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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

one German down

There's no good way to take these on my legs, especially inside... (better pics when the pair's done, promise!)

German Stocking by, single
Started: March 19 (?)
Fearless Fibers Superwash Sock, "royalty" colorway
Susan Bates US 1, 2.25mm **9 sts/inch**

These are going to be really cool done. :)

I used Deb's superwash sock yarn since I'd used the solid white for the test pair already and though they're beautiful and the patterning really pops... white's not my bag. I don't know if purple is, but when I spied 2 hanks still for sale at Deb's store, I pounced. The Fearless Fibers is thinner than the Louet Gems Pearl the pattern calls for-- they *look* the same, but the Louet has more density (and Koigu has more density than Gems, but that's another post.) The white pair were knit on Susan Bates US 1's (2.25mm) at the pattern's gauge, 8 sts/inch, but the FF on the same needles ended up at 9 sts/inch.


Cookie's done a bangup job with the pattern though... she's sized it with over 200 different size combinations (seriously). So instead of worrying about the math, I just breathed a sigh of relief that Cookie'd done it all for me already. I would normally fit into the 3rd size of stocking, but knit using the 4th (next larger size) to account for the smaller gauge of the yarn. I did do a quick and dirty check to make sure my gauge would work out in the larger numbers, but they did and as you can see, it worked out beautifully.


Deb gives you a laaaarge hank for your money-- 4 oz/560 yd. Even so, I will need to use the 2nd hank for the second sock... the first weighs in at 70 gm with 50 left over. I've decided to just wind the second hank and and knit the second from it-- with any luck, I'll have another 50 gm left over for a pair of "regular" sized socks. If you have smaller legs than me (totally possible ;)) you may be able to get away with using only 1 hank of Fearless Fibers superwash sock, and that'd be a $16 pair of handpainted kneehighs!! Dude.

Yo quiero this yarn though-- the color's great, so was the service. I think I'll knit the "regular" pair at a tighter gauge though on US 0's... I could have done it for these, but kneehighs on US 0? Uh, no.

Speaking of etsy... the mailman just handed me the coolest package. (When will he get used to me answering the door in pyjamas?)


A new Superheros card pack from April at Creative Apples. Yow. She was one of the vendors from my choka/etsy contest... and I already had her Superheros I card pack as well as a custom order from her. I'm addicted to buying cards on etsy, and April's are always *so* cool and have real range. I hate (mom always said, hate is too strong a word to use for anything) buying duplicate cards, but with her flickr photostream and etsy store, I never have to :) I'm also addicted to the idea of custom *anything*... its rare for me to be able to afford it and not feel like I'm putting anyone out asking for it.

Thanks again April... sending mail has never been so fun. :)

And just to show *my* range in card purchases thru etsy...


Thank you coloring cards from Cre8tiveMama, also etsy-based. Yall know my kid's penchant for trains by now... a wonderful way to send thank you cards for (insert made up holiday here where my relatives shower the munchkin with candy and holiday themed toys). She says she does custom orders, too... may need to look into that as my kid needs to send plenty of these :)

There's way more etsy love out there, maybe for my next post I'll show off some of my favorites. Especially since the second stocking still (five times fast!) hasn't been started yet... no worries though. I'm employing a carrot-horse-cart approach... bought myself some rad new shoes that I can't wear til they're done. (Amazon is running a promo-- $20 off $80 and free shipping thru 4/15 so it was a good deal, and of course I bought them in red :))

...til then!

eta!! i need to get in contact with Lindsey, if anyone knows her or if you're reading, please email me at the addy below. (need to claim your prize!) thanks! :)


adrienne said...

Nice! It looks fantastic! And I love the shoes - they would totally work as a bribe for me too.
I swapped for some yarn to knit mine (Sunshine Yarns, Brick colourway) and I just know I'll be starting them the day it shows up!

Anushka said...

O why, oh why, does she only ship to the US?

Lori said...

It looks fantastic! I'll have to do the math to see it I'd have enough yarn for mine without additional colors... Looking forward to the finished pair!

Micki said...

Magnificent stocking! Purple is not normally my thing either, but wow, that pattern/yarn combo is awesome. Deb's yarns and Cookie's patterns are a match made in nirvana.

HPNY KNITS said...

Thank you coloring cards- awesome idea! will go big in our house. (Trains are just fine thank you..) I also remember your kid likes to draw on walls... so this will be a much better way to channel his budding creativity- ..... :-)
you are a speed knitter. you finished the knee high? wow! its superb

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! Can't wait to see the completed pair. Woohoo! The purple is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow! A fabulous stocking! And the colour is quite luscious.

Mouse said...

What beautiful socks! I LOVE my Keens- I own two pairs (the Seattle and the Newport H2) and they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

Stephanie said...

Those socks are just gorgeous.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who frightens the postman! ;)

WandaWoman said...

That knee-high sock is fabulous and the color is great. I do like Deb's sock yarn too and you get so much for the price. I haven't decided yet if I will make knee highs with mine or not, but I do like just holding on to it.

Sonya said...

That is a fabulous sock! The purple works very well with that pattern.

Bea said...

Beautiful socks! They look amazing with the purple yarn. I really want to knit one of Cookie's patterns, I can't decide between the German stockings, Millicent, or Rhiannon. Hmmm, maybe all three :)

Unknown said...

I love reading your Alan Moore quote about the time machine before I comment every time.

Deb's got the eye for the colors, doesn't she? And yeah, her skeins are very generous (that sounds like it should be a double entendre, but it's not).

Great socks!

Adriana said...

The sock looks amazing! You're definitely tempting me over to the dark side of knee-highs :)

April said...

I love Deb's yarn and am a HUGE fan of her sport weight sock yarn. Your socks rock, bay-bee. So frickin' talented I can hardly stand it. =)

lexa said...

The stocking looks fantastic! Cookie is so wonderful, isn't she?

Some day I will get to surf Etsy in better depth. I'm missing too much!

Amy said...

God, that's a beautiful stocking. It seems inappropriate to call it a sock, somehow. :)

Anonymous said...

it seems like every time i google something sock related i see your blog. I just wanted to say hi (Hi) and introduce myself. I'm Nishanna and i'm an eager fiber lover who enjoys reading blogs. I've added you to my google reader to skip the google middle man.


Pikku- Kettu said...

I just love these socks! And the purple yarn looks great.

I'm just starting my first one, I'm almost at the point where you begin the cable-motif and I can't wait to see them turn out this beautiful!

IrishGirlieKnits said...

That stocking looks fabulous! Love the color! Great job!!!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous! I would love to try that Fearless Fibers yarn sometime. I may have to save my next paycheck for some.

Lindsey said...

Wow, I won and I didn't even realize it! I was on vacation and didn't see the email when I got back.

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