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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blonde chicken birthday bash! Vintage legs!

In bizarro me world, I get presents on YOUR birthdays. Or so it is when I won a contest over @ Tara's blog and she sent me gifts to celebrate her birthday :) I almost feel guilty but I like the yarn too much!

Classic Elite Montera, 4 skeins 50% llama (!!)/50% wool
100 gm/127 yd

Its actually green but my camera isn't cooperating with me... maybe it doesn't like llamas or something.

Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, 100% sooooft alpaca
50 gm/116yd

Again, more green than this, but who doesn't like alpacas?? (Or Anthony Michael Hall for that matter?) :)

I'm thinking my son will have a SUPER awesome wool coat this winter, and I'll have some rockstar alpaca glovage going on. Or any other suggestions?

100% wool sock yarn, over 400 yd
greens, lavenders... pretty pretty feet will I have, yoda styling!! :) Yall know me and sock yarn!


Stitch markers. I am too lackluster of a wordsmith to describe how much I dig these... Tara collected the seashells HERSELF and beaded them into markers, for me. I can't begin to say how cool these are... I've already replaced the one in my Opal sock and will be reaching for these first for my upcoming projects.

And since we all love the yarn pr0n...


How'd you LOVE to get one of these in the mail? Blonde Chicken Boutique postcards for Tara's soon-to-be-launched online shop :) (For now, you can always mozy on over to her Etsy shop and partake there!) I love that center purple skein's variegation/not so solid color... very zen.

Thanks so much, Tara!!

Man. I can't top this yarn extravaganza with another shot of my Pomatomii in progress, so I'm not going to even try. I will go on and show yall what's going to be going on here over the next few MONTHS here though...

The Vintage Knitalong hosted by everyone's favorite bitch (!!), purrl of The Kitchener Bitch. She's been uploading way cool vintage patterns to her blog and look at these...


"Morale Booster Stockings."

Yowsa. I tried to resist, really I did, but so many of the KAL participants seem to be heading their way and I loved them at first sight. They're going to take FOREVER, starting with a 2" hem cuff that's FOLDED OVER... eek. And, just between you me and the gossipmongers, I am going to *seriously* have to upsize this pattern... as written it is for a woman with a 12" thigh circumference. Uh, yeah... no. :)

I'm going to use my Henry's Attic Kona fingering weight for this, dying up an entire pound to make sure I have enough. A little overboard but I'd rather not run out... I'll be using acid dyes for the 1st time, in red of course! I can't seem to get enough red in my life these days it seems ;)


Roo-Bee-Faye said...

Thanks for the great advice in the KR forums about attracing readers to my blog! I LOVE the pictures on your site. You are correct, looking at yarn is really like porn to a yarn-addict [myself included]...crazy! I will be coming back often for another "fix!"

insaknitty said...

wow, a 12" thigh? maybe inches were longer back in the day... and thanks for the advice on trying on the pomotomuses! :) I've been pulling on them a lot to see just how big they stretch and am beginning to feel slightly more optimistic. also, yay for all the green yarn - it all looks absolutely scrumptious!

Alyssa said...

There is a thin line between bravery and insanity! I can't wait to see you knit those stockings. You're my sock hero:)

Deb for Fearless Fibers said...

Wow ... you're taking the plunge with the vintage stockings! Good for you. I love them too and mentally have them on my To-Knit list. But who am I kidding? I won't ever take the plunge, I'm sure.

As another commenter pointed out, you are indeed a sock hero!

margene said...

You have been a lucky grrl lately. More good sock yarn will wing its way to you tomorrow;-)

Knittypants said...

I love those stockings, they will look awsome in red! What does the Classic Elite Montera feel like? I have been eyeing it for a sweater I want to make. Is it soft?

lexa said...

You are a Sock Goddess!

Stacey said...

Those in red are going to be scandalous!!!!

You scored pretty well for someone else's birthday!! :)

rene said...

Yowza! Morale boosters, indeed! Those will looks FABULOUS. 12" thigh?!?! Crazy.

What fantastic loot you got. :)

tatjana said...

hey! thanks for linking to me, it's nice to know i'm not alone in my sense of humour :) i think those stockings will look awesome if you can pull off making them...i'm still trying to get past the multiple needle hurdle, so those just seem like rocket science to me. if you go for it i'll be here to cheer you on! :D

Roo-Bee-Faye said...

Question~What kind of camera do you use to take your yarn pics? The photos on your blog are so lush and fabulous and I am in the market for a digital...let me know!

Chris said...

12" thigh circumference?? WTF?! I have a 15" CALF circumference - and that's muscle, baby, not squish.

Anonymous said...

Remember, they've got to stretch, honey, or otherwise they'll be rolled around your ankles! I think these are meant to fit something like an 18" or 20" thigh - which is still about big enough for the modern-day American ankle.

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