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Friday, December 08, 2006

honey, what the...

Early winter holiday party with my dad's family was great. Sherwood's neck was reknit on US 3's over 10 rows and taken in 8 sts at the sides of the neck...


(firelight photos)

and grandma was gifted her afghan (no pics), which she loved. These weren't the best part of the trip though, surprisingly. My dad, whom my son and I haven't seen in years, got to spend a good deal of time chasing my kid around... and kept calling him "honey." See, recently my son started calling me "honey" (and anyone he was asking a favor of), and I remarked that I had no idea where he had picked that word up from-- I'd never called him honey. I guess I did though... my mom never called me honey, nor did anyone else I could think of. I think I picked it up from my dad, a million years ago. When I realized this, I had to excuse myself to another room to not cry in front of them... for too many years unseen, so much I didn't know.

I didn't knit at all during my trip and little since returning. Partly it was the almost lukewarm reception my gifts received taking the wind/manic 25th deadline from my sails-- I'm not freaking out about finishing my aunt and uncle's gifts before the 25th after my aunt took a look at the afghan and remarked, "you've got too much time on your hands!" :) I'm also switching up what I was going to make her (not in a spiteful way... I was trying to knit Tamarah, but my goodness I'm not smart enough to understand the pattern so I've put it away for now and picked something else-- more on that later.) Since my uncle's gift will ship at the same time, I'm not stressed... even less by the fact my sister said she didn't want/wear socks (so of course I promptly swapped the yarn for A Gathering of Lace... I feel the pull, you enablers.) More time for other things... I actually tried to finish up my walkaround socks for a holiday gift but, well. Thousand words, take two--



Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn in Chairman of the Board

The second is a good inch wider than the first, with the same needles and CO #. I was going to chalk this up to a change in gauge even though "I've not had this happen before!" (said my ex ;))... but there was something wonky about the 2nd skein of yarn I was going to write about when done (didn't think it would make this much of a difference!)

tt2 tt1

The two plies of yarn, instead of being twisted around each other-- had one ply twisted around the other, making for a very "bumpy" hand. I know that 2 ply yarns are inherently "flat" as well, but this yarn was actually flat by my eye, as if it has been pressed down somehow. I didn't want to admit the problem, even when I noticed the striping/color was dramatically different at first... but the gauge changed from 8 sts/inch to 7 sts/inch on US 1 (2.25mm)! Ergh. So... yeah. I usually lose/gain .5 sts/inch per .25mm needle change at sock weight gauge-- I really don't want to knit these on US 00's.

With my head in the sand personality, I started my new design project instead of dealing with it.


Exciting! :) I hate that, seeing things I can't see. But I have a reason to share... This is my 1st time in a long time knitting on 2 circular needles-- and I realized how much I hate the caston part. I do prefer using 2 circs to magic loop, learned that way so I guess that's why. I always use this method, plus the crossover join, meaning its pretty fiddly and takes too much time to just cast on. So this time, I went with a different way, inspired by magic looping. (Take a look at this link if this is your first time with ML, I'm just showing basic basics.)

Cast on your total # of sts on one needle.

Count off half of the sts, and pinch/pull the cord thru as you do for magic loop.

Push stitches towards the end of the needles, and use a crossover join to join into a circle for knitting in the round. (Remember this is still just on one circular needle).

Using your 2nd circular needle, begin knitting the first set of stitches as you would for knitting on two circulars. When you reach the end, you will have 2 circular needles across the front and back of one circular surface. Begin knitting on 2 circs as you would normally.

Forgive me for not showing the rest of the project? No? Oh well... okay.


How about now?


Melissa said...

The sweater looks great. Your son's pic is still cracking me up.
Sorry that people didn't seem enthusiastic about the knitted gifts. My family is kinda like that, but I just chalk it up to lack of ever having handknits; therefore, no appreciation for their awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

That stinks that the gifts weren't appreciated properly. I'm kind of worried about that myself but, as my M-I-L told be after giving us an ugly vase many years ago "I liked it - so tough." The picture of your son covered in marker cracks me up and reminds me that my girls are growing up to fast.

insaknitty said...

sherwood looks fantastic! how sad that your relatives didn't appreciate the gifts... mine don't really either, which is why I'm usually pretty selective about who I knit for. the problem is, I love knitting for other people! oh well. and how disappointing about the sock yarn too! how did that happen?? at least that first sock looks really pretty... heehee. and your kid is really too cute - especially covered in marker. haha.

lexa said...

Has all the blue been removed by now? LOL!

The sweater neckline looks very good -- mental note for myself if I ever get to actually make one or two of them!

I know some of the simple stuff I'm making for gifts (namely mittens) won't been met with the greatest of enthusiasm, but tough. I'm making them, they're getting them, that's that. But at least it's not something huge or majorly time consuming. That would suck big time if it wasn't appreciated. (That's one thing I love about my step-dad-in-law, he loves hand-knit stuff and isn't shy about expressing it.)

Have a good weekend!

Dave said...

Sherwood's neck look much better! That's scarey about the Tiny Toes - yikes.

Coleen said...

Sherwood looks awesome. I'm sorry your family doesn't appreciate your hard work - I have similar issues with my family!

Your little guy is too cute, even covered in blue marker!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your family did not truly appreciate your gifts. That just.... I don't know. I'm all incensed for you!

The Sherwood sweater looks lovely.

Valerie Polichar said...

*great* fix on Sherwood! And I totally know what you mean about people being less than enthusiastic about handmade gifts.

Anonymous said...

Sherwood looks amazing! I love it. You are a better woman than I. If someone I was knitting for said that I had too much time on my hand, they would be permanently off my list. They might also have a pair of needles embedded in their . . . OK, I am not really the stabbing kind. But I'd be mighty ticked!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! that is a really beautiful sweater. Nice, nice. Your son seems to have a mischieveous glint in his eyes:) And is time to knit for you, and your way, don't pay att. to any comments like that, people like that don't know how to say nice things unfortuneately. Have a wonderful wkend. Terry

HPNY KNITS said...

families can be so tricky! that's why I am reluctant to knit for them anything.
I don't care what anyone in the family says- the Liz is a masterpiece!
the baby seems very pleased with himself! a budding artist like mom!

Acornbud said...

Thanks for the follow-up pic. Good to see your son smiling, and none the worse for the bluing. I admired that sweater in the book. It looks wonderful. Great fix for the neck.

FairyGodKnitter said...

I hope that Santa will bring the boy a Thomas the Tank Aqua-doodle. If ever there was a case to be made, he is it. My younger son had an art-attack all over my mom's dining room table once. You can still see the marker. She learned a lesson about putting Sharpies under lock and key.
Sherwood looks great.

Annie said...

Too much time on your hands? If someone said that to me about a handknit gift I think I'd slap them. You showed amazing restraint. You make such beautiful things.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there and knit for worthy recipients! I just finished a marathon knitting of a wrap for my mother-in-law. Wrapped it around her when she was visiting because she was cold and said, "Merry Christmas early!" She never said anything. I don't think I'll waste my time again. My Mom, on the other hand, thinks everything on my needles is for her! She is very appreciative - so she gets lots of stuff. Don't worry about it. You knit beautiful stuff and although I've never left a comment here before, you are one blog I check every day to admire your beautiful handiwork.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Family can be rugged. I'm sorry there wasn't appreciation for the handknits...

Sherwood looks GREAT! As the little man does in blue :).

Romi said...

Your son is absolutely adorable. And the sweater looks great on him! I'm sorry to hear about the snarky comment your aunt made. It's too bad some people don't understand the love and meaning behind hand made gifts. But we all do! Your stuff looks completely *awesome* and they are all sooo lucky to have you care about them so much!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I'm sorry about the family's reaction to handknits also. But that Aunt's comment "takes-the-cake" ... (That's right, it takes a lot of time and your time & talent is a "gift"!) Bet your grandmother loved it tho. Don't mind the others ... they get what they get & tough if they don't like it. Once I know that someone doesn't like or appreciate what I've made & given them, I no longer put my time into their gift. A box of chocolates is fine for them. I'll put more into my knitting for those who "ooooo & aaahh" over it. They're out there, sweety so don't let it hurt your feelings. It's not your fault they don't have any manners.

sheep#100 said...

I'm not knitting stuff for the people for whom I knit last year - basically a non-reaction.

I'm with the Sheep on the knitting right now - I wanna knit socks for trek. Oh, wait, that's me. Yeah, I do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks "A", I was in awe of the sweater, grinning, tearing and Laughing out loud by the end of you're post.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Was that the after pen shot! Silly monkey. I've seen that smile on my own kidlets.

I'm sorry your gifts weren't received as warmly as you were hoping. Makes it hard to knit for others.

Stacey said...

Great job re-doing the neckline. Too bad the gifts weren't more appreciated - it's hard when someone doesn't realize you spend your valuable free time working on something for them!

Anonymous said...

I like the re-do of the neck. Super cute!!! At least you'll be able to appreciate Sherwood until he outgrows it. Sad to hear the others got lukewarm receptions. But your grandma loved Lizard Ridge, and that's what counts!

Anonymous said...

I feel you about the underapreciated gifts, it's hard to see that when you've spent so much time and attention to each one. Sherwook looks fantastic, the neck looks tons better now.

Paisley said...

Re your aunt: I wonder what she thinks you should be doing instead of knitting. For what it's worth, I think that the Lizard afghan was just beautiful (and made in prodigiously quick time!).

SpindleKnits said...

Sherwood looks fantastic!
I am a glutton for punishment myself in that I never seem to knit for myself, always others and then get so let down when all the work is not appreciated. I fully understand about your aunt! Hang in there ;)!

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