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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Two frogs in two days... new koigu, bearfoot.

New to me, anyway. I love swapping on knittyboard :)

I usually swap for books and mags, but since these will go into my flickr stash album, thought I'd share.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot, larkspur colorway
60% superwash wool, 25% mohair, 15% nylon
350 yd, 100 gm

and cos I can't get enough red in my life...

Koigu Premium Painter's Palette Merino
colorway p602, dyelot 66
100% merino
175 yd/50 gm

I swapped a skein of the Schaefer Anne (the darker pearl buck) and the fleece artist hercules for these, good swap imo :)

And for the bad news... 2 frogged items in 2 days! Here's hoping that all of my purchases from the Knit and Crochet Show aren't cursed...

(bad pics, taken under floros before ripping commenced...)

Yes, the sari silk bag I wrote about yesterday... nothing really wrong with it other than there is *no way* I would have enough yarn to complete it, and that it was much larger than I thought it was (would have been about 22" across, enough for my kid to curl up in!) The short row triangles weighed in at 50 gm each, and with only 750gm of silk to start with and 20 triangles + straps... not possible.

Still, I'm not that upset about this one since I've restarted the medium sized bag and have gotten further than I was here (at least in number of triangles)... it is much quicker with only a reduction of 12 co sts. It will also be a much more manageable size for me, who never carried a purse (except to job interviews) until I bought my first "diaper bag" (an eagle creek parent backpack)... I don't really know how I'll use it, as if I leave the house or anything, but I just have always dug the look of this pattern.

The sari silk also frogged easily... except its even hairier now :)

The Nautilus hat. I thought I'd frogged it, but it was just a dream. It still bugs me sooo much! I just can't get a hat to fit correctly. I am half toying with the idea of finishing it and felting it, but then, who knows if it will be big enough... This progress didn't take me more than an afternoon, so its not the time but just my frustration with hats.

Isn't it huge? What was I thinking? (Other dpns inserted so it could be tried on).


Elspeth said...

Those yarns are gorgeous! I definitely have stash envy! (And love swapping on the KnittyBoard too!)

lexa said...

I'm like you - never carried a purse except on a rare occasion til I had kids! I do like that bag pattern and can't wait to see yours finished.

Carolyn said...

What wonderful yarns!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Oh nuts! Sorry about the frogging. You are such a good sport about it. Great swap yarns.

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