, etc.) for a small fee. They also have a store where you can buy finished projects, like the two headed bird screenprinted on top of a spraypainted pink dot shirt. (Wrinkled by me!) The ceramic coasters are for mother's day... mom's been dropping hints like a madman for coasters. Usually I'm thick as a brick but I caught on about the 7th time-- they're art paper decopaged onto ceramic tiles with felt dots for backing.

The red cherry "spree" pendant was a custom piece from LORiOLA... its thick and heavy and my favorite at the moment. Karrie may dig the next one (we share a love of tentacles and etsy pendants! she has a great list of her favorites on her blog): a sterling silver octopus holding a piece of quartz. It reminds me a little of the guy in high school who wore crystals and was into magyc and mysticism (i dated that guy! on accident! he showed up to my door with a rose and a chaperone when i thought it was a "group thing"! told me later he could turn into a panther during the full moon and that though whites were the master race, asians like me were good to have around to do computer work and wouldn't be minded when the revolution came!!)... but I like it and so does my kid ("octo-DUS!"). Came with a simple satin cord, perfect for those times you need to take your necklace off NOW but forget how exactly to do that.

and as always, lots and lots of cards:

top to bottom, L to R:
science of condensation card,
fish & dino cards:
japanese drywall:
r2d2 & pig:
mailbox & carousel:
monkey man & monkey girl:
mr atom robot card:

creativeapples is obviously a favorite. What? You don't see those awesome images in her shop? That's cos I snuck on thru her flickr stream and asked her to make a custom listing for me of a few favorite images.

I have a few more knitting-related faves to share... things I haven't bought (yet) but float my boat:

* Porcelain knitware from Vases, bowls, coasters, plates, cups... all embossed with knitting textures: cables, stockinette, ribs. Really.

* Mixed media art/knitting paintings by

* Knitter's gift tags by

*Knitting messenger bags by Messenger style bags with a front panel under the flap where you can arrange all of your knitting needles and accessories. She says she does custom orders, too.

* Small project pouches from (I like the goldfish!)

* Gorgeous yarn (think koigu speckles) from Thrilling yarn (I love the use of black in yarn) from And Deb's still having a (RARE) sale on some of her yarns at

I found out about the porcelain knitware on etsypickoftheday. Another way that I have found great shops was during the weekly "saturday night specials" sale run in the etsy forums: Every Saturday night, starting at 5 pm EST, there is a thread in the "promotions and critiques" forum where LOTS of etsy sellers (like maybe a hundred shops) post sales that are good only from 5pm Saturday to 5 am Sunday... I've bought soap, cards, jewelry... lots of stuff from stores I'd never have found otherwise. I haven't run a SNS sale in a while, but since I'm pimping it to yall (and you made it this far!) I'll have a SNS sale in my shop this weekend. I'll post the special to the thread and do a quick post here on my blog w/ the details... I won't run one again for a (long) while, so it'll be a good one :)

miss you! and enter Nicole's blogoversary contest for some good etsy lovin', too.


Bijoy said...

Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, keep up the good work, will be back.

Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

Rachel said...

Ooooh, this was a juicy post full of all sorts of enabling goodness. Thanks for linking to all the etsy shops. I knew about Pigeon Roof and Fearless Fibers, but the rest I have never heard off.

I've been on a spinning kick myself. Maybe its the weather? Or maybe you sent me your spinning vibes long distance. :) Thanks for the shop mention!

Jennifer said...

I *heart* etsy too. I've found so many cool crafters and have enjoyed sharing my wares as well.

I love your spinning.

Alyson said...

Etsy coasters! Why didn't I think of that?? I've been looking everywhere for coasters for our new dining room table. Duh!!

Thanks! :-D

Stacey said...

WOW - that spinning is beautiful!!!!!

Thanks for all the links - you are my etsy guide!

adrienne said...

I just love the etsy links you share :) I used to spend more time browsing, but I haven't been recently.
I think your yarn looks fantastic, but I'm very much a blues and greens person!

Ginny said...

I thought I was the only weirdo ;) who went on obsessive kicks with food.

My faves: Taco Bell (hellyeah!), chocolate poptarts covered in cream cheese (try it!) and Cracklin Oat Bran cereal. Not in that order, of course.

Erica said...

Mmm... Love the new yarn you spun up. Gorgeous!

Cathi said...

I so love Taco Bell- and I somehow feel less guilty since it's not as bad as a lot of the other fast food places (depending on what you get). I'm still bitter over their change to the beans, though, which happened, I dunno, 10 years ago?

Your yarn is great!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

For me it's Cheetos, must be the fake orange cheese.

Anonymous said...

Doritos? Here's my favorite recipe for dinner:
Ingredients: In a medium bowl combine one 99cent bag of original Doritos with one 99cent bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Be careful not to break any Doritos.
Serve with a tall glass of cold Spicy Hot V8. Addition of vodka optional. Bon Apetit!

Karen said...

Mmmm...Taco Bell!! I totally get like that!

And a SNS?!? I can't go online this wallet is just recovering from my pick-me-up shopping spree.

Trillian42 said...

The handspun is lovely. Maybe if I actually practiced once in a while, I could get something consistent and pretty like that...

FYI on the Doritos - they have a new flavor called Wild White Nacho - tastes JUST like the original, only without the tell-tale orange color all over your fingers and mouth. :D

Andrea said...

Thanks for the shop mention, I called my SO up and gushed.

As always, you're photos are gorgeous!! I can't wait for my blogiversary so I can give away etsy prizes that I've found through you!

Take care :D

Micki said...

I don't think anyone could blame you for being obsessed with spinning since you do it so beautifully!

BTW, I go through nacho cheese Doritos phases too. I feel enormous guilt whenever I buy a bag, but the guilt doesn't stop me. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one.

lexa said...

You find such cool things on etsy. So glad you share them, cuz I have limited etsy-browsing time! (Tho I work this weekend, and it's usually dead, so etsy, here I come!)

Love your spinning, too, btw!

Chris said...

You are dangerous! Must. Not. Click. Etsy. Links.



Romi said...

*Gorgeous* handspun! Yum.

Danielle said...

First there was beading, then I found knitting, then dyeing, then spinning, and now torchwork.

I hear them all.

Very yummy photos.

Froding said...

I must tell you that I admire your homemeade yarn!! I like the mix of shades. BUT I wonder if you could tell me where I can buy Buffaloyarn over internet from USA? Regards from Marianne in Sweden.

Anonymous said...

I love love love that Glass Ocean yarn! So pretty!

Sherry W said...

oooooh I wanted that! :) I guess I have to message them.

I love the octopus etsy enabler. :)

KT said...

Your handspun looks beautiful! Every time I see such great stuff being produced I get the urge to go pick up a spindle and give it a go, but I'm deeply afraid of getting addicted. But it looks SO worth it...

knitspot anne said...

your yarns are looking great! i know what you mean about plying tighter for sock yarns, especially, though i like looser plying for lace knitting (better drape).

Anonymous said...

ugh, i'm dying to learn how to spin, and yet somehow all those photos of "mere" children using a drop spindle are more intimidating than encouraging...

i'm hoping i can get inspired at the maryland festival next weekend!!!

-- danielle

my blog

SpindleKnits said...

Oh my! I wish my yarn looked like that after I plyed it! Beautiful!! All that etsy stuff looks so wallet is shrinking back in horror right now at the thought of how much weight it's going to lose soon. ;-)

megs said...

Thank you so much for showing the cards you got from my Etsy shop! I was randomly Googling my shop and found your blog. Love your yarn! Hope you enjoyed the cards!

Take care,

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