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Friday, April 21, 2006

Knit and Crochet Show Market 2006 (pic heavy)

First with the pics, then with the yakyakyak below...

Knit and Crochet Show 2006, Spring

Market Preview
Thursday 4/21/06


Merino Worsted
100% superwash merino
560 yd/8 oz
4.5sts/inch on US 8
Desert Lichen colorway 208

Merino Worsted
100% superwash merino
560 yd/8 oz
4.5 sts/inch on US 8
Chairman of the Board colorway 217

Merino Worsted
100% superwash merino
560 yd/8 oz
4.5 sts/inch on US 8
limited edition colorway
These 2 looks closer to my eye than the pic, if I use them together in a sweater for mini me, I'll switch colors every few rows. I should have picked up the 3rd, lightest skein and made a sweater for me :)

I love Interlacements' show specials. $15 each for 8 oz hanks of superwash that I will wrestle into socks (even though they're listed as worsted). I love these new colors as well.

I was the only one and had time to pick and choose these skeins, where at Stitches I couldn't even get near their sale bin to even look. They also had Oregon worsted (100% wool, feltable), a few rick racky looking skeins of rayon? cotton?, a hank of green lace. All were 8 oz, but it was mainly the Oregon & Merino worsted out on special. They had their normal offerings too, but I earmarked their booth to graze on the specials bin.

Full Thread Ahead

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock
420 yd/4oz
100% luxury fingering merino
Potluck -- waters
This pic is a little darker than in reality... we're overcast today and I can't get a good, light pic.

$18 show specials for CTH Supersock, although most vendors sell these "potluck" dyelots at about $18. They did have a few of the normal colorways in addition to the potluck ones, but not many and none called out to me. I was hoping to get some African Grey supersock but they didn't have it.

I made a special stop here since HoJo (owner) is a presence at Knitter's Review Forums and I dig that kind of attention to knitters and the online community. Oh, and b/c I wanted supersock :)

This is the new labelling for Cherry Tree Hill, which now states the sock yarn is hand wash in cold only-- before (same yarn I'm 99% sure) was listed as machine washable. The base is Louet Gems pearl (as it is for Koigu) which says it is machine wash & dry, but I have had problems w/ CTH fading in the wash, so perhaps they changed the labels for that. (No felting problems though, personally.)

Carolina Homespun

Nature's Palette

by Hand Jive Knits
185 yd/50 gm fingering weight
100% merino
Odd duck colorway #1, dyelot 116

I think this yarn is so cool... dyed with natural dyes. I'll use it in a pattern that specifies Koigu as they're the same weight... I may like this better. :) Hand wash only.

The Knitters Studio

Mountain Colors Mountain Goat
230 yd/100gm
55% mohair, 45% wool
5 sts/inch on US 6-8
Rich Red colorway

I actually thought there was goat in this til I brought it home and photographed it :) It will make some interesting, warm socks... I must say despite the fact it has the same composition as the wool/mohair I bought from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks at Stitches, it is not nearly as soft or is close to the luster of the CRD wool/mohair. Just an observation. I love the color.

The Knitter's Studio was also selling at 20% all purchases over $1 Thursday & Friday, too.

Caila Handknits
(no web presence?)

Noro Cash Iroha

40% silk, 30% lambswool, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon
40 gm/100 yd
Color 83

Colinette Skye
163 yd/100gm
100% wool
Florentina colorway (?)

Crystal Palace Cream
50% wool, 50% silk
135 yd/50gm $2!!

I never go into these kind of booths (bags of yarn for sale), but they drew me in as no one was there and they had some interesting stuff. Apparently they sell discounted, discontinued, somehow orphaned yarns for quite a discount... They had a bunch of bags that I actually considered buying despite the fact I just can't get in gear and finish Starsky (much less pick it up and work on it!)... merino dk superwash 10 balls, $30. Debbie Bliss merino dk 10 balls, $40. 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace, $25 each (I almost picked these up, but I don't/can't knit lace, and I think there was a dye smudge or dirt/something wrong w/ the one colorway that appealed to me). Boxes of discontinued Colinette, other discontinued fancy looking yarns that I have no idea about but a more seasoned knitter probably would. They also had ziploc'd bags with a few matching skeins-- the Noro Cash Iroha above is 2 & 1/2 balls (40 gm normal weight, the ball is 30 gm) for $15. The Colinette Skye on its own was $5 (will make a big hat for my mom, who apparently likes big hats and has been paying someone an arm and a leg to *crochet* giant, chenille hats for her... ergh!). The Crystal Palace Cream was $2 (they had an oddball $2 box, which of course I dug into with both hands!)...

This was a cool booth. I have to say if you have allergies or squeemies, it may not be for you... the Colinette had a few stray white hairs interspersed (pet hair?), same for the Noro (but who knows what you find in Noro, anyways). I don't care, its homeless yarn that needed a home :)


Koigu Premium Painter's Palette Merino
100% merino wool
175yd/50 gm
28 sts/4 inches on US 3
colorway P714D, lot 68
The nearer skein is closest to the color

I was pleased that I wasn't bodyslammed like I was in the Foxyknits booth @ Stitches this time :) Actually I had the entire place to myself practically... perfect for me :) I wanted to pick up another colorway, but nothing really called out to me. I also resisted the urge to go thru their "mini skein" boxes-- not a deal if you use it for socks (.22/gram, same price as regular full skeins) and I still haven't used the minis for baby socks that I bought from Stitches last time... but it looked like they had some pretties and oldies in there. I looked over the solids but wasn't impressed... perhaps I am not the fan of Koigu that everyone else is. (I do think this colorway is very pretty though, it jumped out at me!)

Lisa Souza

Sock! Merino
100% superfine merino superwash
560 yd/4 oz
8 sts/inch on US 1-2
South Pacific colorway

Sock! Merino
100% superfine merino superwash
560 yd/4 oz
8 sts/inch on US 1-2
South Pacific Little Devil colorway (thanks Dave!!)

Like I said for Stitches, Lisa Souza is the best sock yarn deal of the market. $16 for 560 yd/4 oz of superwash, handpainted merino that is tdf soft. I'm totally on a "big" skein kick lately too, and really appreciate the size/generosity of these skeins. She said (she's sooo nice too!!) that her Sock! yarn was going to be slightly heavier gauge-wise soon, but she would continue winding the skeins to allow for extra yardage (I think she said 4.2 oz will be the new skein size, to offset the difference in yarn weight). That's rad.

And the colors!!! I wanted to pick up more than I did, but I didn't want to duplicate the ones I already had in stash (I almost bought another mahogany since I used it for the Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern), but held off.

Sheep City USA

100% merino superwash
280 yd/4 oz
4.5sts/inch on US 3
Sunwashed Ocean colorway

Very pretty, and I like the colorway despite not having much blue in my stash. Its a little lighter in person and has a bit more white in it than in the pic. They had very pretty handpainted yarns (others beside the superwash, too), but every hank but this one was 8 oz and I only wanted a 4 oz size. It was a good deal too, $13. More soft, heavier weight socks on the way.


I didn't mean to, but it looks like my purchases have a definite purple bent to them. Strange as I never thought of myself as a purple girl, but why not :) I'm in a red phase, too.

Of course, this wasn't Stitches in size or scope, but it was a very nice selection of quality vendors, a much slower pace than the frantic Stitches market, and everyone seemed much happier here (vendors and buyers)-- perhaps just because it was not as high paced or heavily attended. I'd say it was close to empty, but this was only the market preview and perhaps it will be busier over the weekend (and cheaper!! I paid $15 entrance!!), but I had a great time (obviously).

If you go, check out the 8 oz Interlacements specials table, the new Lisa Souza Sock! Merino (you'll understand when you squeeze it and when she doesn't charge you tax! ...perhaps I was just lucky though...), and if you're looking for either sweater quantities of dk wool and/or Colinette on sale (or small lots of odd, beautiful yarn graced by a few strands of pet hair), Caila Handknits. Full Thread Ahead is also sporting those glow in the dark lighted needles, if that's your bag or if you just want to feel like a Jedi. The crochet hooks at Dodo's Design are gasping for breath beautiful (I don't crochet), and the ones at Asciano Fiber Arts Tools are fall on the floor in admiration amazing (I think Dodo's were less expensive, but different woods, both beautiful). Newton's Yarn Country has its usual 50% "only" on Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday sale, with wool and wool/cashmere laceweight that almost sucked me in (along with acres of novelty yarns that just hurts my brain to think about but was drawing crowds of oohers and aahers). Angora Cottage had some of the nicest staff ("come in! touch, see, feel!" ... just what knitters love to hear) and pretty rovings and yarn. Lots of great vendors-- see them all here.

My only beef was with TKGA/the entirety of the market preview tonite... just little irritating things that had nothing to do w/ the vendors but means I probably won't go back again (though I wanted to take munchkin and my mom to see).

Have fun if you go! Don't get a parking ticket! If you go on Saturday &/or Sunday, there's a garage on Clay Street that is free on the weekends, a few blocks down from the convention center, driving away from the downtown center and away from the water/marina. (It's across the street from the Calfornia state bldg on Clay and... 12th? Btw 12th & 13th, I think. Big plastic printed sign, free parking on the weekends.)

Thanks for looking :)


Dave said...

Nice haul ... very well done :-) Must have been great to be able to wander without the crowds.

PS: I think your second Lisa Souza picture is mislabelled. The yarn label says Little Devil, and the photo caption says South Pacific. (Or something like that!) I was picturing swimming in that red yarn ....

Alyssa said...

What a haul! I particularly like the Sock! Merino. I look forward to seeing what you do with it all:)

sheep#100 said...

Oh, my what a load of wonderful yarn. I think I am in danger of a drool-short on my keyboard.

Jason said...

WOW! Thank you for sharing the photos and info with us. Now I know a few more sock yarn. I think I am in trouble. LOL

Knittypants said...

Wow!! What gorgeous additions to your stash! Must have been so much fun!

Anonymous said...

That is quite a yarn haul! I recently bought Lisa Souza Sock! yarn in South Pacific and also in Mahogany. My Mahogany looks like it has a lot more black than yours though.

BTW I LOVE the name of your blog :)

lexa said...

Gorgeous haul as usual! Did you ever get another tub for your yarn, or now is this one totally open and overflowing with loveliness!?!?

Rachel said...

Look at all that lovely yarn! It sounds like you had a blast.

Elspeth said...

Man, and I wasn't going to go even though I'm going to be in Oakland all day tomorrow! And now I have to go ...

Zonda said...

Totally AWESOME yarns there!!! oh my...I know you'll enjoy knitting with them :)

Bridget said...

Wow, great haul! Really interesting about CTH changing their label and about their base yarn being Gems. Lately I've been really interested in figuring out what base yarns are the same. I have some Claudia's Handpaint which has "gems" on the tag and I would swear that Fleece Artist is the same base as it feels/looks identical.
I really need to try some of that Lisa Souza, love the south pacific!

Jenny Raye said...


I definitely need some of the Lisa Souza yarn. Definitely.

Elspeth said...

thanks for the coupon! I ended up getting the Lisa Souza sock! as well, but got charged tax :( -- it was worth it!

HPNY KNITS said...

you did good girl! how come i was not invited...

Stacey said...

Wow. Nice haul of sock yarn! You have totally psyched me up for Maryland and have given me tons to look for!! Sock yarn vendors beware!

Anonymous said...

FYI- the CTH supersock yarn is the same yarn it has always been. It's a superwash yarn, but some of the dyes (really the turquoise) have bled once in awhile, so they put new labeling on there. I believe they are changing the labels YET AGAIN to reflect that the yarn is indeed superwash, but hand wash is preferable for color longevity.
How they can label something "supersock" and then not put that it's superwash on the label is beyond me... grrr.

Anonymous said...

Woah, Nelly, quite a haul! Some nice colors and yarns there. I want to try some of Lisa Souza's creations soon!

Jerry & Maxy said...

What a sweet score!!! I wish I lived dnearby, you gave such an excellent preview/tour, I would not have been overwhelmed at all. :)

Of course, I would have had to have been keeping up with my blog reading in order to benefit :)

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