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Friday, April 14, 2006

Not so much entrelac, Warming Grace, Bay Area yarn donations...

Not much progress on the "A Step Above" socks...

I'm a tier/triangle short of adding on the waste yarn for the afterthought heel. I haven't done one before, but it shouldn't be that bad... I'd also read recommendations to knit a few stst rows before and after the waste yarn, I've got to google more about it.

I've been working on a few knitted squares for Warming Grace:

I'd seen the buttons but hadn't read about it til yesterday. It just gets to me... anything that has to do with kids do that now, ever since I became preggo with my mayor of munchkinland-- I can't help but have my heart call out to sick kids and their parents. I think its terribly sweet, so I've put down the sock for now and am going to try and bang out more squares to send by midweek. Cynthia's in Canadia so I've got to allow for more time for the post... I'm also going to send a hank of Brooks Farms Fourplay yarn for the draw, too... maybe some (gasp) sock yarn.

I have a dearth of pink yarn in the stash, the pink/purple pictured above and a bit of Rowan Calmer that as been thusfar "claimed" and walked about the house for the past hour...

So I ordered some (more) handspun from Grace @ Santa Cruz Handspun... (she also has a new "seafoam" lot for sale that would be great for a seafoam stitch scarf... five times fast!) but I already have some (more) handspun in the wings, patiently waiting for me to forget about socks so we can elope in vegas, and one has only so much space on the desk for yarn to hang out and wait for me to tire of tiny needles.

In other, almost knitting news, I've culled my stash significantly and found a great place to donate it to.

(He "lost" his pants between this and the previous photo.)

Mostly dk weight wool/alpaca, a few bags of patons (grace, fresco), a bag of bernat satin that was supposed to be a pinwheel blanket, and (gasp) sock yarns that I knew wouldn't be knit up any time soon... Straight bamboo needles, a few duplicate circulars, crochet hooks, a few pattern books, etc too.

Building Futures with Women and Children is looking for knitting and crochet supplies for their children's shelter program... many of their residents are women and children, some fleeing domestic violence situations. They advertised on Craigslist and I was happy to find a group that could put yarn to use... if you're in the Bay Area (California), their contact info is below (and more info about their program in the link above):

Liz Nickels, M.A. Psy.D.
Associate Program Director
Building Futures with Women and Children
1395 Bancroft Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577
510/357-0205; ext 112

Original Craigslist post *here*.

Even better, they're going to come pick it up. Getting anywhere is usually a production around here, so its super great to be able to box it up and have them drop by.

Since this is a random post, a pic I managed to take earlier (with pants and everything!)...

:), thanks for all of the comments on my photos recently! There's no trick really, I rely on my camera's (Canon s410) macro setting, no flash-- I take several since many tend to blur as I don't use a tripod, and just reduce down to 25% which makes them look sharper than they actually/probably are. As my little boy pics above can attest to, its much easier to take photos of non-moving (aka yarn) things than redblooded boy things.

Back to wrestling the Calmer away from monkichi...


Alyssa said...

Your photos lead me to believe we have the same table:) I can't wait to see the finished entrelac sock...will it smooth out? Cute pics of your little guy.

lexa said...

Can't wait to see the finished socks! I have the toe left to do on the second Yukon Leaves sock for my Sock Pal. I should have more pics within the next few days. I think I will start mine right away - that way the few changes I did are fresh in my mind. It was a nice pattern to follow and went quite fast.

Anonymous said...

the socks are looking good, I can't wait to see them on a foot. Good for you for parting with so much of your stash!

Knittypants said...

I love all the cute little pictures of your son, my favorite is the one of you two, together.

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