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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grafton Fibers Colorways Fiber Batt Club

I've been holding out on you.

I've been saving all of these lovely, amazing, beautiful batts for myself. They were too precious to even share pictures of, meant more than any photographs I could take. I have a down day and literally reach for one to hold and pet, take deep breaths of and into my happy place. The colors and the softness and the potential of each to be something great helps me pick up and go on.

Grafton Fibers, Colorways Fiber Club March 2009

You think I'm joking, to carry on about simple fiber like this. I'm not. I own many dictionaries but will never have the words, even though sometimes like tonite I just feel like trying.

I look at each, at the individual project patterns and notes Linda creates for every shipment, and lose myself in what I could make with them. She gives you a knitting project, a crochet, a felt, a DIY loom one and you believe in yourself, in your potential and what you incite.

"I can do this."

Grafton Fibers, Colorways Fiber Club June 2009

All at once within that last dimension; the initial loving gift, the fiber here and waiting, what it will finally end up as.

I've been holding out all over... I can't bear to spin them. Time's changed me from a simple yarn collector to a fiber one, each a souvenir of more than the gift. More than the anticipation outside the mailbox every month for the physical reminder, more than what was ever intended.

I can't imagine them not living in the perfect square boxes every month. I can't imagine moving forward.

Grafton Fibers, Colorways Fiber Club April 2009

That's not true. I can imagine a lot of things.

I can see an epic afghan, big enough for even a broken bed. I can see twelve yokes of twelve cardigans, bright collars solitarily worn on a black background. I can see sets of hats and mittens, waiting at the inner door for a family to choose from before venturing into the cold. I can see wee baby sweaters and booties, imaginary little ones swimming in and growing into rolled up wool sleeves.

And I can see them sitting forever stacked neatly in the closet, pretending they're holding the white boxes together from the inside. Meltaway-center Atlases, brightly festooned.

Grafton Fibers, Colorways Fiber Club July 2009

Colorful dreams nonetheless... Willy Wonka styles. (Wilder's of course.) Or Kurosawa's, I'm not picky.

Aside from the fact there's always a pattern included with the supersoft, ultrasmooth batts (and putting aside the nonfading limerence they stoke in me for, what surprises me most is that I love each batt every month. I love that they always work. I play enough thought experiments getting lost in each to be able to see how each would spin and work up, even if I can't get past the daydreaming phase.

Doesn't mean I don't have favorites...

Grafton Fibers, Colorways Fiber Club May 2009

Inextricably linked purple, yours and mine. You'll always be my favorite.

Thank you, each month over. And twice for this.

Grafton Fibers, Swan spindle in "Winter Sky"

We should spin sometime.


HPNY Knits said...

poetry in colors! these are lovely, and I can identify with all your emotions about them. thanks for sharing them and your wonderful thoughts about them!

June said...

You are giving me a virtual tour of so many fiber clubs that I've wondered about. And I succumbed to one of them almost exclusively because of your description! LOL. Enjoy!!!

Dave said...

Rip 'em apart and spin 'em up -- DO IT! :-)

Becca said...

One of my favorite projects I've ever spun up came from the Colorways Club April 2009-- Mud Season. So in love with these...

lexa said...

They are gorgeous! And just think how they'll look once they're all spun up...

Necia said...

Love them all! Can't wait to see how you spin them. And ooh what you knit/weave with them. Don't keep us hanging, k?

Anonymous said...

This was the first picture I saw when I opened my Google Reader this morning and - WOW! Definitely showed this one to the children I work with.

Kristine said...

so beautiful!!

NEWS: we are now carrying Grafton batts at Verb. We also had a bunch of spindles but they ALL sold at Sock Summit. Could not believe how they flew out the door.

I can not wait to see what you will do with yours. I am desperately trying to keep my hot lil hands off the store's stock.

adrienne said...

Lovely!!! Everything I've seen of the Grafton batt club is just so gorgeous and tempting.

Linda said...

Wow. What a post. Tom just came into the living room with tears in his eyes and said "You have to go read this." I think I might cry, too. I don't know that what I do is worthy of such a poetic post, but I thank you, nonetheless.


Michael said...

A nice summary of Linda's lovely Grafton Fiber batts. They are all almost too lovely to spin. Should we help each other break the fast....

Anonymous said...

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