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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

matahari spinning fiber, grey cables

First and best, thank you all for the comments on my grandma's Lizard Ridge afghan. I am so pleased with it and had a great time knitting it, not only for the end result and being able to give something like that away but because of how fun it is to share it with yall too. Thanks for the feedback, it made my day. :)

Speaking of, my day's been made all over the place... first sn and now a surprising package in the mail:

Spinning fibers from Matahari Spinnery
clockwise from top:
Corriedale handdyed in Noel, Noel colorway
Baby Alpaca/Silk in Fawn
Natural Corriedale
Dark Blue Faced Leicester

I won a fiber sampler pack from Arianie's birthday contest and she sent me these lovelies from her shop... so so nice. I am just drawn to the baby alpaca/silk, its ridiculously soft and wonderful!! The dark BFL was a surprise too, its way soft and I love the natural brown color. I'm going to order some more fibers from Arianie soon, maybe some more dark bfl for a pair of natural colored socks? Kristi has me jonesing for natural handspun socks... (Anyone have recommendations on where to find "unusual," naturally colored fibers/fleece suitable for sock yarn? Someone special needs a pair of handspun, natural socks... think the brown is cool enough?) She also has natural blue faced leicester on sale during November for $14/lb, which sounds like a really great price.

Baby Alpaca/Silk in Fawn.
(this is what love feels like. this and !!! that.)

How much fiber do you buy at a time? Just enough to spin a little, or for projects? I always think any project will take at least 4 oz, but I never know how much to buy.

I do know how to knit me some rad socks though. :)

Boyfriend (dad!!) Socks by Alice Bell
M size
Started: November 3, 2006
Finished: November 18, 2006 (?)
Interlacements Tiny Toes, pearl grey
US 1 (2.25mm) dpns, 4

(i need a haircut!!)

Lovely, just like last time. I'm definitely making myself a pair from my red skeins of Tiny Toes when the holiday knitting dies down... They're the same specs minus another paired cable repeat, sized for a man's foot (these and a pair of reknit Fuzzy Feet will be my dad's holiday gift) but they still are comfortable on me-- I love the range that the pattern has as far as fit goes. I'll make a smaller pair for myself, just so they can be all mine :) I had yarn left over in grey and prolly will for the reds, the grey & red leftovers will make a great pair of stripey socks for the little one. (I predict you'll see a lot of stripey socks around here soon!)

Previous posts on boyfriend dad socks...

November 4, 2006
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The holiday knitting is still in full force though...

Celtic Cap by Girl from Auntie
Started: November 20, 2006
Patons Classic Merino Wool, grey mix colorway
US 5 (3.75mm) 16" circular, Addi

I spent Saturday & Sunday trying to knit this cap in Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky (#505 I think) on US 8's and it just wasn't happening... from missed cable crosses to super thick yarn on smaller needles hurting my hands, I folded and put that yarn away for this one and I'm very glad I did. (Now I have a bag of really beautiful grey DB Merino Chunky... maybe a kid's longish coat, like a pea coat? Something.) I really like the Patons; I picked up this ball on a whim just to have after enjoying using it for the Lizard Ridge crochet edging, perfect use of stash, eh?

The pattern's great with a huge range of yarn weights and head sizes, plus worksheets to customize fit for the hat. The hat's for my uncle, who gets up even earlier than toddlers do to go work fixing and tinkering so other people can build skyscrapers and jacuzzis, a to z... cold weather stuff seems appropriate, thinking of those early mornings. I'm thinking if I have time I'll knit him a pair of mittens in the same yarn, except those with a "flip top" that exposes the fingers underneath like these? Maybe not with fingers though, or would that be weird? Or maybe a scarf... something :)

Happy early Thanksgiving yall! I'll be sating myself with some Honeybaked Ham and the true world's best mac and cheese, despite what the competition claims...


knittingphilistine said...

Great Boyfriend/Dad socks!! Those are on deck at some point in the near future for me too...And depending on whether or not my Boy can get over his aversion to any and all cables, they may turn out to be Philistine socks.

Melissa said...

The socks look great. Love the color and the pattern.

Anonymous said...

The socks are awesome! And all the different fibres are very cool, congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Honeybaked Ham makes mac & cheese? Or are you saying the ham is the best "mac & cheese"? I'm stupid!

The socks look comfy cozy, and you should totally knit a pair for yourself. But the fiber, I don't even spin but it makes me want to drool!

Anonymous said...

We're just going to enable each other in circles, aren't we? I'm going to order some of that BFL ...

HPNY KNITS said...

Baby Alpaca/Silk IS love!! what a luxurious fiber.
I love the socks. great man project/gift.

lexa said...

Your dad's socks turned out great, naturally! I can't wait to get my gift knitting finished so I can make mine...

Have a nice holiday -- we had our Thanksgiving last month. Years ago when my husband long-hauled to the US he used to get Thanksgiving dinner home (or at a Canadian truck stop), then he'd get another one at a US truck stop a month later! (He'd usually get fed at home twice -- once at my parents' on the Sunday, then his mother would do hers on Monday, or vice versa.)

Stacey said...

another pair of great socks! Lots of new fiber too....i see your fiber stash growing at a great rate! :)

have a great Thanksgiving - MMMM - mac and cheese!

Anonymous said...

The alpaca/silk looks just luscious!! Handknit socks sound like pure heaven, I hope you'll give it a try so I can learn a thing or two.

Great job on the Dad socks. Enjoy the holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome socks! and for what my opinion matters, don't cut the hair......

Anonymous said...

hey I ate up some Honeybaked Turkey too today!!

Found you while doing a google search for Henry's attic. I'm in SF, and wish I could knit like you! That MOD throw is AMAZING!!!!! just luverly!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't comment earlier. I just realized that Bloglines isn't picking up your feed. It isn't picking up mine, either. :(

Lizard Ridge looks fantastic and the Boyfriend Socks, lovely as always. I rarely buy fiber, but when I do I usually only buy 4oz. I'm at a point in spinning (when I have time to spin) where I just want to spin it up as fast as I can, see what it looks like, and move on to a new color/fiber.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I complained directly to KFI about Noro knots before and this is what they said:

soapy said...

There is never too much Fiber! LOL
Alway's purchase more than you think you will need for a project..Just like yarn fiber does have a dye lot.

These amounts are estimates. Design, thickness of yarn, size will effect amounts.

To spin for a pair of socks 4 oz.

Average size adult vest 16 oz.

Average size adult sweater 24-32 oz.

For other styles, check your commercial pattern for yarn weight requirements and add 20%

soapy said...

that honey bakeed ham sounds so yummy! Making me hungry!!
Nice socks and you'll enjoy spinning the alpaca/silk I'm sure!

cauchy09 said...

Lovely cabled goodness here! I made the Celtic cap last year in SWTC Karaoke and it was a delight to knit up. Yours looks great. Those socks look like a blast... Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is beautiful! Lots of great projects!

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