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Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Cable and Rib Sweater with Hood progress, problems

The Knitting Olympics! What an amazing, amazing idea.

I'm jazzed since I see the finish line, and even though it includes blocking and finishing before I corss it, I think I'll make it. Humbled :)

A few more pics. First, sleeves--

Um, yeah. My kid's arms are the same length, generally. So, there's a problem :) I knit the 1st sleeve too long, thinking it was supposed to be 10.25" from ribbed edge and not CO edge. Oh. Just thought I'd include it for your amusement :)

And a little pic of the frogged yarn from the extraneous knitting--

Not insubstantial.

Progress as of today:

Sleeves fixed, shoulder seams seamed, hood started. The sleeves look short, don't they? I think that's why I let myself keep knitting... and the fact that the pattern calls for an increase that I just couldn't make. (More details later...)

My concern... the hood. The directions have me picking up the sts from the front right panel, CO more sts, and picking up the rest of the sts from the left front panel. The CO sts will be seamed to the back panel... but:

1) There are too many co sts as compared to the sts I bound off for the neck on the back panel, how're they going to line up??
2) When I attach the hood from the front to the back, there's going to be this "twist" in the hood that I don't know what to do with. None of the pics online seem to show this twist, and I'm just thinking I've done something wrong now... and I'm nervous about seaming as it is. (Though the shoulders went well, I must say!)


I'm going to take baby bear for a walk and think about it :) (Any suggestions/advice welcome, too!)

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