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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

bmp space invaders socks... and a contest

bmp socks, by me :)

I have to say I'm just so happy today :) My bmp pattern was a love letter thru process and product, and I am just thrilled knitty gave me an opportunity to share it on this scale with all of you (whom I really do cherish in my anonymous, blog reading way).

So of course I have to celebrate with a contest! Something new this time... yall may notice by my posts and lack of them that I have been spending quite a bit of unexpected time with my knitting accessory shop on etsy. Not only that, but much of my wakare earned goes directly back to artisans who sell alongside me. (You can sneak a peek at my covet/favorites list here to grasp the extent of my obsession and oddity.) I couldn't think of a better celebration than giving away gift certificates from a few of my favorite vendors from etsy...


$25 gift certificate for Fearless Fibers. Goodness knows Deb is a true dye artist, and has so many inspiring yarns (in so many variations!) that I know it'll be hard to choose. Or not to brag. Or something involving happiness and yarn. (Thanks to Deb for her donation!)


$16 gift certificate to tinymeat. I'm very much a wallet girl, and tinymeat's float my boat... but they carry passport covers, card holders, iPod covers-- to have and to hold. Can't ask for more. (At least I can't!)


$15 gift certificate for LingGlass. I am blown away by the simple beauty of her pendants and glasswork, and think you'll love them too. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer but I want one of everything she makes :)


$10 gift certificate for Three Owls Knitting. Our own Sherry W's shop-- featuring double pointed needle protectors that are one of my favorite knitting accessories (seriously, I think I own 6 sets now??) They're great for keeping your work on the needles and for making sure those needles don't poke thru fabrics.


5 custom cards and envelopes (and shipping) from CreativeApples. I've recently become an etsy card junkie, and April's are just... wow. You can choose up to 5 images from her flickr pages and she'll make them into beautiful cards for you to mail and share.


$10 gift certificate for time2cre8. If you've received an order from zerOmarkers somewhat recently, you'll recognize MaryLou's work-- I use her recycled atlas business card envelopes to send sample stitch markers and thank you notes in. I love them, and she does other great things with all sorts of media.


$10 gift certificate for zerOmarkers. Uh, because I can? :)
(For those of you that are new, this is my etsy shop.)


2 hardback copies (to 2 winners) of The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. I know, I know... this isn't etsy stuff! Penguin Books sent me these copies (well, they sent me three but I'm keeping one!)... and said to have fun giving them away. What more fun could this be? :) (You may remember my little writeup about the book... they have other bloggers' reviews linked on their "buzz" page, too.)


All of the certificates should be enough to cover at least one item in their shops and shipping, so no worries about needing alternate payment methods (unless you want to stock up, which my fellow vendors and I fully endorse ;)).

Cool? Since we have something new, how about something old... that's right. "How can I win something fabulous?" By submitting a couplet to the world's longest poem at Choka On It (if you're new, please read how first...) and copy/pasting your couplet in the comments to *this* post. I reserve the right to disqualify you if you don't follow their (simple) submission requirements... I'm mean like that, ask around ;) Any doubts, check my past choka contests here and here for more info. You must leave me either a link to your blog or a valid email address (so I can contact you if you win!)

Contest will run thru Monday March 19 20, 2007 at 3pm pacstandard... and winners will be chosen *at random* (one entry per person), so no worries about your skilz or lack thereof. I'd love for you to help me spread the word for my little celebration, too :)

Hm. Now for something borrowed and blue...

(Good luck!)


shannon said...

that was fun, the choka thang:

he internet's addictive
how i love to surf

lame, but true.

oh, and your socks are 'da bomb, girl - truly outrageous

Anonymous said...

My contribution:

this porthole to other realms
how I want some sheep

(it said it should be about the Internet...instead I think it sounds like I just want to fall asleep!)


Chris said...

and the sheep I want
cannot be counted

Congrats!!! That's such a fun pattern.

Anonymous said...

Yay a contest! Here is mine:

The internet stole my brain
now I think in bytes

Now off to check out the knitty...

Andrea said...

"This is where I look up Porn
and roast recipes"

I'm almost positive that I know how to use the internet but then something screws up and I ended up posting my choka bit twice. Le sigh.

ps. Awesome socks!

A 30-something femme createrix said...

*drool* Your socks are just purely amazing! Rock on!

My contest submission:

fraggletastic yarn whore love
paypal is my god

Alyson said...

Sheeps and socks make me happy
The Internet, too.

(Yes, I meant to write "sheeps".)

I agree with Kristen - I knew it was your pattern on the "cover" right away, 'cause of the shoes. I've been dying to see them, and wasn't disappointed! Wicked fun pattern - Travis is definitely gonna want those. (We'll fight over who gets to wear them. I'll win.)

Yay, I love Etsy - a lot of my wedding stuff is coming from there (favors, invites, jewelry, bridesmaid gift baskets...)

Susan C. said...

Love the sock pattern - and you're on the "cover" too! Way to go!

the internet helps me find
more yarns to covet

E to the M said...

Maybe it's because I just got back from Florida and it was -16 this morning when I went to work but here's mine.

Just flew back into Vermont
Miss that southern sun

And a knitting one for good measure:

Must not buy another skein
Stash is gigantic

And last but not least:

Those eighties digital socks
Can't wait to cast-on

Thanks for hosting such a fun contest and congrats on the Knitty pattern.

Sara said...

Love the socks... so neat!

My contribution:
The greatest work distraction
Knitting blogs the best.

Anonymous said...

Those socks are wonderful! Congrats for making the cover of Knitty!

My choka contribution:
Knit blogs and Google Reader
The internet smiles.

Jen said...

I love your contests, the choka is fun!

My couplet:

Pixels dance across my screen,
Tell me how and why.

KnitterBunny said...

"Smiling until the sun sets,
when it sighs deeply."

I wrote, I entered, I'm going to Knitty now. :)

pyfairy said...

Love the socks!!

My attempt at the choka poem...

Interesting Internet...

Midnight Purls said...

I harbor some serious love for that new sock pattern.

I posted my couplet, which made more sense when I first tried to post it, since then a few more popped up before mine.

I'm allergic to most yarns,
That I love to knit.

Knitting Bandit said...

Love your socks!! I grew up in the age of Space Invaders! Pong. Pac-Man. Makes me sound old! When I learn to do colorwork those WILL be my first socks!

Dave said...

Woo hoo - the cover pattern! Way to go, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

I was sooo happy when I saw the email from knitty, and must say that I love ur socks... if only I tried instead of just admire... :P
Oh and I loved the choka poems... such a cool idea... might get hooked up after this...
Here's mine:
Obssesed I've become,
with patterns and stuff

Unknown said...

Invader of 80's heart
All hail the Knitty


I looove space invaders!

Alejandra said...

Sphinxy dijo...
I was sooo happy when I saw the email from knitty, and must say that I love ur socks... if only I tried instead of just admire... :P
Oh and I loved the choka poems... such a cool idea... might get hooked up after this...
Here's mine:
Obssesed I've become,
with patterns and stuff

**blogger doesn't like me much...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the socks! Wonderful pattern, and there's nothing like geek-enabling socks!

For my Choka entries, I submitted a series and had a great time doing it! :D

I've come forth from knitting blog
(Needles in my veins)
Enabled by Internet
(Helps to ease the pain)
With no 'Net I would flounder
(Might just do my work)
Hours I would not squander
(But who needs that perk?)
I rule at World of Warcraft
(Wish the gold were real)
Pants peed over cat macros
(More laundry? I'll deal.)
Photoshop skills improving.
(Thank you Fark dot com)
You Tube clips in my e-mail!
(Even from my mom)
Shop for B-PAL, yarn, and books
(Credit line increased!)
Sell half, which I didn't need
(e-Bay can't be beat!)
Hours tick-tock by, unnoticed
(Clicky click clicky)
Dark already? Time to go?
(Lost again in Wiki.)
The network is gigabit.
(Fast fix anywhere)
Check blogs while on the toilet!
(Who needs The Times there?)
Read Proust; pretend I'm working.
(Project Gutenberg)
Oops, the boss came in! Alt-tab!
(MySpace isn't work?)

Anonymous said...

Contest, hurray! Here is my entry:

Patterns on the web, we find
New Knitty has sprung!

Thanks, Aija!

Karen said...

Again, I love the socks. I've already placed an order for the yarn. I can't wait to knit them.

My couplets, courtesy of my hubby, since I can not make up a poem or couplet or anything to save my life:

The net is infinity
In limited space

The internet connects us
Knits our lives like yarn

Spike said...

A'ight, here's my choka whack:

Glorified heap of fused sand
How well do you fly???

I'm having one on THOSE DAYS with this black box. Long story short: the 'net works. The network doesn't. Grrrrr . . .


sheep#100 said...

I love the Space Invaders! Way to go, Aija!

Who is this Holly person
Posting more couplets?

Leah said...


Susan said...

Congrats! What a fun pattern.
My contribution (Honesty is the best policy)

Oh great pattern designer
I wish for a prize

eve knits said...

love the pattern on knitty!!

heres my addition:

Brand new Knitty is up now
Must go buy more yarn

happy knitting!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Those are cute socks. Impressive to be on the cover of Knitty. Some of those listed are my favorite Etsy shops too. I am actually using dpn protectors on socks now.

Lindy said...

I must make those socks soon, because the purple space invader underwear in my dresser need companions, and those are awesome.

Also, I attempted a couplet. I apologize for my post-midterm haze, I'm sure it affected the writing.

Net sufing consumes my time.
How my grades have dropped.

Jerry & Maxy said...

I'm gonna have to take a minute on my choka, but as soon as I saw your pattern I hopped over here to say - AWESOME!!!! Way to go, Aija! Such a cool idea :) Congratulations on the publication!

Anonymous said...

I had to study up on the choka. OK, here is my real lame contribution:

I get lost in the Web and
Emerge much later

Kozytartan said...

Internet is a mistress
her vice being spam

Anonymous said...

Oo, a contest. With such great prizes!

Here's my choka contribution:

What is my prioritiy?
Web-surfing, of course

Anonymous said...

Love the socks!

Here's my couplet:

Hot, strong coffee and the 'net
What more do I need?

wenat said...

Sock knitting is compulsive
Need some pacman socks!

Smurf said...

Love the socks! Congratulations on making it as a cover girl ;-) My submission, in honour of my six month old baby girl -

"Happiness is my daughter
Giggling in my arms"

Although she's not giggling at the moment, she had four shots at the doctor's today... poor kid.

Anonymous said...

I left my choka!

if only pac-man would eat
the yarn in my stash

then i could purchase fiber
anytime i want.

Sonya said...

Love the socks! And the cover no less. Very cool.

lexa said...

Congrats on the sock pattern! Love it, brings back a lot of memories....

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Congrats - you even made the cover!

Here's my submission:

Knit wooly strings together
Creative sugoi

twellve said...

haha. that space invaders pattern is awesome. we need more of that!

my couplet:

my obsessions are growing
online all the time

Em said...

My contribution:

Oh,darn that series of tubes!
Darn it like a sock

Anonymous said...

that poem thing is pretty awesome, and I'm endlessly amused by the huge amount of Knitty and knitting related ones up there now.

here's mine (I did two):
web brings Knitty and sockpr0n
they bring awesome socks

logic follows that the web
brings me awesome socks

I can't wait to get started on a pair. thanks so much for the pattern!

HPNY KNITS said...

awesome about the socks girl!! my son wants a pair NOW!

Jennifer said...

I love bmp! I must knit a pair. Congratulations!

Here's my couplet:
So many crafty friendships
Are found on the web.

BTW, I received the Invisible Man roving today, and it's beautiful. It's going to be fun to spin up.

Bertha said...

my choka:

things also found on the web:
socks, yarn, knit contests

I *love* the bmp socks! When I clicked on the pattern I saw your name and yelled "Sock porn!!" and my husband was all "what??" hee!

Anonymous said...

compulsively surf the web
should be homeworking

WOW those are some drool-inducing prizes!

Lisa said...

Oh how fun! I have never done this before. Here I go:

inspiration, distraction you tempt me!

I hope that wasn't too pathetic, even for a beginner.

Lori said...

Dude, you still have a Speak 'n Spell! You're truly my heroine!
Awesome pattern :)

Black Heels & Purls said...

neverending hyperlinks
spun like so much lace

-- Ambrr

Please forgive my nerdiness, fellow commenters. D:

PS how awesome are these socks? I'm thinking about trying them with purls instead of the stranded colorwork. :D

Lori said...

Alright, I finally choka'd:

I love to peek through websites
into strangers' lives.

spurs my creativity
from so far away.

aija said...

(posted on behalf of Kym, cos sometimes blogger stinks ;))...


Love the pattern & blog. Here's my contest contribution:

To knit socks forever more
must buy more sock yarn!

TTFN, Kym R. (aka Boop)

Sus said...

How fun! Thanks for introducing me to Choka!

Connecting with my old friends
I love emailing

Kinda lackluster, but true!! :)

I luuuuuurve your space invaders socks!

Sherry W said...

I love them socks!!! Great job, I'm so happy for you!

Coleen said...

First of all, the socks are awesome. Secondly, here's my contribution...

filling my mailbox with junk
oh you evil spam!

Katura said...

I did It!!

World wide wonders we can see
But not yesterday

Thanks, Aija!

My Blog:

Knitasaurus Rex! said...

The Choka thing is such a cute idea!

Here's my contribution:

Moving into our new place,
the web will be down.

DaFawnz said...

You're socks are spectacular. I lurk on your blog often (contest seem to be the only thing that lures me out of lurking) and was excited to see you were the designer. Gotta be loving the Space Invaders. Now for my lame couplet.
All things to seek and be found,
except more bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally going to make these - my friend just requested socks and these are perfect!! :)

My choka contribution:

Puckered lips and whorish clothes,
A MySpace photo!

My email is if the link doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you how amazed I am by the bmp socks! And the fact that you still have a speak n spell! Wow! Congrats on a fabulous pattern!!

Here is my couplet:
Online 'zine with sock patterns,
Knitters paradise!

Shrinkie said...

Great contest!

here is my feeble attempt!

sweet internet I love thee
yarn pron rocks my world

Love the socks!

Filambulle said...

Cast-on brenda in my hears
I knit like the wind

BMP is in Knitty
I want more sock yarn

write a poem in english?
no problem at all

I must stop now (I am at work). But I must thank you twice:
1.- for the amazing and great pattern in Knitty. I want to knit that soon.
2.- for guiding me to this wonderful collective poem. I am hooked!

I wish you a very good day

Anushka said...

Congratulations on the pattern!The socks are so cute.

My couplet:

But can I write one in French?
Time alone can tell.

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

The BMP socks are cute. And thanks for the awesome Etsy links, some were new to me. I hope my Choka couplet is correct, as I have to use a dictionary to count the syllables.

I can not read French web sites,
Google will translate.

Stacy said...

Those socks are so fun! :) Congratulations on getting them in Knitty.

Here's my choka contribution:

This vast 'net is full of rocks
How to find the gems?

Anonymous said...

I showed the socks to my sweetie, who is eager to have a pair knit for him.

The couplet idea was fun. Mine was

"Babelfish phrasing is strange.
What's a nut/mother?"


Rosemary said...

Your socks are my favorite from the whole issue. Excellent job! I think they've just been bumped up to near the top of my to-do list.

froggiemeanie said...

I love the socks.

Here's my contribution to the poem:

A dull day this mom would have
If the net were gone

A girl can really second guess her ability to count when doing something like that!

Ellie said...

BMP are inspiring me to try colorwork, and to get out my old Atari ;-)

Here is my couplet:

No time to read this whole thing
So I'll read knit blogs

Heather said...

Congrats on the sock pattern! It's so amazing!

And yay to contests :) Here's my entry:

Anything you want, it's yours.
Buy peace on Ebay.

Anonymous said...

Love your socks. The Choka is really a fun idea. Here's mine:

Yarn shops online reel me in
Like a fish, I bite.

jenfromRI said...

Those socks are so cool!

Here's my couplet:

Some weird circulation thing
My mouse hand gets cold.

(Cold) fingers crossed . . .

Stacey said...

congrats on the pattern! more choka love....

My shoulders go numb also
Stupid always typing job!

Unknown said...

I'm in!

Sus said...

Aija!!! Bmp is on Boing! Boing!
Tons of people will love them!!! Yay!

knit_tgz said...


Time to work but you still play,
don't let it ruin you.


Unknown said...

Love the pattern - think it shows a great sense of playfulness. :) Here's my contribution, a reply to some recent couplets about cold mouse hands and numb shoulders.

"spiritual micro-breaks"
could warm up your hands

Jody said...

That was cool! Thanks for showing us! My addition:

"I read knitting blogs daily -
and at night I write"

Anonymous said...

This is so neat!

Here's what I submitted:

Distracting me from my job
With all your wild thoughts

Matt....... said...

Rock star! congrats on the pattern!

Anonymous said...

That's a great sock pattern you've got there! I know my husband, gamer geek and lover of handknit socks, will want a pair.

Here's my choka-entry:

"History, Poetry, Art,
Knitblogs and LOLcats"


ers said...

Life before knitting and blogs
Remember spare time?

Congrats on the knitty submission, and thanks for the contest!!

Anonymous said...

Found you through knitty!

Blogs are all so distracting
Must get back to work

And with that, I really will get back to work :)

lorinda said...

Kudos to you on your awesome pattern in Knitty! And what a fun contest. Thanks.

Here's my offering:

Tempted by online crazy
I knit and stay sane

Bunny Queen said...

Great pattern! I can see knitting these as a gift in the very near future.

As for my entry:
foggy and snowy today
spring is surely next

Vik said...

Definitely have to make a pair of space invaders socks now! I completely LOVE that game!
Annnnd I've got an entry for your contest!
"Should be doing housework, but
The knit blogs beckon"

Anonymous said...

Whee! Here's mine:

Web surfing is fun, except...
I buy too much yarn

Josiane said...

Congrats on making the cover with your fun pattern!

Here's what I added to the choka:
We all spin virtual yarn
Weaving this huge net

(And since you won't find my email in my profile, here it is: kimianak [at] gmail [dot] com)

Heddy said...

Fun socks! Congrats on the cover of Knitty!
The contest is pretty cool too! I choka'ed 2 verses :
Furtively browsing for knits,
With a knitted brow,

Pondering the mysteries
of the tight knit web!

knitnzu said...

Knitty socks rock my small world
Get out the needles

Anonymous said...

Aija, I love your pattern. Here's my choka:

Socks recalling vintage game
Speak to wired knitters

Reach me at ellinlyn2002 at earthlink dot net.

Unknown said...

your space invader socks rock!!!

my choka...
bad for my O.C.D.
knitting makes me count

Anonymous said...

Of course your socks RULE! Brings me back to my childhood ADDICTION and all those quarters I spent on the game!

You are the second Knitty Spring '07 contributor I've come across today who was already in the list of blogs I read. Very cool!

My couplet is submitted and thank you for introducing me to something super fun! Here is is....

All to do.. So much to do...
Help me from myself!


Anonymous said...

Great socks!

Here's my couplet:
bugs, glitches, server errors
programmer's nightmares

Anonymous said...

Followed by:

Dropped stitches, pattern errors;
Lace knitter's nightmare

which posted

Zonda said...

Great pattern! Congrats on it and being on the cover of knitty!! :)

Anonymous said...

I contributed:

Forget to eat, need to sleep;
Always one more stitch

That was really fun! Thanks for the contest!


Domestic Imposter said...

Cool poem...

My lines were:

As I sit here knitting rounds
my eyes glaze over

Kind of dull but true... as my eyes glazed over, my son smeared a ton of blueberry yogurt all over the table and floor and I didn't notice...

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

My contribution:

I have a sock obsession
pretty my feet please

Best I could do on the spur of the moment. tehe -- but I love the contest.

Juls said...

love a contest! Here's my couplet:

post partum depression gone
thank you knitbloggers

Sus said...

Love the socks! They're amazing. Here is my add to the Choka:

Knit for mental sanity,
Zone out of mad world..

FemiKnitMafia said...

I've never done a choka before. That was fun. Here's mine:

Stitch markers slide click and note
Where yarn overs go.

Eve said...

Knitbloggers hijacking the
internet poem

Eve said...


ButterflyLane said...

Search for a new sock pattern
For my poor cold feet

That was just too much fun. I think I may be addicted.

ButterflyLane said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I LOVE the socks. Space Invaders is still the coolest game ever.

Anonymous said...

Love the Choka. (And love the socks!) Since I was, indeed, knitting and surfing, I came up with this:

K2, yarn over, mouse click:
Multi-tasking queen

TllGurl said...

amazongrrl said...

Love the Choka. (And love the socks!) Since I was, indeed, knitting and surfing, I came up with this:

K2, yarn over, mouse click:
Multi-tasking queen

09 March, 2007 14:23

Sorry for the double post. I forgot my Blogger I.D. and password...then I found them!
(Yes...I'm a loser.)

Kim said...

I entered!

Suddenly a blog contest -
Everyone enters.

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I've got my couplet in the I can't remember what I put...something about it being so long and going on My name is there as is the link.

If I win you can get my email addy off my blogger profile.

Acornbud said...

Ooh, I love your socks. Great to see you in Knitty!

Sherry W said...

I don't know if I'm allowed to play or not, being one of the featured vendors, but it's fun!

waiting for spring, little lambs
inside their mothers

Vivian said...

love your pattern, love choka
here's my submission:

thumpity thumpity thump
just keep on running


Margot Schips said...

Awesome pattern - you're getting props all over the 'net! Sweeeeet!

Thanks for introducing me to Choka on it. That was fun, and uber-geeky.


Here it comes on port 80
Another packet

Did I mention uber-geeky?

Margot Schips said...

Sorry, forgot to give you my blog URL:

Rhymes with Mango

Anonymous said...

Here's my non-stellar contribution:

Online you're vulnerable.
Hack, spam, chain mail crap.

Anonymous said...

Totally kickin' socks. Congrats on scoring a pattern on Knitty.

My Choka contribution:
(Un)informed commentary
at the speed of light.

Kim in Oregon said...


Today should I spin or knit?
Happy either way.

Anonymous said...

You really went old school with the socks and speak and spell. I love it!

Lindsey said...

2nd time I've done the Choka thing. I'd forgotten all about it. Here's mine:

Still grieving for my Mumma
I'm lost without her

Anonymous said...

Ghosts from my past memories
haunt me still today

I know, very lame, but there it is

Hooker Next Door said...

My contribution:

But I want to run away
E-mail keeps me here.

Christa said...

Here's my entry

My husband loves the YouTube
Eyes dull to the glow

Anonymous said...

I love your BMP Socks and can't wait to knit them! I look forward to more patterns from you (and to the pattern you knit up for Cookie).

And for the Choka(k)nit contest:

From knitting to netting now
Back again I think

mjs130 at columbia dot edu

Shirley said...

What an interesting sock.
My choka entry is

Knitting the world together
One stitch at a time

Anonymous said...

Love the socks, best thing in the new edition IMO.

Here's my Chocka:

His favourite: I Am Bored;
Mine: The Yarn Harlot

Interweb and knitting - fab combo!

Dove Knits said...


"Work, chores, husband -- all forgone
For you, Internet."

Anonymous said...


I'm new and thought your contest looked fun... checked out Choka, it's cool!

Here's my couplet:

Back from Scotland yesterday
Email, I missed you!

Have a great day!

shayna AT lehigh DOT edu

~Kristie said...

Your socks are TOO COOL, but I'm a die hard toe-up sock knitter so trying to convert it is going to be a monstrous challenge for me! (I think it will be worth it though.)

And... for your contest:

Tiny needles clicking fast
Must knit socks or die

Anneh said...

Seeing yarn online is time
Well and truly gone.

Unknown said...

this is new to me but here goes........

I can not live without it
Internet and yarn

~Tonia~ said...

Very corny, but here it goes...

Surfing the internet now
Looking for good yarn.

fibersnob said...

spending time surfing today
wasting a free hour

not a great one but a contribution all the same

Kathy K said...

My lines for the Choka-lot:

Off-line, new yarn, Florida!
On to Vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I finally remembered to check your site at home, instead of where work's content filters are convinced you're showing something... umm... adult oriented.

My couplet (I'm such a geek, I wanted the 7 to be shorter than the 5)

"I never knew alpaca
would slide through my heart"

andrea at sunmoondesign dot us

schrodinger said...

LOVE your socks.

choka was fun, thanks. My entry:

chocolate is my friend now
I await good news

Sonya said...

I'm going to defer on the poem, but I wanted to congratulate you on yet another amazing sock pattern in Knitty! I am about to post a photo of my RPM sock on my blog - and I will be teaching the pattern as part of the sock of the month class at Imagiknit in San Francisco. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it!

ZenithJade said...

Internet phenomenon:
ETSY is "and if."

To see my *whole* submission, just follow this link to my blog entry:

laurie in maine said...

I still heart my Great Choka Wall memory just for you :) Only did one this time but someone wrote duck a couple of Chokas up so it fits. Sorta! ;)

DUCK! Knitters at it again
Sock Pr0n dangles prize

xamonster said...

Here goes:

Knits the world wide web!

Get it? Knits for it's? Uh, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Neat socks, neat contest. Never done a choka before, so this may be a bit lamer than I'd like.

Internet knitter
makes the world with data yarn.

Nad said...

Ok, here is my entry:
Reading knitting blogs all day
needles clicking on

A bit lame but it was all I could come up with right now- two days before a teaching final it might not be such a surprise.....

anyway, I came here via knitty which led me to your etsy store, then I found your blog! :) I got the stitchmarkers today and adore, adore, adore them. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! And I love the socks on knitty too- awesome work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

like knitting yarn together
internet weaves blogs

Anonymous said...

Love your socks! Makes me wanna use my old Commandore 64 ;D

Contest, wow.. I'm in!
How about:

Me and my Mac' are bestfriends
we knit together

KT said...

Your BMP socks make my geeky little heart go ka-thump. I want to knit them with a rainbow of colors against black for a real Brite-Lite effect because, clearly, they aren't retro enough.

And my Choka:

Good Lord, knitters strike again
Who are these people?

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry for the contest:

Only ones, zeros, bits, and bytes
Shared community

(hope I counted syllables correctly!)

Kaitie Tee said...

Ok, here's mine:

caught making fun of lyon
who Googled himself

Lane Lyon is a local newscaster. I made fun of him and he found my blog when he googled his own name!

Unknown said...

I love the pattern, congratulations!!!

Now, for the obligatory Choka entry:

Stop just Googling yourself
Go out, do something

Heather said...


happy blogiversary!
return of the knit

deknit said...

there could not be a better pattern on the knitty cover, congrats!

and for my choka contribution, here it goes:

way too much information.
how do you keep up.

lauren said...

Wow - I LOVE the socks! Sheer genius.

Here is my couplet submission! It's nerdy, but it's about the Internet...

reflecting and containing
just like Indra's Net

planetKnit said...

Awesome pattern!

Here's my contribution to Choka~

planetKnit is my fake life
in this universe.

karen w

Kath said...

Love those space invaders!

Choka's cool, too... here's my contribution:


lupinbunny said...

Mkay, mine has that thing where you break the middle of the line irregularly for the sake of line length and for poetic effect.

you'd think with an english major i'd know the word for doing that.

"How did people know stuff pre-

Anonymous said...

Cool socks :)

Here's my submission:
"They talked to other people
Answering questions"

Knittymama said...

six? eight? dang, still too many
too tired to count

(And I really am. Counting syllables shouldn't be this hard!:-)

Anonymous said...

What a neat the haiku reminders I write for my music theory students!

So, here it is:

eBay: I bought good yarn and
Jane Eyre DVD.

What a great combination!

my email is: llangene (at) indiana (dot) edu

Smurf said...

(Repost - I think I stuffed up my previous comment and didn't link to an email?!)

Love the socks! Congratulations on making it as a cover girl ;-) My submission, in honour of my six month old baby girl -

"Happiness is my daughter
Giggling in my arms"

Anonymous said...

Well I tried to go off the person before me, but nothing so great - I love some of the entries others made!

eBay lets you buy the world
and much useless crap

Your pattern is great, by the way =)

Anonymous said...

Loved the pattern- will work my way up to it someday skillwise!
My poem continued on the bird part, good times.

Rachel said...

Congrats on your pattern!!! And it's even the featured picture, how exciting. I LOVE the socks, too cute.
Here's my couplet - at home sick :(

Lying on the couch all day
Monday stomach bug.

kathy b said...

My choka

thunderstorms on the radar
spring has just begun

came to you from KIM's blog knitswithasilentK.

b1-66er said...

these look odd as felted tweed...they'd be better as black and someone had worked out space invaders on an apple 1.

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