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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sock yarn contest inside! You know you want to play :)

Neat, Lisa Souza just linked me on her blog :)

To celebrate (and to help keep my sock yarn stash in check), I'm holding my very first contest!

Since I'll be holding off drawing a winner for 2 whole weeks (May 11!!), the prizes are aptly 2 skeins of Lisa Souza sock yarn from my stash :) I'll draw 2 winners, one for a skein of Sock! and one for a skein of Sock! Merino, winner's choice from the colorways pictured below.

Details on contest at bottom of post.

Y yarn pr0n, tho its been flashed before...

Lisa Souza Sock! yarn
75% Superwash wool, 25% nylon
4 oz, 488 yd
Petroglyph colorway

Lisa Souza Sock! yarn
75% Superwash wool, 25% nylon
4 oz, 488 yd
Bird of Paradise colorway

Lisa Souza Sock! Merino
560 yd/4 oz
100% merino superwash
South Pacific colorway
(new rockstar labelling!)

Lisa Souza Sock! Merino
560 yd/4 oz
100% merino superwash
Little Devil colorway
(new rockstar labelling!)

I've knit and enjoyed the Sock! yarn before, and it has worn well thru many overzealous wearings and washing/drying cycles since. I haven't used the Sock! Merino yet but they have been overly squeezed for the past few days to enjoy the merino cushyness :) I think both are an incredible deal in the "sock yarn world"; for the cost ($14 for the Sock! and $16 for the Sock! Merino), the superwash/machine washability, and also for the skein size-- 4 oz vs the 100 gram "standard". I was able to knit a full pair of Nancy Bush socks in Sock! without fear of running out or having to alter the pattern length, and you know how the Knitting Vintage Socks patterns have super long cuffs and how I have big feet. I'm excited for others to try it out, too... especially since a lot of the comments from my post about visiting the Knit and Crochet Show were about how good the Sock! Merino looked.


To make the contest something more than a comment cattle call and something kinda fun, go contribute to the world's longest poem at and afterwards, come back here & copy/paste your 2 line couplet you've submitted IN THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST. (Please read about how to contribute to the world's longest poem here first...) No yarn - sock - knitting references required or even encouraged, just your 7-5 that goes with the flow of the poem already in progress.

I'll draw 2 names *randomly* from the comments to *this* post (that include a couplet uploaded to ChokaOnIt) on May 11 (prolly during boogerbear's afternoon nap, things really don't work on a timetable around here) and will post the winner then. Easy peasy! One entry per person, one winner for Sock! and one for Sock! Merino-- winners to choose their colorway choice from above pics. Have fun, spread the word, come out of the woodwork & leave a couplet comment :) You know you want to!

Thanks for playing with me :)


Jessica said...

I added a couplet.
"Mutually exclusive,
computer and soul?"
It's weak, I know. But I was trying to work off the one in front of me.

Rachel said...

Building off of Jessica's:

My computer is my soul
efficiency wins

Dave said...

I tried to merge the theme of computer and knitting:

Knitting bloggers, oh what fun
Pretty pictures - YARN!

What a great idea for a contest :-)

sheep#100 said...

Technology is my friend
Poetry online

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Added this couplet:
Scads available online
Yarn-y overload!

Fun contest, and wonderful pictures, I always enjoy visiting your blog.

Jenny Raye said...

Here's mine:

Blogging friends around the world
Knitters one and all

Stacey said...

One for me!

Bringing the world together
one blog at a time

More yarn to stare at....sigh....

Anonymous said...

Ick...poetry is not my strong point. I added "Time wasting, entertainment, World opens larger." Thanks for the contest!

Elspeth said...

So fun, and I'm not even good at writing!

I've Googled many things
None of them have hits

Elspeth said...

Damn, it was supposed to be "I have", instead of "I've" to make 7 syllables!

sheep#100 said...

I am trying to add this one too, but getting database errors from the site.

"Dee-pee-en or Magic Loop
Both of these knit socks"

sheep#100 said...

Okay got it to take.

margene said...

Blogging can be a time warp
but brings true bluefriends

Anonymous said...

wheee! poetry + yarn. a lovely combination.

"you in the ether, me here
this is where we stand"

Susan said...

My contribution:
Blogging is like some writing
It tires the mind

sgeddes said...

My couplet:
Amazing things can be found
Some best left untouched

Postry was alwas my least favorite subject.

b1-66er said...

the thing of yours i most like?

well, let me think about it ...
maybe something else?

your orange affinity?
no, that's too "prison"

gigantic love of textiles?
a little scary ...

... unnatural attraction
to sheep by-products

i'll go with my first answer:

b1-66er said...

(please don't count me in contest
i'm not a knitter)

aija said...

enthusiasm intoned
a four letter word


Anonymous said...

I'm in awe/lust for your yarn purchases. Do you have a rich lover or are you in hock to the Mafia?

Unknown said...

How did you get hte pix to appear so big on your blog? Your pix and blog are works of art?

Heide said...

I don't know what the people who added to the Choka above me were smoking, but they obviously didn't try to tie their lines in with the others. As a result, I contributed these "purls" of wisdom...
"Nonsense above and nonsense
is sure to follow"

TwoWildAndCrazyGirls said...

in response to heidi's:
your's may be nonsense, but mine
is the cat's meow

Jorun said...

My couplet:

Kindred souls reaching for more
touching hearts on-line

Best wishes from Luxemburg!

Anonymous said...

Asking for validation
From an unseen world


Anonymous said...

Hi, new to your blog, and I love it. Working off of Jo's entry:

Here is your validation
We are all unseen

I have no clue if it makes sense or not, but having only had my first cup of coffee...LOL

Connie said...

That was fun: I added
The world goes round stars sing
just like my hard drive

Spike on 4 said...

Here's mine -

Tabletop fountain sounds mask
My hard drive's white noise


Laurie Dolan White said...

a time-space continuum

thats my couplet and im stickin' to it ;P

Anonymous said...

To Be In Darkness No More,
The Bright White Screen God

Anonymous said...

To Be In Darkness No More,
The Bright White Screen God

yarnwright said...

What a FUN idea for a contest... however, as much as I NEED yarn, I think ya'll already have too many Deserving entrants already, so I'll just bow-out.
The YarnWright

Unknown said...

blog by day, play cards at night
not a problem! cool

Interesting contest.

Anonymous said...

I love my computer 'cuz
My friends live in it.

Carol said...

I added a couplet...

I love my computer 'cuz
My friends live in it.

ShelbyD said...

Lovely yarn.

My couplet: Most of them I've never met, invisible friends

Spinsanity said...

Not at all creative but true, especially as I look around me at the moment.

play and surf, call it research
I should be cleaning

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

I added my couplet!

"The World Wide Web is my friend
May it never end"

Guess I was trying to go for a rhyme lol.

Anonymous said...

Mine is

I read about my hobby;
thus I neglect it.

which is true, true, true!

Anonymous said...

My lines are:
Never alone anymore
Fiber friends all over

Anonymous said...

My couplet

"No no only wool for me
Alpaca, lama."

Jerry & Maxy said...

What a clever contest, quikeye.

Here is my couplet:

electric heat and glowing
kindness, is it real

Lara 900 said...

summer laptop in cafe
oh yes with knitting

-- was trying to build off of Jerry & Maxy's: and as over here I just turned off the electric heating, all I can think of is sitting on the outdoor cafes' terraces (that's Parisian for sidewalk cafe) and knit... and maybe have my laptop with me...

Great contest!

Enjay said...

Though my socks are longfellows,
a poet I'm not

boy, that wasn't as easy as it sounded! :) thanks for the contest.

Anonymous said...

Picking, throwing,Eastern crossed
All connecting threads.

Anonymous said...

Plumpy added...
Speak gurgle google five times. You win mouth works fine.

Sorka said...

I added:
The net lets you touch a soul
shining purls of hope


Unknown said...

I added 2 couplets:

Could be amusing, Shemp film
Finding background was.

I had no clue before this,
but google prevails!

Unknown said...

I'm adding my couplet too:

Myspace unites fans of all,
obnoxious templates

Big Sis said...

use your template as a mask
or try honesty

Christy said...

Silly couplets in a row
knit together here

Maryann said...

What do quince blossoms look like?
I have never known.

Bridget said...

My addition:

"the quince a pear looking fruit
beware seeds poison"

Thanks for the interesting contest!

Teri.p said...

Seeking handpainted sock yarn
it smells so sheepy

Alana said...

I was looking out my window this afternoon so this is what came to mind:
"Beautiful sunny day
Computer work? No!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!
Also love sock yarn!!!!

Here's my couplet:
flash like blue lightning storm blast
watching from my porch

What a great idea for a long poem!

Socksmith said...

Here's mine:

surfing, sliding, surf some more
shopping with a click

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is a fun contest. I enjoyed reading several Choka entries. Here's mine:
Newbie is as Newbie does
I like Choka too.
(Corny, I know. :))

Love your blog by the way!

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