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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

River Rapids socks finished!

River Rapids socks finished!

Started: January 29, 2006
Finished: February 15, 2006
US 1.5's (Addis), 2 socks on 2 circs
Henry's Attic Kona Superwash, koolaid dyed, approx 4 oz

These took forever as my hands just couldn't take the 16" circ length I was using, and I just had to put them down til 24"-ers arrived. Also was working on KOlympics and other projects...

I had a good time with the pattern, especially as I'm getting more and more comfortable using charts. I even picked up some graph paper to write the chart out for traveling-- before I'd always write out pattern instructions longhand but I think those days are behind me. Its not so much that I can visualize it more, just that with a glance I can "see" the instructions, as opposed to reading them (and I'm a fast reader).

I also won't be knitting the Kona Superwash on US 1.5's anymore either; I got gauge with them, but felt I was pulling the yarn too much into submission. I like a tight knit sock, but this was too much wrestling, not enough redemption. I'm also curious to see how these fare in the wash being so tightly knit, if they'll bloom right off of my feet. The pics were taken before washing, they're headed for the machine after this post :)

I wish I "knew" sock knitters in person, or even knitters for that matter! I remember knitting the Knitty Shimmer shrug and getting gauge, but getting this airy looseygoosey fabric at the same time and not knowing what to do. (I ripped and reknit.) Same with socks, I aim for a tight fabric but sometimes I'm overshooting the moon-- I think perhaps I am knitting them too tightly, trying to block out any light from showing thru the fabric but making chain mail in the process (and a mess of my hands in pulling the yarn into submission). Right now I'm getting gauge on US 1 & 2's for the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock for the Six Sox' Glad Ragg pattern, but wonder if I should be using smaller needles than this... (I also remember using the "recommended" needle size of US 3's for the Supersock, what a mess for socks!)

Anyhow, I've strung the beads for the Glad Ragg socks from Y! Groups Six Sox knitalong, though I don't think I'll start it til I at least finish the back of the sweater for the KOlympics... sock knitting is such a distraction for me!

And, what is that hint of orange you may see? Oh, me running out of yarn at the tiptoes and using the leftover blip of yarn from my Wyverns. Desperation city.


Stacey said...

They look great!!!!! I can't wait to get my Kona and start dying!

lexa said...

Can't wait to make a pair of these for myself! I like the orange tips, too!

Anonymous said...

Your socks are great! The photos show off the stitch pattern nicely.

Katia said...

Wonderful socks! I love the orange bits on the toes ;)

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