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Monday, March 20, 2006

Starsky and Shell Socks Started (three times fast!)

A few projects started...

Starsky from Knitty Winter 2005
Started: March 16, 2006
Knit Picks Sierra in Cranberry
Addi 6mm needle (US #10) ... 150cm length(!!)

Started going MUCH more quickly when I picked up a hint from the Starsky KAL to color code the chart... Lights went off, the bells flashed and she was in heaven! :) It feels almost dirty to knit something on these huge needles... esp as I've been alternating btw this and...

Childs First Sock in Shell Pattern
from Knitting Vintage Socks
Started: March 17, 2006
US 2 dpns (2.75mm) -- set of 4
Lisa Souza Sock! yarn, Mahogany colorway

The first pic isn't great but I wanted to show how freakishly long the leg is-- I'm following the pattern exactly and its 7 repeats, about 8" long. I always thought I knit long sock cuffs, but going over my knit socks I realize they hover around 5-6" long before the heel, not too long.

Oh, another superweird thing about this pattern, the heel is 2" long. So a super long leg and a little nothing heel... I dunno. I usually wear my hightop cons with my handknit socks so I don't worry about the shorter shoe wearing the back of the heel (where a "normal" heel would be wearing lowtops), but its just... weird! :)

I try and knit exactly from patterns, so as to learn something new and use it later... but its odd! :) I also think I'm going to shelve my "I've got to knit on 2 circs if I can" thing... I have been flying thru these on dpns and enjoying them. There is also a *lot* of yarn in the hank from Lisa Souza, so I'm not really worried about running out of yarn (here's hoping I didn't just jinx myself...) I've got to check out her new Sock! Merino at the Knit and Crochet Show in Oakland-- it sounds soo fine though! (560 yds-- the Sock! I'm using is 480yds) I have been leaning to solid colors lately, since I have so much in the way of variegated yarn, hopefully she'll have lots of solids on hand for me to check out.

I've also been knitting on the toddler socks (toe up in Interlacements Toasty Toes), but have hit a major snag... lollipop soldier ahs squirreled away my 1st completed sock. So I don't know how long to knit the cuff, and I'm dismayed thinking I've got to knit *3* socks now... I haven't stalled on them, but have kept them aside for knitting in the car and at appointments-- I've never knit in the car but its nice to have a non-taxing project as the miles wear by. Stst toddler socks fit that bill perfectly :)

So, I've altered my knitting habits a bit I suppose. I've always been a one-project kinda girl, socks mainly. But adding a larger project (Starsky) and also a smaller one (toddler socks) seems to my regular one sock project make my knitting even more prolific-- I race thru one, promising I can start the other when I hit a certain amount of completion... and the varying weight and differences in the pattern mean I can help break up the monotony that any one project can have for me.

Anyhow, aside from knitting I went to a semi-local yarn store (Skein Lane in El Cerrito) as they were having a "hot sale for cool nights" sale and I've been trying to get out locally and support the yarn stores in my immediate area. I'm going to shelve my no stash enhancement goal... I don't think I feel strongly enough about it to commit, though I've been looking a lot less lately.

Added these:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Seaside

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Argyle

Austermann Step in whisky (color 09)

I've admired the Argyle colorway since seeing Sockbug's lightning bolt argyle socks, so I think I'll try and recreate the effect with the same pattern (Gentleman's Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks), eventually...

I also picked up the new Austermann Step yarn, the one with jojoba oil & aloe. Squeezing the ball, it doesn't really feel any different... Who knows. I've never knit a pair of socks from printed/self-striping yarn before, not sure what sort of pattern I'll choose (Jaywalkers? I don't think I could stand stst, but maybe I should give it a chance.) I will be trying to match the striping on them, since that's what "this kind" of yarn is for (striping!)

The color's not something I'd pick out for me, but they'll be a gift when knit up and the recipient picked it out and is letting me hold it in the stash til then :)

Also picked up a set of Brittany Birch dpns, 5" in US 0 for more baby socks.

I've read awful things about the sturdiness of these needles, esp. at the superlow sock size, but I've been enjoying the 4" Susanne ebony dpns for toddler socks and the 5 year guarantee sealed the deal (along with the fact I have mini skeins of koigu that will make for adorable toddler socks, and the brittanys would be great for that.)

Perhaps I'll have one weirdo sock done soon :) Starsky will take longer, but I'm pleased with my progress so far-- can't wait to block it and help the pattern really pop (and to help ease some of my wonky stitchery.)


Dave said...

Starsky is looking good! And those mahogany socks ... what a fantastic colour :-)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all your new sock yarns. Socks & Starsky are looking great!

I'm working on a plain sock in Austermann Step. I didn't feel anything while touching the skein, but knitting, I think the jojoba & aloe are present (unless it's my imagination).

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