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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Summer Knitty! And a sock lovers contest!!

Yay! Summer Knitty 2006 is out, and I have a pattern in it! Yes, your very own cyclone ranger* and her feet are there, check it out!


(I know I should be all nonchalant, but hey, forgive me... reason will not lead to solution today!)

I've been super lucky not only in having my pattern published by Knitty, but also in winning yarn around the blogosphere left and right and upsidedown, and want to hold one of my own cold beverages to celebrate. Fingertips have memories, so why can't I?

Prizes first, right? Right.
(No neighbors complaining about the noises above now, eh?)

First, a skein of Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Marbles. I love this color, I may order it again soon but for now, hoist up the John B's sail cos, it wants to come home to you!

Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Medium Weight
380 yd, 5.5 oz
Marbles colorway

Number two, two, two for my family... a honkin 8 oz skein of Merino Worsted Superwash wool from Interlacements. Bang a gong with some worsted socks for you and your loved one(s)! Or a scarf, or a castle and a keep... Pretend its not a cruel summer outside; just dreams daylight and 365 degrees :)

Interlacements Merino Worsted
100% superwash merino
560 yd/8 oz
Chairman of the Board colorway 217

Third, third, third is the word... some of the new Interlacements Tiny Toes yarn. No summer of 69 required, only a rush and a push and these tiny skeins can be yours! They need to be back in the arms of a good friend, help em out and make em yours :)

Interlacements Tiny Toes
100% machine washable merino wool
185 yd/50 gm -- 2 skeins (for yall with 3 feet, sorry!)
Stained Glass colorway, 218

And the coup de grâce.
...Ask me, I won't say no, how could I?

Positively fourth. This one is so very special, like double cherry pie... special to me since every one of you who reads my blog is special. (Really.) Keep on truckin down the page and you'll see what I mean.

July 5 afternoon, edit to add pics:



Holz & Stein double pointed needles, Ebony
direct from deutchland!
set of 5
2.5mm (US 1.5), 18 cm (approx. 7")

Yes. THOSE needles. The ones made of wood from reclaimed musical instruments, aka high quality beautiful black matte ebony wood? The ones Wendy calls her favorite needles for doing fair isle on (okay, on circulars... but this *is* sock pr0n yall!)? The ones that are pretty gosh darn hard to find in the good ol' USofA? Ja y ja y ja. They're in no shape for driving, bring them home to hang out behind your unlocked doors!


"Okay, how can I win??!"
...Captivity required from us a song...

I'm going to go my 21st century digital girl route and recycle my Choka on It contest from last time :) They turned night into day and welcomed us back with open arms and everything (week 12)! For those of you who haven't played before, a cut and paste from my previous contest's post:

" To make the contest something more than a comment cattle call and something kinda fun, go contribute to the world's longest poem at and afterwards, come back here & copy/paste your 2 line couplet you've submitted IN THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST. (Please read about how to contribute to the world's longest poem here first...) No yarn - sock - knitting references required or even encouraged, just your 7-5 that goes with the flow of the poem already in progress. "

Now, I WILL ASK (please, if this is all you read, read this), PLEASE write a couplet that FLOWS from the existing poem. You are *NOT* SUPPOSED TO WRITE YOUR OWN, STANDALONE COUPLET. They're supposed to flow from the previously posted couplet, the last one you'll see above when submitting your own. You're adding to a work in progress, *not* writing your own! And you DON'T have to force knitting into it, kay? (Repetition, the only thing I can do.) Please don't irk me, you won't like me when I'm irked... the words I know are all obscene.

About the needles!

Now, what was I saying about special needles for special peoples? :) First off, I love this blog. I really enjoy it-- writing, interacting, sharing with yall. Everybody who leaves me comments and drop me emails are solar supermen, my wonderwall fo sho. It has unexpectedly become a very big drive behind my knitting and in a way, writing and expression. All of you who read along with my too-long posts are the ones who make it possible, who egg me on and keep me rolling in my 5.0. I read everybody's comments when they come in and really dig them along with everyone who takes the time to write me a little blurb about whatever I may be spouting off about on those demon days. I even keep stock (with a tick tock rhythm) of them thru gmail (gosh darn it, I love me do some google sometimes...). I was reading a few in my comments folder and came up with an idea to thank yall for brightening my day and welcoming me into your community...

Its my party and I'll 1999 if I want to-- only those people who have left me a comment previous to this date and leave me a couplet comment in this post will be entered to win the Holz & Stein needles-- a special thank you for everyone who's hung out with me this far. Essentially, yall will be entered into 2 contests-- one for the yarn and one for the needles. You could ostensibly win yarn and needles, but the odds of that are like, math.

And if you're new here and haven't written me a comment before? Don't shed no tears! They can have their diamonds, we'll have our pearls ;) Stick around for joy, oscillate wildly with your hair slicked back and all that jazz... you can still win some rockin yarn just by submitting a couplet.

Sounds good? Good.

Boring details...
1) Winners will be picked at random, so don't sweat the technique. Only those who submit a couplet in the comments will be added to the draw.
2) One entry per person, though you're welcome to keep punching your card and cut loose over there. One comment/couplet is all that's needed if you're a returning commenter in order to win the Holz & Stein needles.
3) I will run the contest til July 23, 2006 so, you have til then to submit your couplet and come back here and post it in the comments to this post.
4) Now if I called you up, do you think you could go spread the word (you'll be free)? Could you blog about my little contest, post about it, use some of that strange magic and tell your friends to come play too-- how many of yall have them? :)

Okay, thats enough begging on bended knee for now.

Have fun, and thanks for making this so fun for me...

rpmFLAP1 rpmSHORT42

*psyched lone ranger isn't cool enough for me!


Coleen said...

Look at you with the Knitty pattern! So cool! Many congrats. And I love the pattern!

PBnJ said...

Congratulations!!! Good for you! Those socks are so beautiful! I love to see the things you make.

Here's my choka (I was replying to Alpha Duck, lol)

Oh yes I do enjoy it.
Nice to see you Duck!

Thanks for holding this contest - that's so sweet and fun of you!! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I love rpm and already started knitting it... a few days ago. Heeheehee.

I was so wishing you'd put some of those Smiths records up for prizes. But I don't even have a record player, so I don't know why.

Oscillate wildly! Love it!

lexa said...

Love the sock pattern! I have to go look at the rest of Knitty now! Saw yours and didn't even check the rest out yet. Gonna order some STR next week, will have to get some for your pattern.

I will be back (hopefully) with a few lines for the contest!

Stacey said...

Congrats again! I got hubby's approval so I plan on starting on them this week on vacation! Speaking of that, here is my entry pulling off the July 4th theme they had going

Summer is going quickly
Start vacation now!

Coleen said...

Here's my contribution!

paraphrase a pair of socks.
I knit one, purl two

Jenna said...

Ooooh! I saw that pattern just now (but didn't look at the name, silly me) and I love it! So great to have a pattern that's well-suited to all the variegated sock yarn I have.

Here's my couplet:
"Try not to waste sunny days
reading blogs inside"
Never claimed to be a poet ;)

Jen said...

Congrats on the new knitty pattern! It looks great, and yes, I've been looking for something that works with handpainted yarns. Thanks so much. Can't talk now... gotta go knit!

Liz K. said...

AAAAHHHHHHHH! Awesome pattern! Congratulations on your new pattern in Knitty!

Liz K. said...

And here's my couplet:

Some people knit with cotton
when it's summertime.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! The pattern looks awesome - looking forwrd to giving it a try!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the Knitty pattern - the socks looks great!!

The knitty future's so bright
we've got to wear shades

dsb said...

What an awesome way to delurk! Enter myself in a sock yarn contest! :)

My addition to the choka was this:

Of course, I like to sip tea
and knit while I blog

Thanks for having this contest! I'll be sure to comment more now, lol.

Vik said...

Congratulations on the knitty pattern, I can't wait to try it out! Hopefully I'll be back with a couplet for that poem...

lexa said...

I'm not very good at this sorta thing, but here goes:

Whether I be writing mine
Or browsing others

Contest entry! Woo hoo! (I never win anything, but it's fun to play anyways!)

Keep looking at your pattern! I even e-mail Blue Moon to order some STR!

Karen said...

Hey that is awesome you are in Knitty!! Way. To. Go! I really like the pattern too and will try it out soon. Congratulations!

Jenny Raye said...

How cool is that!?! A pattern in Knitty!!!! Woooo Hooooo! Congrats!

April said...

oh super duper congratulations on your knitty pattern! and a super duper thank you for providing me with the PERFECT pattern for my Sundara yarn. oh happy day!

sock on, girlie.

Alyson said...

Hee....what fun.

"I won't write about knitting
Just to prove a point"

Tara said...

Congrats! I came by after recognizing your name on the Knitty pattern and here you are giving away things!
Here's my couplet:
While laughing at the Harlot
I don't need no sleep
(it's right after Ruby's, so it does flow!
Congrats again!

Alyssa said...

A rush and a push...the song references are a delight and when I saw the Smiths - well, you are just the best!

Here's my silly couplet - I did not mean for it to be about socks or knitting, but obviously that's all I think about:)

Two pointed needles do help
one's sock knitting grow

Obviously I should have put "four" not "two," but I figure you only use two needles if it's 2 circs or you are kitchenering (yes, that's a verb).

Love your Knitty pattern - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pattern, great socks! Love The Smiths, I knew you were a kindred spirit.

Here's my couplet:

Don't forget to stash enhance
Skeins get lonely too

Great contest!

sheep#100 said...

I came over to tell you congrats on the Knitty pattern - didn't know you were doing the contest thing. And as I SO want to try some Holz und Steins....

A lonely mailbox
That is what I have - send yarn.

adrienne said...

Congratulations again! (I was so excited to see which socks were yours, I looked at Knitty at work! Oh no!)
I wrote a couplet in response to trek:

Send yarn, flowers, or candy
To brighten the day.

Dave said...

Love the socks -- well done! Wonderful stitch pattern, and I'm very impressed with the range of sizes and the choice of heels and toes. Definitely on my to-do list :-)

My entry:

"King Gesar? King Geezer? Wait.
No king shall pass by."

Anonymous said...

Gratz on making it into Knitty :) I love the pattern, and can't wait to try it! I have just the yarn, one I dyed myself...

cpurl17 said...

Congratulations on the super cool sock pattern on Knitty.

The couplet entry before me was:
"Mongolian Bar-B-Q
My dinner tonight."

My entry:
"And for dessert, cherry pie
After, I will knit"

Valerie Polichar said...

I added...

While, at my fingertips, keys
to words and wonder

The previous person was talking about wine and cats, and the focus is supposed to be the Internet, so I was thinking about an evening spent surfing on my laptop while petting my cat :-)

Congrats on the Knitty pub!

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea for a contest! Here are my lines:

"Knitting socks, I surf and read
Blogs about knitting"

Chris said...

Congrats! I was admiring that pattern and then recognized your name. Woo-hoo!!

Here's my choka - I was replying to Jennifer/Craftlilly:

Spying cookies don't taste good
Clogging computers

turtlegirl76 said...

Holy crap - those are yours? I printed them off to quickly to look close enough at the designer. Congratulations!

Becky in Iowa :O) said...

I just wanted to say that I think you are a total hoot. hehehe

I absolutely love your rpm socks. They are definately on my list of things to do.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the Knitty pattern! I love it and have lots of yarn that would look fabulous using it.

Here's my choka:

Besides pie, cookies are sweet
Unless as spyware

Bridget said...

Congratulations on having your pattern published - and to go with handpainted yarn, is something I really appreciate.

Here is my submission. Sorry only loosely related but I read the directions to the site and posted and then saw you said it had to relate more directly. Just got way to excited to see another Smiths fan out there so...

The Smith's asked, how soon is now?
I start new pattern.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your pattern published!

soapy said...

HORRAY! Congrats! Love the pattern it's AWESOME! Great JOB!!
Contest sounds fun! Never done anything like it!Keep up the great work!

not sure what to do!
But doing it!

Becky said...

Muchas congratulations on beautiful pattern. What a fun celebration!

Thyme grows wylde in my garden
Time slows to nothing.

Knittymama said...

Your pattern turned out great! I can't wait to try it.

Here's my choka, what a great idea!

Nothing but summer's quiet
and baby sleeping on my lap.

Chrissy said...

Congrats on the pattern! I was going to say more but all your pics have me drooling!

Lou Schiela said...

Love the sock pattern! Congrats for having it published in Knitty. Great contest idea. Here is my entry (and the preceding two entries.)

Thyme grows wylde in my garden
Time slows to nothing.

Nothing but summer's quiet
and baby sleeping on my lap.

Baby is growing older
Time is flying fast.

Unknown said...

my couplet is

"And await it shall longer,
it is bedtime now."

Anonymous said...

~Soft light of late afternoon
Filtered through the leaves~

I feel so...literary writing a quatrain or a sonnet or a comment.

Incredible pattern and congratulations! There's a skein of STR in my stash with this pattern's name on it.

I lurk more than comment. I apologize and will take a moment to type what I'm thinking...

Thanks for the link to the Choka...I spent a bit of time reading it and reading about it. How cool!

Val said...

Must. Have. Wool.

If writing poor prose is the cost, so be it:

Arise at oh-five-hundred;
Check email. Addict.

b1-66er said...

thanks for the choka bump.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the publication of your pattern! I was intrigued by it the moment I saw it; I am already debating which part of my stash to use!

I couldn't resist entering the contest:

Can't sleep, too busy typing...
Is this blogworthy?

Thanks to Trek for cluing me in!

Lindsey said...

Just found your blog through Knitty. Love the sock pattern!

Here's my couplet:

Too sleepy to make much sense,
Why do I waste time?

Now I'm going to go and check out the rest of your blog entries and ogle all your finished socks.

laurie in maine said...

Have lurked for a bit...finally said what the hell and added 2 lines! They follow the time theme from 3 or 4 before it plus connected to the comment ahead of me. :)

Internet connection so slow...
Knit three rows waiting.

Couldn't resist a knitting ref...but it's really what I do when waiting for a download to finish or a slow connection.

hillary said...

I loved this entry - so full of the lyric I know so well. Choka-ing was so much fun. Here's my entry.

Please say the weekend is near,
I crave knitting time!

Sadly, it's not terribly imaginative.

hillary said...

I almost forgot to say that I really love the Knitty pattern and I'll definitely add it to my "to do" list.

Midnight Purls said...

Congrats on the pattern! I was already eyeing it up, but now that I know it's yours I'll add it to my to knit list!

knottygnome said...

i am trying to pick which yarn i want to use for your pattern. congrats!

here's my contest entry:

fear not, o knitting buddy
the weekend is nigh

Yvonne said...

O, great Choka, hear my cry!
Please let me win yarn!

Lisathemom said...

Congrats! I love the pattern! I'll knit them and lose them to the teenage-girl-blackhole-bedroom-handknitted-sock-eater, but it will be fun while I knit!

Yarn hiding in many nooks
Waiting to be socks

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pattern and thanks for the contest. That was a lot of fun!

knitting safe and warm at home
waiting for the cold

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sock pattern publication! They're fabulous. Love 'em.

I'll be sure to post a link to your contest on my blog. Looks like a fun one!

Suzie said...

I love RPM--I have a couple of hanks of STR med and I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them!

and here's my couplet just for fun:

knit one purl one I just can't stop
how will it end now?


kitkatknit said...

Oh those needles look extra yummy!! Congratulations on the Knitty Pattern.

Here is the couplet I submitted:
White geese swim in clouded ponds,
birds overhead fly

Ruth said...

Great pattern ... congratulations on being published!

Here's my contribution:

As days are stitched together
and life saunters on

Anonymous said...

indeed, but what does anon
ye mean, anyway?

bleargh, a very lame addition to the thing. ah well.

Anonymous said...

Oop, forgot my URL!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pattern! I love seeing your sockpron!

Here's my choka:

Is now the time to move on?
Leave blue screens behind.

Your blog is really inspirational -- I love your writing and your knitting.


Anonymous said...

Blue screens are the one true bane
Of computer life.

Trillian42 said...

I was sitting here printing out some patterns from the new Knitty, and I saw your comment on my blog. As I was printing "rpm", I thought "Hmm... I wonder if that is the same Aija..." So I popped over here to see, and lo and behold!

Anyway, I LOVE the pattern, and I am (interestingly enough) thinking of using the CTH for it!

Heather said...

a poem spiraling out of control goes great with spirally sox!
my couplet:
Lil Red won't get anything done,
if the yarn isn't wound

Unknown said...

My couplet:

Winding, spinning, breathing, it
stretches toward us

Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the pattern !!
I printed it out and have it waiting for the perfect yarn !!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I choka'ed:

Luckily my foot is snug
In a handknit sock

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your pattern published! :) It's a great design & I can't wait to knit it.

To keep up with my wierd poetry theme, here's my contribution to the choka:

Other things without thumbs: zebras, goats
Seals, hippos, emus, snakes, tigers.

laurie in maine said...

Well I seem to be addicted to the Choka site! Have now done 3 or 4 and after reading the Wall of Fame/Shame I'm not sure which would be easier to get onto to but perhaps I'll try for fame :) Yes, I confess I worked a tribute to Frank Zappa & my blog name into couplets! (If the sock fits?) lol

SOCKS HAVE NO THUMBS ... but zebras & goats have too many syllables :)

Wendy Merganser said...

I stumbled over here from Knitty and wow! Cool music AND sock yarn?! I'm in heaven.

Here's my contribution: (it only makes sense when read with the ones above it I guess).

Like the computer cables.
My foot's caught again

Anonymous said...

Here is my contribution;

Today's topic is Knitty
Google Knitty now

Your socks are awesome!

Jofrog said...

Ooh, that was my favorite pattern in the new knitty. Definitely a pair in my future. Congratulations!

Jeanne said...

Congrats on the Knitty pattern! I already downloaded it and was looking through the stash for the perfect yarn for it!

Susan said...

Congrats on the pattern! All your socks are great. Here's my choka:

Fingers fell off? That's just fine
Make fingerless mitts

Vanessa said...

and in response to Susan's couplet, mine is:

or if mitts are not your thing
surf a new pattern!

Congrats on the Knitty pattern!


Reb said...

You rock!

Count me in (7 times or 5?):
Sock it to me, baby mine
DPNs divine!

(yeah, yeah, but this sockiness actually flows!)

Anonymous said...

I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record. Oh yeah? Here's my contribution. It's Saturday morning. I didn't sleep. I'm a tad snarky.I promise to go back and try to be more poetic later. lol. Anyway, here ya go:

"Rhyming is against the rules.
Go back to the start."

Anonymous said...

Darn! I should read alllll the other comments before I post. If I did that, I would know that there are at least TWO other "beckys" leaving comments. So from now on. I will be beckyboo.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Becky [beckyboo]was just before me on the choka and said:
"Rhyming is against the rules
go back to the start."

and my couplet is:

"Put a circular spin in
and surf on home now."

BTW, congrats on the patttern ... I love it!

math4knitters said...

My choka:
I use five doubles for my
fine fat fast firm hat

HPNY KNITS said...

congrats on the pattern! I LOVE the socks, fantanstic!!

Anonymous said...

o duck flying overhead
gaze on wedding lace?

congrats aija on the socks!! this post was so fun! can you share the information for purchasing those needles? i am an ebony addict; i knit my KWC shawl on them.

Knittypants said...

Congratulations on your Knitty pattern! So exciting, although not surprising you have such talent and your socks are always amazing.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Goody for you and your AWESOME published pattern!!!

You are a contest guru. Here's my attempt at flowing from the previous couplet:

wireless fibers connect
winged lovers below

JanetK said...

Lovely sock patterns. Now I know what to knit with my STR, besides ribbed socks.

Here are my three lame couplets. It is quite late and my brain counted 6 as 7 on the first one. My lines got worse as I rambled on too. (sigh) What to do?

Open up the whole world
to silent lurkers

giving voice to emotions
once expressed in yarn

now we applaud the efforts
of unknown knitters

This looks like a fun contest. I like the "skill test".

Teri.p said...

I love RPM; what a great sock!

my choka

You can google knitting blogs
no longer unknown

Anushka said...

Lovely socks!

Here's my choka:

Yet despite this, on my blog
My socks are unread

Anonymous said...

Hooray for new socks!

Unread, resting in the void
not unloved, but waiting

Anonymous said...


Apparently, I can't count
Back to school I go

monica said...

Congrats on the Knitty sock pattern, how cool!

monica said...

Oops forgot to copy my contribution to the choka

Shopping happily I go
More knitting time soon

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool! I'm a first time visiter, sent here by my friend Becky. Here's my pathethic couplet, following one about ruined ambitions...

Ambitions knit together
provide warmth to toes

Looking forward to seeing more of your blog (and your pattern)!

Anonymous said...

I just popped over because I love your new knitty pattern and always check to see if the designers have even cooler things on their blogs, and I just can't resist writing a couplet since I haven't seen that fabulous site before.

Here is my choka!

the light of winter morning
makes up for the chill

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I'm not eligible for the needles as I've only just found your blog - by googling for Holz & Stein needles! So you can tell I really want some! Please, please can you tell me where to buy them? Were they from Germany? (I'm in the UK.)

Here goes with a couplet:

Round and round, knitting's fine -
But so much better with Holz and Stein!

I like your sock pattern too!

Hockey Mom said...

Great pattern. Cannot wait to start them.

Here's my choka contribution:

The glow of the computer
brings friendship anew

MissLucy said...

congratulations on the knitty pattern!!!

Sonya said...

Congrats on your Knitty pattern! So exciting! And the socks look really puffy, comfy and soft. You know they're on my to-do list now.

Jorun said...

My choka lines:

full spectrum sunshine crash course
my virtual bliss explodes

I really like your socks, I'll see if I have some suitable yarn in the boxes. (We're moving)

Anonymous said...

"A song to sing off and about,
driving all alone."

not about yarn, but it flowes with the choka!

fantastic yarn! and great pattern!

Rachel said...

I loved this post. Very clever! I did two couplets. One in which I reveal that I can either write poetry or count, but not both. The second where I realize my non-counting skills have foiled me again:

The song fills the air full of
off-key notes and still I smile

but then I remember the
rule 7-5. Shame.

Sorka said...

no ducks out riding Hondas
Hondas in the pond

Love the choka!!Denise

Anonymous said...

The ducks are knitting socks now
Zen surrounds the pond

Anonymous said...

So much at one's fingertips;
How to surf AND knit?

Lisa K.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so much for the Choka couplet, after lurking for so long, I just have to say congrats on the Knitty pattern. It's fabulous and I've already cast on for these!

Lisa K.

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Here's my Choka--this is fun!

Who could know the Web would lead
Here, so creative!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations on getting your pattern published in Knitty! You must be chuffed to bits. It's a fabulous pattern too!

Anonymous said...

My Choka couplet:
I'm nervous to contribute
But I want the yarn

Your sock pattern is beautiful - I can't wait to try it.

Lana said...

What a fun contest! My contributions are:
The day is even better
If I win some yarn

I crave yarn stash enhancement
Via internet

Congrats on being selected by Knitty. Lovely socks!!!

Anonymous said...

this was my submission...

Stash enhancement, Holtz and Stein
Like crack for knitters

LOVE your stash photos and your sock pattern! Gonna have to order some of that SEXY HOT sock yarn!

thanks for the contest!



Anonymous said...

Love your RPM socks! Thank you for the pattern!

Here´s my choka:

Anywhere? To World Wide Web?
We can all go there.

Love contests :)

Ducktastic said...

Here's my addition to the choka:

needles are much better used
to make lovely socks

Okay, so it is knitting related, I'm a dork - what can I say?

Penny Karma, aka the F-Bomb Mom said...

and to think like Elmer Fudd,
Wear angora pants.

Rachel said...

my first comment on your blog, and all for the love of potential yarn winnings...

here's my couplet

angora bun so goofy
fluff tickles my neck

(thanks for your comment on my sock post so i could find you!)

Heather said...

Um, I always thought it was cyclone ranger, too...

Here's my couplet (and I feel like an idjit, but I can't remember if I've commented to you before...I *think* I have, but then, I've got mommy brain, so who freaking knows...)

sticky papers on big trucks
rag the president

I'm CelticCoyote on there & the knittyboards. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pattern! that is too cool. I really like it - it's next on my sock needles!

Here's my chokas (although it's addictive - I may well be back!):

like the Snuffleufagus,
furry, elusive,

time management evades me.
I blame the Choka.

Yarn and blogs tempt me at work

Who needs work? I'd rather read
Sock Pr0n and knit more.

Panda said...

I could knit here at my desk,
Hiding yarn in drawer.

(I didn't try to make a knitting reference; someone before me already had!)

Karen said...

Here's mine:

Angora tickles my nose,
And so I scratch it.

gretchen said...

My fave pattern this Kintty - congrats!

Get me where I must be now:
With or without shoes

hillary said...

The pattern and the contest are equally cool. I've Choka'd 3 times. I must stop now! Here's one of them:

Please say the weekend is near,
I crave knitting time!

Birdsong said...

Wow, you are a superwoman author, getting a pattern published on Knitty. I just found you through Trek Along, and love your attitude about blogging inspring knitting and writing. Also glad to get turned onto the Choka process - here's mine:
A java of another
sort - iced today please

Sherry W said...

How fun! Coming off birdsong's...

A lot of caffine for me
makes sherry hyper!

jenknits said...

Too cool. I love poetry. Unfortunately, the topic had moved to spiders. This is my contribution:

This mom does not touch spiders,
better get your Dad.

Jen said...

And my couplet was:

Rain soaks my yarn and I squeal
Hurry! Dry it out!

I liked your sock pattern better than any of the others in Knitty this time - congrats!

Lanea said...

What a cool idea for a contest! I found your site via your awesome sock pattern.
I know I'm late to the party, but here is what I added:
Poetry, the muse's gift,
illuminates all

karrie said...

I had to read your post like 4 times before I realized that i can enter even though I have never commented before!

Here is my couplet
'heat commands your frizzy hair
surrender. it's wild'

And i couldn't help but notice that 'yarn' has been mentioned enough times to show up in the tag cloud :)

Anonymous said...

I love knitting socks toe-up...I need to get my mind around converting cuff-down patterns to fit my desire to knit this way:)
My contribution to choka
"A Pi shawl for all. Round like the sun."

Alliesw said...

Love the yarn pics and your blog (a little sweet talk can't hurt!) Here's my couplet:
and then to walk it all off
in crocs oh so blue

Eileen said...

Wow! Congrats to Knitty for getting to publish your feet! (and congrats to you for the cool pattern)

I've never had (or seen in person) Socks That Rock yarn, so obviously I have to go for it. I did two couplets in response to the two above mine... here's the two from Mock Turtle, and then mine (it's an astronomy/physics joke):

Mock Turtle:

Heat so swirly, sun oblate
Gaseous curve, SOHO

Dark dead heart of the Turtle
Shell draws me inside

ravensegg (that's me):

Silly for you to maintain
that Science is All

It's Turtles all the way down
so Get Off My Back

Anonymous said...

Here's my chocka:

I will go where I want to
And do what I want

Thanks for the contest

Anonymous said...

The Choka topic is currently turtles:
See a tortoise on its back
baking in the sun

Does Sock Pr0n know the reference?

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for pointing me towards something so fun!

My entry:

Tricky mind games hearts adore
Compare passive thoughts

Thanks again!

Liz said...

all this talk of love and games
makes me yearn for youth

craftygirl said...

the fountain of youth exists
follow your instincts

Anonymous said...

it leads me out to the sea
water, fish and me

Susan (ZenKnit) said...

Here's my contribution:

sitting quietly by the
warmly glowing box

Anonymous said...

first, knitting, now, spinning wheel -
double crack-tastic!

Now the dust bunnies roam free
Commingling with wool.

I spin and knit all day long
(when no one's looking)

ikkinlala said...

Here's my couplet, in response to the dust bunny one (which was the last one on the poem):

"They hide behind furniture
Waiting for their chance..."

Heather Joins the Round said...

Awesome pattern- I'm so making those socks!

Here's my couplet:

I thought I might like to, but
now I don't think so.

It expresses the self-doubt I sometimes feel when the yarn seems nicer than my skills.

Greetings from Utah, where it's fairly warm today

webhill said...

My couplet, if it isn't too late on the 23rd to enter (and if it is, well, oh well :)):

So instead, I am knitting
at night with my friends

tapmouse said...

So I misssed out on this contest, since I only read someone's post over at the STR KAL today! Waaah...

Thought I'd post anyway, since I was so thrilled to see your pattern using STR! Love seeing new patterns that use STR so I don't have to use my own brain to try and figure out what will work!

Thanks so much for a wonderful pattern which I hope to knit up in the near future!

Tracey, in MI said...

A/C Man is dead? explains my Intense Heat Dread

My couplet- random but it FLOWED;)

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