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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Schaefer Anne and Socks That Rock lightweight pics

Has anyone knit womb from knitty yet? I have, it took like-- an hour! Okay, two. I'm shocked, I finished it but its not seamed up yet... I've got to go out and find pipe cleaners. Which in my neighborhood prolly means a stop at the smoke shop, though toting a 2 year old in there is wrong in my mind. So that may have to wait til later. (I'll post pics when its done, its terribly uninteresting now.)

My mailman thinks I'm nuts since I answered the door in my pjs today. He's the one banging on *my* door.

Another order of Anne from Little Knits--

Schaefer Anne, 10pb (pearl buck) colorway.
60% merino superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon.
4 oz 560 yd

Schaefer Anne, 17af colorway.
60% merino superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon.
4 oz 560 yd

You may remember I ordered the Anne again from Little Knits b/c I was in love with the Pearl Buck colorway-- I still am, but this is a much darker version of it. Its okay actually, I did contemplate the possibility of knitting a shawl from 2 skeins of Anne, but then slapped myself with the reality that I answer the door in my pajamas as I haven't been getting dressed and/or leaving the house lately, and a shawl would just fail on the current ensemble. Also makes me feel better since (ostensibly) I have 2 different colorways and I'm not entirely batty for ordering the same thing twice. Sue did send me a note that she chose the lightest of the skeins she had left in stock, which was nice as I requested a skein that was lighter than the darkest pic on her site. (My pics again of the Anne are not true to color, Sue's are better. The blue is actually tealish.)

The red isn't a duplicate of the earlier order, but more burgundy-ish. (Fascinating, I know.)

And some may say I should have started the post with these pics... :)

Socks That Rock lightweight
100% merino superwash
360 yd/ 5.5oz
Fred Flintstone colorway

Socks That Rock lightweight
100% merino superwash
360 yd/ 5.5oz
Tigers Eye colorway

No, there isn't a duplicate photo of the Tigers Eye from my last post, I actually *do* have a duplicate colorway in my stash now (one mediumweight, one lightweight).

Toni from The Fold emailed me the other day; I'd sent her an email ages ago about stock on several colors (she was out of them all then), but said she'd get back to me. She was cleaning out old requests and found mine... we exchanged emails and she sent me the list of her in stock lightweight skeins and of course I had to pick up another tigers eye, along with the fred flintstone colorway (hello! its orange!... its a sickness, really.)

I actually have admired the Fred Flintstone for a while, having seen it crocheted into a wonderful shawl but knowing what damage I could do with it in socks :) Toni said she didn't expect to be replenished with the lightweight colorways any time in the near future, too (but would have oodles of the medium and heavyweight in stock).

The Fold has some great customer service; shipping on my 2 skeins was only 2.55 USPS first class (?) (where Blue Moon Fiber Arts charges .50/skein + a flat 5.00 for USPS Priority for all orders). She was patient with our back & forth emails and got back to me several times in one day as I got my order together, and held my order for a money order I posted to her. Yay :)

I think I'll have the Shell socks done by tomorrow; almost have to be, as a matter of pride! It'll mean only 2 pair of socks in a month, but admittedly I have been working on other projects on the side. It feels weird, when I am more used to turning out 3-4 pair a month (but no other projects). I don't know if I'll get used to it, but then again I don't see myself knitting much spring/summer wear (like I'm knitting Starsky for cold weather wear), so it may pick up again.

I also have been kicking around a pattern idea for the Socks that Rock yarn; I am so itching to work with the new tigers eye (mediumweight, while the weather's still good for warm socks for me) but I'm forcing myself just to let it sit on my desk til the Shell socks are done. More impetus to get them done :)

Since this post is all over the place... I've seriously been considering skipping the Knit and Crochet Show in April. I don't know, after getting my stash together for Flash Your Stash 2006, and staring at the bin that won't close (I am dreading buying another! it feels wrong somehow...) I can't imagine what else I want. Nuts, eh? I do want to go to see Lisa Souza's new Sock! Merino yarn, but that's about it. Perhaps I'll go just for that. But I've been accumulating at a rate that reflects something else, filling a hole. Don't know... maybe its just the rainy day.


Anonymous said...

Oh (sighs), I really love your huge! photos of your new stash additions. Thanks for the show. Terry

soapy said...

ya know if your up for swapping I have a skein of STR in Xmas Rock that's rolled into a bll right now but I'll gladly swap for a different colorway ;o))

Alyssa said...

Mmmmm....sock yarn...mmmmm (that Fred Flintstone is fabulous!)

margene said...

The P-Word socks would be beautiful in any of your new yarns...just sayin';-)

Elspeth said...

I love Little Knits! I also bought some of the Schaefer Anne recently and love it!

Knittypants said...

Your pics are so gorgeous! I come here and drool and sigh a little. And then I have a huge lust to go buy sock yarn, and I have never even knit a sock!

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