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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

impromptu socktoberfest contest

i'm taking the easy way out. happy socktoberfest! :)



impromptu off the cuff copycat contest time. the same and different.

same: contribute to the world's longest poem at choka on it by adding a 7-5 couplet *that flows* from the one preceding yours (HOWTO: here, please read if its new to you), and copy/paste your couplet in the comments to *this* post. if in doubt, check out my past choka contests here and here for what i mean.

[edit, 11/04: as always, winners to be picked at random via :)]

different: i don't have the prize. YET. lately i've been on a total kick supporting my LYS article pract, so i can kill two birds with one stone... winner will give me an idea of preferred colors and i'll send them 2 skeins of koigu i'll pick out for them from AP's koigu stock on hand. (or, 2 skeins of ryc cashcotton, 2 skeins of lorna's laces shepherd sock, louet gems pearl, cascade sassy stripes, regia silk or regia bamboo or regular ol' regia... those are the ones i can remember off the top of my head.) whatever. sock stuff though-- its socktoberfest! i don't know the colorways offhand so you'll have to trust me (but winner is welcome/encouraged to give me an idea of their likes/dislikes and pray i don't embarrass myself.) i *may* get over there sooner and take a pic of the koigu they have (yeah, all kinds of crazy over here!)... not sure if its in the cards or not though so you may just have to trust me.

i'm planning on scooching over there not this weekend (*nothing* can touch this weekend), but next (going to check out some cashcotton 4-ply for anne's new MANlace pattern, meow!)... so let's say we'll run the little contest til november 10 (friday) in the early afternoonish.

really different: all yall who liked the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy yarn? bat f*cking crazy. (i can say that, its halloween yall!) you want it? you got it. in your comments when you add your couplet, tell me you want to be entered in a seperate draw for the H2G2 yarn as well (you'll be entered for the koigu, too), and i'll draw a name from that much smaller pool for the crazy person i'll inflict it upon. no setting it on fire if you win though, i can do that here. don't feel obligated to take it/throw yourself in the hat for it... believe me, i UNDERSTAND.

i'll spin up the second bit of roving to complete the set, good practice for me (great advice kristin)! i'd GUESS there'll be enough for a pair of socks with 2 skeins, but! there's a bunch of knots in the 1st skein (like, at least 6. seriously. i'd be super po'd if i had that many knots in a 50gm skein!) and will be some in the 2nd ;) ... remember its superwash, no spit splicing! it may take me a bit to wrestle the time together to spin up the second hank too, but i'll have it done sometime soon for the winner of that little offshoot.

okay! have at it! happy socktober, the best month ever.


Becky said...

Two more lines in the Choka:

You say it, it comes from you,
how can it be wrong?

I would like to be entered in the H2G2 drawing, too. Thanks for the Socktober contest.

BeanMama said...

I entered the Choka too!:

So wrong, I should be sleeping...
Instead, I knit socks

I pause, surf the internet
Seeking free patterns

(Ok, I tried to stop and change the last 7 syllable line 'cause I put an extra word in, but it was too late...)

KarenK said...

Here are my couplets:

Blinking, nodding, no sleeping,
Fingers on the mouse...

Knotted skein slow unwinding,
Raveled sleeve of care.

Sure, enter me in all the drawings you've got! Thanks for pointing to the Choka, fun.

Anonymous said...

Here's my contribution to the Choka:
Caring about the fire
Burning forever

I would also like to be entered in the H2G2 drawing. I bet your yarn (I like it!) would make wonderful socks for my two boys. I'm sure they wouldn't be misplaced in the Kindergarten - LOL!

You always have such fun contests :)

Malin said...

My addition to the Choka:

Forever coveting the
balls of Koigu yarn

I also like your H2G2 yarn, please enter me into the drawing.

PS. I just finished a pair of RPM socks. Thanks for a great pattern!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!

Here is my couplet (that I somehow posted twice! bah!):
So many things to covet
Sweet, yummy candy....

I would like to be entered for the H2g2 yarn please :) It is awesome and so cheerful!

Chris said...

Whatever you have going on contestwise, I'd love to play. :)

Here's what I just contributed to the Choka:

Coveted candy-like yarn
Knits sweet memories

Anonymous said...

Though I'd prefer to forget
Socks made for the ex...

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the drawing! I choka'd:

Post here I shall, lusting for
O hitchhiker mine

m. said...

Here's my contribution:

My needles clicking quickly
Holiday knits done

And I'd love to be entered in the H2G2 yarn drawing as well - Alison thinks it's the coolest yarn ever and 4-year-old's know everything. :)

Stacey said...

Happy Halloween!!

You are too funny - I did like the HGTG yarn - I think it may look neat knitted up (but then again, I am crazy!)

I, of course, entered also:
No Holiday Knits For Me
No Time To Do Them!

Roobeedoo said...

Two lines for the choka:

Forsake not lizard ridges
Kitchener my toes

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

My Choka contribution:

Patterns online we download
It's knit magic too

Yup, I love your homespun. Enter me in the H2G2 drawing also, okay? And any other drawing, hehe I would love to see how your homespun knits up. I'm wild about color!

smelk-o-matic said...

Here's my entry!:

For your toes, sometimes stinky,
Use Odor-Eaters.

Unknown said...

Mine is:

And magic is perfect now
for Halloween lurks.

And I'd love to be in the H2G2 drawing as well. Socks are allowed to be crazy. ;)

Jen said...

My couplet - no knitting reference, but it flowed from the last couplet posted:

There are just three types of prayer:
Praise, Thanks, and Help Me!

I'd love to be in the H2G2 drawing as well. I actually think that colorway is pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

At work, I read a web log.
Choka for sock yarn.

That was fun. I'd never heard of a Choka before!

Anonymous said...

Here is my choka:

A moon as big as this choka;
silence on Samhain.

And I would love to be entered into the H2G2 drawing as well!

Anonymous said...

Oops, commented with a previous version of my couplet.

Shh! At work, I read a blog.
Choka for sock yarn

sheep#100 said...

trek, knitter trek loves Koigu
Yarn in Socktober

Yeah, I liked the colorway, too.

knitspot anne said...

socktober comes with bare feet;
it leaves with wool ones

knitspot anne said...

at socktober's edge i stand
feet in orange leaves

Bertha said...

Wow, I just discovered this blog today and just in time for a contest!(I just bought some Schaefer Anne and I was googling for FO pics to see how it knits up...the red stockings you knit are incredible!)

Here is my couplet:

blogging about our sock yarn
embiggening stash

I'd also love to be entered in the hitchhiker yarn contest! When I scrolled down I was expecting something truly hideous but I think it's absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

The Choka was half about yarn and half about Internet stuff - so I wrote:

Socks and the Interweb both:
A series of tubes.

Remember, it's not a truck.
Knit on that a while!

Susan said...

I'm not sure where the flow was going. There was this:
meditation to the sound
of old thrift turned new

And I added:
Thus we are the recyclers
of fiber goodness

Unknown said...

I tried to add my lines, but I'm not sure they stuck... if not I'll add something in a bit. Here's what I wanted to add:

fiber stash, fiber optics
just give me my fix

I actually liked the Hitchiker's movie (not as much as the "trilogy") and I like the H2G2 yarn.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I'm in! Here's my couplet:

Fix this please! Oh please connect,
lovely internet.

laurie in maine said...

Well of course I'd love to choka.
Submission failure not withstanding my first few attempts :)

Tried to build off this:

(Disaster! Wrote five pages
Now my Mac won't boot!)

3 Choka's later mine went through:

Just hate it when that happens
Heel on her boot broke?

I ended up a little late with my punch line? ;)

H2G2 drawing as well? Oh, YES!!

Em said...

I choka'd! For the first time, too!

"A party is in order
Where's my confetti?"

I'd like to be entered in the H2G2 drawing as well. :)

Thanks bunches for this fun contest!

pegerella said...

Here's mine!

Yes, to sleep, perchance to dream
Shakespeare on caffeine

In lieu of bed or soft couch,
Brewed caffeine will do

Hurrah for Choka!

Kate A. said...

I'd love the Hitchhiker's yarn, but I suck at poetry. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Here's my Choka bit, which followed "Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam
Sam Sam Kantonen"

An attack of the ego?
I don't know you, Sam.

I'd love to be entered in the H2G2 drawing too. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I left one! Thanks for the contest!

Sam is all of us, you see
Do you know yourself?


Sherry W said...

Here's my Choka:

Sam I am, or Sam am not
Still is poem spam

ikkinlala said...

I just added:

"Whichever one you choose, I
Hope it works for you."

Not the most interesting couplet, but what else can I say when it comes to medicine?

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