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Monday, September 25, 2006

radar: off

No updates for a bit, my cpu fan has died and I'm sure I'll be able to fix it, but not soon-soon (its only been 4+ days? and I logged into bloglines for the first time since to find, wait for it, 1348 unread posts??! I hate to tell yall but I marked all as read, I'll need to just be out of the loop for a while! Someone send me some juicy gossip when I get back-- even though I already heard about the tilli tomas pure and simple at sarah's yarns for $20! I think it may work for Tamarah from the latest Knitty, think I'll need 2 skeins? What a score if not, even if I used KSH for the mohair/silk.) :)

In the meantime, go on and help Alyson find a perfect sock, lace and/or one skein pattern for her burgeoning stash. She's giving some of it away, even though I don't think you can really have too much sock yarn, can you? :) She's giving you til the 27th (yeah! soon!)

Also, if you've knit a project using a vintage pattern, help a purrl out and send her some pics! She's looking for non-published shots of handknit projects knit from og patterns, and is throwing around some yarny goodness for the best one. Her deadline's just a little later, friday the 29th.

And... by the time I get back, you may have been able to knit some booties or a baby sweater, so why not knit some for Kristi's *triplets*??! (can you imagine?? eeeee!!) Kelli and Sarah have teamed up (in this day and age, blogged up?) to "warm up the dutchicans" and get a bunch of handknits to the incubating darlings (did i mention, three?? at the same time??!!)... and they're even making a contest of it, with entries for each handknit you send in to be forwarded on that can win you some rad knitting stuff.

Hope to come back with some finished boyfriend pics, and a preview of my "orange october" projects (i'm only knitting projects with orange in them for my birthday month, all new projects too!) before the first! :)

ttys, no comments needed!


Jenny Raye said...

Oh no!!! I'm just getting back online and one of my favorite reads is going offline!!! Hurry back Aija!!!!

HPNY KNITS said...

we'll miss ya'! technology, once we get used to it, we just seem to depend on it. I achieved lots and lots when I decided once to not turn the computer on. I think I'll try it again this coming weekend as an act of solidarity!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, bummer! Hope you get all fixed up pretty soon!

BTW, I recieved the package of easter egg dye yesterday. Thank you so much! Now my yarn won't be naked anymore. lol

Anonymous said...

we'll miss you til your fan is working! Thanks for keeping in touch even though your computer is on the fritz.

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