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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sunburst sling bag, back in the arms of a good friend

I've not started a new pair of socks! ::gasp::

I just have been mindlessly putting in a few rows into the Opal socks (still haven't finished the cuff!), and decided to finish up an old project-- the Sunburst Sling Bag from Just One More Row in Sari Silk.


I need to finish up the center bit (pulling the "valley" taut) and make a strap for it. (Oh, and seam it up!) The pattern calls for either a 3 st knitted I-cord strap and sewing the body pieces together as is, or for a wide 7 st long ridged strap/giant loop (like the body pieces) that the body is sewn onto. I'm going to go for the long loop, just b/c the weight of this bag is already pretty heavy and I don't see my shoulder being too happy trying to support it on a 3 st i-cord... I originally thought I'd make this bag's strap long (like the rest of the bags I have around that are usually just converted into diaper/toy hauling bags) but I will keep it shortish, I think.

I also want to still use some fusible interfacing to line the bag with... but I know nothing about it. My general conception is that it is an iron-on lining that will help give the fabric some stability. I know nothing about sewing and I really think this bag will do best with some sort of lining, but am a little nervous. I don't even know if I can buy it locally (I have a Joanns and a Michaels, maybe could hunt down a fabric store?), I worry it won't "fuse" to this "sari silk" and I also worry it may distort/melt the fabric... (I do plan on testing it before going all out!) :) Any advice on fusible interfacing out there? Brands, tips? :)


The sari silk is also still super hairy. You can barely make out the garter ridges from amidst all the fluff (and it confuses the crap out of my camera, too!) I bought this from Yarn Place at the Knit and Crochet Show in Oakland this past April and have to say I can't recommend it b/c of the hairiness... I've seen other sari silks knit up but none were like this. The "silk" also feels like rayon/poly too-- though its marked "silk" I don't really know if it is or not. I'm planning on taking a pair of scissors & trim some of the bushman down on both sides (with a dustbuster in hand to clean up!); if I don't I think it will make the interfacing even hard to get to stay on.

I really do like the pattern though. I finished one side in about 2 days or so... may be a good knit for some hemp/wool I have, or some orange banana silk! Nuts, I don't even carry bags :)

Even though I haven't been knitting any new socks, it doesn't mean I haven't eyed a few new *free* patterns up and down...

° Prachi has a sweet "cloverleaf" sock pattern (PDF!!) she's shared... and I particularly like that she reworked it so that the swirls of cloverleafs mirror one another. What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry, I ask you!*

° Marie has an equally beauteous Daisies sock pattern, for which I apparently have scads of Anne to knit it in :)

Any new sock patterns catch your eye lately?

* I have to try and use some of the Blake sometimes! Otherwise it'd just be Barney and Gumby quotes around these parts :)


Alyssa said...

That is too funny - I just printed out that Daisy sock pattern yesterday:) It's adorable.

Stacey said...

Interesting bag - I can't belive how hairy it is though!

I've still been trying to weed through all my purchased sock patterns and books (just got KOTR!) let alone freebies, though the daisy ones are too cute!

insaknitty said...

I agree that the bag is looking rather hairy - it's a really cute pattern tho! I've never worked with interfacing, but I think it's meant to be ironed onto fabric - knitted fabric might be too holey for it to iron flat... maybe you can make a lining out of fabric with interfacing for it and sew it in? that's a lot more work tho... :P

and here's a pattern I came across last week that I was kind of smitten by:

lexa said...

I was wondering what was happening with your sari silk bag! I've seen sari silk places before, too, but none that hairy!

Thanks for the links to the new sock patterns. They're nice! Must print them off for the "to do" pile!

Knittypants said...

I had forgot about your bag, you're so close to finished now. It is hairy, but in a cute way, can't wait to see it finished.

PBnJ said...

I have no idea about the interfacing with your silk. sorry :( How about hand-sewing a fabric liner instead? LOL about the Barney and Gumby quotes! Sounds like my house! (I have six kids :p)

Rachel said...

You can get some stiff sew-in interfacing, baste it to the bag and then sew in the lining. That would probably be more stable than a fusible interfacing which probably wouldn't work. You could also line it with cardboard or plastic canvas.

Good luck!

Zonda said...

That is really nice. The hairiness would drive me nuts too. What Rachel said is perfect, I'll have to remember that!

Good luck! :)

Roo-Bee-Faye said...

I love bags, but I do think the hairyness would drive my OCD up the wall! LOL! The colors of the bag are fab though! As usual, another great read from the sock
p--n gal!

Rain said...

It's gorgeous so far. The yarn is so pretty with all the different colours in it.

Annie said...

So making those daisy socks, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

I agree on the hairyness of the bag, but it looks like an interesting shape taking form.

I know a tiny bit about interfacing--I've used some iron-on stuff that fuses to fabric--but I think it would definitely melt the yarn. Email me if you think I can be any help.

Thanks for pointing me to some great new sock patterns, lovin' the daisies.

Melissa said...

What, no socks!?! LOL! I must be at the wrong blog!
Cool bag!

Allison said...

HOLY CRAP!!! You should really put some kind of parental warning at the top there. 'Sock Porn' doesn't even begin to cover what I saw when I scrolled down. My eyes are burning!

Love the bag, but I've been scared to try sari silk because of what I've heard about it's unpredictability. Maybe that's part of it's charm?

Chris said...

Sari sunburst sasquatch bags?!

I have scads of Anne, too... Hmm....

Anonymous said...

I love the bag. If the hairiness bugs you too much, consider taking a pair of hair trimmers to it- I use the beard trimmer attached to the husband's electric razor. It'll shape up the bag in seconds flat.

I agree that you probably want to use fusible interfacing attached to a fabric lining. It's nasty stuff to work with, and you'd have to line the purse anyway as interfacing isn't meant to be exposed to use.

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